EDGE-Guard to sponsor Long Motorsports at Iowa

EDGE-Guard, manufacturer for Dust Free Barrier Systems and Infection Control panels, will be Long Motorsports' primary sponsor in the upcoming June 23, 2017 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race in Iowa. Made in the USA, EDGE-Guard takes pride in providing quick and easy installation of their system for contractors and hospital maintenance staff.

The EDGE-Guard enclosures are a professional and functional barrier system constructed to simplify hospital infection control. Lightweight and reusable, the EDGE-Guard panels can be fastened together to create a dust-free barrier system.

Dana Foran, Owner of EDGE-Guard states, "Our panels meet or exceed infection control guidelines. Hospitals infection control departments appreciate the clean appearance of our barrier system panels, temporary wall, construction enclosures and the fact that they are easily cleaned and sanitized."

Boyd Long, Owner of Long Motorsports and Turner Long Construction confirms the EDGE-Guard panel system works. "Turner Long Construction works directly with local hospitals and has used EDGE-Guard panels on several of our construction projects. They install quickly and easily, and prevent dust from entering other parts of the hospital. We are proud to have EDGE-Guard on board as Long Motorsports primary sponsor."

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