Lane Kiffin backs Ed Orgeron

As if USC athletic director Pat Haden didn't already have enough outside input into his decision on the next Trojans football coach, there was another voice of public support Thursday in favor of interim coach Ed Orgeron.

This was no random voice, though. This one came from the man Orgeron replaced, Lane Kiffin.

During an appearance on ESPNLA 710 radio Thursday morning in Los Angeles, Kiffin was asked who he thought should be the next USC coach.

"That's easy. That's already done. It should be Ed Orgeron," Kiffin said. "How can you argue what he's done? You have someone right there who has been at SC in some great times, he's won national championships there, he understands the Trojan way, the players love him and the assistant coaches love him. How could you even possibly consider bringing in someone from the outside who isn't really going to know USC, even if he played there 30 years ago."

Haden said earlier in the week that Orgeron -- who has guided the Trojans to a 5-1 record as interim coach -- was on his radar for the full-time job.

Kiffin said it has not been difficult watching Orgeron succeed with the players Kiffin recruited and coached.

"I think it's great," Kiffin said. "People assume that it's difficult for me, but I don't look at it like that. I get fulfillment in those players playing well, and I hope they hire Coach O so that those assistant coaches don't have to move and uproot their families. When you sign all these players, it's not like the NFL where you don't have as much say. You are the one who brings them in, and when I get texts from them and talk to them, when I hear the excitement from them, it's awesome."

Kiffin also had a prediction for the upcoming UCLA-USC game, one that could be big for Orgeron's prospects of landing the job.

"[USC is] a better team than UCLA," Kiffin said. "It's just like last week [against Stanford]; I don't know why so many people were surprised at that result. USC had better players than Stanford. As beat up as the UCLA offensive line is, it's really hard to block the SC front seven. It's a premier group. Outside of the Arizona State game, nobody has really blocked them the whole year."