Los Angeles Teams

Rams pull off field-goal-inspired gender reveal (0:28)
Belt smashes homer to extend Giants' lead (0:24)
Hundley crushes homer to left (0:30)
Pujols makes Mengden 400th HR victim in regular season (0:21)
Young fan sports cotton candy goatee (0:15)
Trout's sizzling start to his career (1:12)
Kemp, Hernandez homer for second straight game in L.A.'s win (0:49)
Smalls still 'killing' 'Sandlot' crew (0:27)
Posey robbed twice by good Dodgers defense (1:01)
Hernandez crushes homer off Bumgarner (0:34)
Kemp homers for second straight game (0:19)
Young crushes 3-run HR (0:20)

Eric D. Williams ESPN Staff Writer 

Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers is helping coach his son Gunner's flag football team this Father's Day Weekend here in Temecula.

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Shaquille O'Neal joined draft prospects Mikal Bridges, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Marvin Begley III to host a day of mentorship for teens in Brooklyn with The Y and provide apparel from JC Penny. O'Neal said the look on the teens' faces reminded him of how he felt when he saw Julius Erving and David Robinson as a child and teen. "I understand the look so I just try to give them the key ingredients to make," O'Neal said. "It's the same thing I did. It ain't no rocket science on how to get here. For me it was, listen to my mom and dad, work hard and believe. That's it…. I followed those three principles and they got me to this point thus far."

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Shaquille O'Neal provided some advice to draft prospects Mikal Bridges, Marvin Bagley III and Jaren Jackson Jr. O'Neal and the soon-to-be rookies hosted a day of mentorship for teens in Brooklyn with The Y and provide them apparel from JC Penny. Here's Bridges on receiving advice from O'Neal: "There's a lot fo links in his belt," said Bridges, who said he learned a significant amount from O'Neal: "He's won championships with the Lakers - that's what I dream about.... It's great to hear from someone who has been throughthe process and been through it at the highest level." Bridges is scheduled to work out for Cleveland next week, his final workout before the NBA Draft.