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 Wednesday, September 1
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"In the two years it's been on the air, ESPNEWS has carved a niche as the ultimate national television outlet for breaking news in sports," said Vince Doria, ESPN's assistant managing editor and news director, last November.

"ESPN's expansive news and information gathering infrastructure has been invaluable and the 24-hour format offers a wider window to present extensive coverage."

Upcoming highlights on ESPNEWS
Significant press conferences in sports such as those announcing player trades, retirements, new hires, new deals and violations

Live coverage of pre- and post-game briefings from major sporting events

Simulcasts during halftimes of select ESPN and ESPN2 live events such as NHL and college basketball games

Weekly online polls by users pick the ESPNEWSmaker of the Week.

From ESPNEWS archives
ESPNEWS was the first to report that Darryl Strawberry had colon cancer and would be operated on in two days.

Exclusive interview with Strawberry by ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap, his first after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The interview was simulcast on ESPN and ESPN2.

Combined up-to-the-minute updates and in-depth analysis by college basketball guru Dick Vitale with interactive online fan polls to report UCLA's termination of Jim Harrick's employment.

Live news coverage
Historic coverage of the home run chase by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in the last three weeks of the MLB season, and live coverage of festivities in St. Louis and Chicago to celebrate the new records.

Mike Tyson's attempt to lift his lifetime boxing license revocation including two appearances before the Nevada State Athletic Commission and one before the New Jersey State Athletic Commission.

Nike CEO Phil Knight addressing the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where he unveiled new initiatives to improve the labor conditions in Nike manufacturing entities in Southeast Asia.

Coverage of post-fight events, reports and interviews from MGM Grand in Las Vegas following the third round stoppage of the Tyson/Holyfield heavyweight rematch.

Investigative pieces and first national/exclusive reports
Point-shaving at Northwestern: first network to provide in-depth coverage of the allegations and to report a possible connection between the Northwestern saga and the 1996 Boston College scandal.

Dan Calloway: a Florida-based man who provides financial support to local high school students for their college search process, potentially in violation of NCAA rules.

Russian Mafia/NHL: a piece on the alleged association of Russian Mafia figures with one or more NHL players, including Vancouver star Pavel Bure.

Notre Dame Booster: a report revealing further NCAA violations by Notre Dame booster Kimberly Dunbar.

Fresno State: reported that Fresno State player Avondre Jones and Kenny Brunner had been charged with making terrorist threats, and Jones charged with marijuana possession. Also first to report that Jones had been kicked off Fresno State's basketball following his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and grand theft and Brunner was suspended indefinitely for related infractions.

Boston College: extensive coverage of news events surrounding the gambling allegations at Boston College.

Did you know that:
ESPNEWS presents coverage of 195 live news events and press conferences each month.

In addition to utilizing ESPN's vast news and information infrastructure, ESPNEWS' distinct news operation includes 14 on-air anchors.

ESPNEWS provides NFL fans access to watch their favorite teams' weekly press briefings, carrying the briefings live from NFL teams.

ESPN sport-specific reporters such as Peter Gammons (MLB), David Aldridge (NBA), Chris Mortensen (NFL), Gene Wojciechowski (college football), Al Morganti (NHL), Dick Vitale (college basketball), and John Kernan (auto racing) appear regularly on ESPNEWS with breaking stories, features and insight.

ESPN The Magazine reporters John Clayton (NFL) and Tim Kurkjian (MLB) report regularly on ESPNEWS, as does ESPN's NFL draft guru Mel Kiper.

The network merges all entities under the ESPN umbrella -- ESPN2, SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, (leading Internet sports site), SportsTicker, and ESPN The Magazine -- in reporting the news.

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