They're baaaack: USC a horror flick

The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

Mrs. Murphy: "May I help you boys?"

Elwood: "You got any white bread?"

Mrs. Murphy: "Yes."

Elwood: "I'll have some toasted white bread please."

Mrs. Murphy: "You want butter or jam on that toast, honey?"

Elwood: "No ma'am, dry."

Jake: "Got any fried chicken?"

Mrs. Murphy: "Best damn chicken in the state."

Jake: "Bring me four fried chickens and a Coke."

Mrs. Murphy: "You want chicken wings or chicken legs?"

Jake: "Four fried chickens and a Coke."

Elwood: "And some dry white toast please."

-- Aretha Franklin, Dan Akroyd and John Belushi, "The Blues Brothers"

Hollywood director and producer Steven Spielberg knows white bread when he sees it.

Spielberg, who had a bit part in John Landis'1980 film "The Blue Brothers," also can recognize a disaster.

Speaking at USC last week, Spielberg was asked to identify his favorite disaster movie. "The Washington State game," he answered.


The Bottom 10 wonders what Spielberg thought about Saturday night's 62-41 loss at Arizona State? We know what USC athletics director Pat Haden thought about another ugly Trojans loss; he fired coach Lane Kiffin only a few minutes after the Trojans returned home to L.A. early Sunday morning.

While Kiffin's offense was about as exciting as white bread, at least he could recruit and evaluate talent. USC twice denied Spielberg admission to its film school, forcing him to settle for Cal State Long Beach! USC later awarded him an honorary degree and made him a trustee.

With apologies to Steve Harvey and Steven Spielberg, here's this week's Bottom 10, spanning all of Spielberg's directing and producing universe:

Waiting list: North Carolina (1-3), Memphis (1-2), SMU (1-3), Tennessee blocking its own field goal, Iowa State (1-2), UAB (1-3), Tulsa (1-3), North Carolina's defense, UTEP (1-3), Ole Miss poking the bear, Louisiana Tech (1-4), Idaho (1-4), U Mass (0-4), Arkansas' not-so-friendly hospitality, Miami, Ohio (0-4), Akron (1-4), Georgia Tech's passing game, San Diego State (1-3), San Jose State (1-3), Hawaii (0-4), Oklahoma State's flop, New Mexico (1-3), California (1-3), Kentucky (1-3).