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Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

While the Rams wait for Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, continues to work his butt off. "He's on a mission," I'm told.

Kase scores a crazy shorthanded goal (0:31)
Clippers snap losing streak with win over Bucks (1:16)
Terry messes with DeAndre at the free throw line (0:20)

Eric D. Williams ESPN Staff Writer 

Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens selected his former WR coach while with the San Francisco 49ers, current Los Angeles Chargers special teams coordinator George Stewart, as his presenter for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Harrell puts it in with two hands (0:16)
DeAndre posts a monster first quarter (0:42)
DeAndre slams it down with authority (0:22)

D(arnold) Day

With Sam Darnold having his Pro Day at USC today, Marcellus and Travis reacted to all the buzz following Darnold's workout. Also, some talk on Ndamukong Suh, who is deciding between 3 teams (including the LA Rams) on where he will play next season. Marcellus is "skeptical" on Suh being on the Rams.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Jordan Palmer called the Browns hiring Ken Zampese as their quarterbacks coach "an amazing blessing." Zampese taught Jordan and Carson Palmer a lot during his time with the Bengals. "I hope Sam (Darnold) gets to go there," Palmer said. ... "If Sam were to play there, sky is the limit."

Do Angels have correct plan for Ohtani? (1:19)

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Sam Darnold threw roughly 60 passes at his pro day. The first quarter, I would say, came under dry conditions, and the rest came under gradual rain. But he looked really good throughout, on the move and in the pocket, showing touch and velocity. Jordan Palmer, who has been working with Darnold: "You should be able to throw in the rain; it's not that big a deal. But for him to just act like it wasn't raining and no big deal, it's just kind of who he's been — who he is on tape, who he is in the locker room. I thought it was a great showing for him."

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

More Sam Darnold: "I think I'm definitely capable of going No. 1. What the Browns are doing right now is really good; they've got a lot of good pieces. I think going there, and being able to lead the way I lead, and play the way I play, I think will be a good situation.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Sam Darnold had a pretty revealing answer when asked about the toughest challenge of this pre-draft process. "Learning how to explain the turnovers, because obviously that's a big thing in my game," he said. "Especially last year — that was a problem. So, trying to explain that, trying to explain what I've been working on to get better at that, because obviously turning the ball over is the worst thing you can do as a quarterback."

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Lots of recognizable faces at Sam Darnold's rainy pro day from USC, including Matt Leinart, Troy Aikman, Keyshawn Johnson, Anthony Lynn, Mike Vrabel and Todd Bowles. The Browns especially had a large contingent, including Jimmy Haslam, John Dorsey, Hue Jackson and Todd Haley. Darnold, on the Browns' offseason: "They've been doing a lot. Not that they weren't before, but I really think that they're trying to win and trying to win soon. I'm excited about what they're doing."

Darnold shows off arm at pro day (0:55)