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  • Former columnist and writer after five years with Sports Illustrated
  • Markazi has also written for Slam, King, Vibe and Playboy
  • On board of directors for Jim Murray Memorial Foundation.

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  • Cody Kessler has record effort

    Cody Kessler showed more trust in his skill players, and it resulted in a record-setting effort, Arash Markazi writes.

    Kings stand above all L.A. teams

    With a Stanley Cup ceremony to celebrate unrivaled recent success, the Kings reminded the town why they stand alone among L.A. sports teams, Arash Markazi writes.

    Angels rely on their glue guys

    The Angels have plenty of big contracts, but their glue guys keep them together.

    Clippers a team to be proud of now

    The Los Angeles Clippers are a team that fans can be proud of now under the ownership of Steve Ballmer, whose energy and brashness are the foundation of the franchise's rebirth.

    Clippers score their biggest victory

    The Clippers have reason to celebrate their biggest win with Steve Ballmer in and Donald Sterling out.

    With ruling, Clippers get biggest win

    Two months before training camp, in a courtroom two miles from Staples Center, the Los Angeles Clippers enjoyed their biggest win when a judge ruled the sale of the team can proceed.

    Mora has UCLA poised to make jump

    Under Jim Mora's tutelage, UCLA has bigger things in mind than just being the best college football team in L.A.

    Sarkisian will do things his way

    Steve Sarkisian is certainly influenced by Pete Carroll, but he'll do things his way at USC.

    Signs of more titles to come?

    The Los Angeles Kings' parade and rally may be signs of more titles to come, writes Arash Markazi.

    Gaborik proves perfect fit with Kings

    Marian Gaborik proved to be a perfect fit for the Kings on their Cup run, writes Arash Markazi.

    Kings fans appreciate special times

    After years of suffering, two Cups in three years won't be taken for granted by Kings fans, Arash Markazi writes.

    Mitchell's mettle motivational

    The Los Angeles Kings gravitate toward 37-year-old defenseman Willie Mitchell after he missed last season with a career-threatening knee injury.

    Kings keep making right moves

    The Kings have shown they continue to make all the right moves for a Cup run.

    Kings get comfortable just in time

    The Kings are finally the favorites in a series, and luckily, got comfortable just in time.

    Kings need triple sevens for jackpot

    The Kings couldn't close out the Hawks and will need another Game 7 win.

    Kings seek cure for worst sting

    After the Los Angeles Kings hugged the Stanley Cup in 2012, losing to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013 stung. L.A. wants to return the favor.

    Coaching, character and composure

    Under the tutelage of coach Darryl Sutter, the Los Angeles Kings remain even-keeled to overcome adversities, no matter how dire they might appear.

    Clippers, Rivers can finally exhale

    Doc Rivers finally was able to exhale after the Clippers' Game 7 win.

    Sterling remarks change everything

    All of Donald Sterling's sins, which the Clippers franchise tried to forget, came flooding back in the wake of the TMZ report.

    DeAndre Jordan takes a step up

    DeAndre Jordan has been a mainstay for the Clippers this season.

    Is Kroenke readying Rams to move?

    Stan Kroenke's purchase of land in L.A. could be a first step to move the Rams back.

    L.A. shows off its hockey passion

    Los Angeles has come a long way to embrace hockey since Wayne Gretzky's arrival.

    Bowl win a fitting conclusion for USC

    USC's Las Vegas Bowl win capped a turbulent 2013 season that featured three coaching changes.

    UCLA's win shows power shift

    UCLA's latest win over USC is tangible evidence that change is occurring.

    Clippers moving in right direction

    The Clippers are moving in the right direction thanks to new additions J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley.

    UCLA takes step back with loss

    With its loss to ASU, UCLA took another step back, but Jim Mora is confident his team will grow from the fight it showed.

    Ed Orgeron is only choice for USC

    After an upset Stanford, Ed Orgeron is the only choice to coach USC.

    CP3 and D12: what could have been

    'Basketball reasons' prevented Paul and Howard from teaming up in L.A.

    This one's getting a little heated

    While not earning rivalry status yet, the Clippers and Warriors are headed there.

    UCLA not satisfied with being 'close'

    Despite back-to-back losses, the arrow is pointing upward for UCLA.

    Orgeron fit for temporary duty ... only

    Mistakes vs. Notre Dame confirm Ed Orgeron not the long-term solution.

    Gibson in '88: 'It's a good story.'

    Twenty-five years later, Kirk Gibson's dramatic World Series homer endures.

    Orgeron brings fun back to USC

    Ed Orgeron has brought the fun back to USC and it shows on the field.

    Lane Kiffin firing not a hasty decision

    Pat Haden's decision to fire Lane Kiffin wasn't a hasty reaction to one game.

    Trojans have hit rock bottom

    As USC athletic director Pat Haden has learned, things don't always go the way you plan them, and desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

    USC's 52 defense paying dividends

    Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast has simplified USC's attack.

    UCLA honors fallen teammate with W

    UCLA's emotional win over Nebraska was dedicated to its fallen teammate.

    USC a team without a quarterback

    After its loss to Washington State, it's clear USC is a team without a QB.

    Lane Kiffin adds to the distractions

    USC coach Lane Kiffin's handling of the QB situation has been a misstep.

    USC's QB battle remains unresolved

    Despite winning its season opener, USC's QB situation remains unresolved.

    Kiffin has a true believer in AD Haden

    USC AD Pat Haden believes the Trojans have the football coach they need in Lane Kiffin.

    Different paths, same goal

    USC quarterback candidates bring different strengths to the competition.

    Lakers will be better this time around

    Expect the Lakers to surprise a lot of people and be better this year than last.

    L.A.'s turnaround fueled by many

    The Dodgers' turnaround is not being fueled by one star, but by a collection of players finally playing as one.

    Lane Kiffin knows key to season

    Lane Kiffin knows that on-field results are really all that matter for his future.

    View from L.A. finally changing?

    With Dwight Howard leaving, the Clippers are on the rise in this Lakers town

    Dwight Howard, Lakers not a match

    It should have been clear Dwight Howard was never the right fit for the Lakers.

    Yasiel Puig finishes All-Star month

    Yasiel Puig completed an All-Star caliber month. But will it actually get him to the All-Star Game?

    Clips' transformation all but complete

    Acquiring head coach Doc Rivers from the Boston Celtics will forever change the Los Angeles Clippers' image from cheap to contender.

    Kings find themselves at a loss

    The Kings' first home playoff loss this season has them in a hole against the Hawks.

    Kings use home magic to win again

    The Kings can't explain it, but they used home magic to beat the Hawks in Game 3 and get back into the series.

    Kings have been here before

    The Kings realize they must win Tuesday's Game 3 and find a way to overcome their road slump in order to have a realistic chance of winning this series.

    Kings seek road magic again

    If the Kings are to repeat, they'll need to fix their road issues.

    Home ice now Kings' calling card

    After being road warriors in the 2012 playoffs, the Kings are showing the same ferocity on home ice in 2013.

    Del Negro victim of expectations

    Expectations seemed to finally catch up with Vinny Del Negro, who was fired by the Clippers.

    Comforts of home suit Kings lately

    Comforts of home seem to suit the Kings during their 2013 playoff run.

    Even-keeled Quick saves Kings again

    Jonathan Quick shut out the Sharks in Game 1, but he already has moved on.

    Kings leave last year behind

    The Kings leave last year behind and show they have plenty this year too.

    What happened to Clippers' depth?

    Depth was supposed to be key for the Los Angeles Clippers. So with Blake Griffin hobbled, who else is going to step up besides Chris Paul?

    Business as usual for Jamal Crawford

    It was business as usual Monday for Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, who played like the Sixth Man of the Year (even though he wasn't).

    Clippers growing up by the game

    The Clippers have continued to grow, and their Game 1 win over Memphis shows it.

    Clippers: Too immature to win

    As it stands right now, the Clippers are too immature to win. To be contenders, they need to take responsibility.

    Clips must play like postseason now

    With home court on line, Clips must treat the final 15 games like the postseason.

    Clips must recapture early rhythm

    Clippers need to find intensity

    Philip Anschutz's commitment is key

    With Tim Leiweke out, it will not be up to Philip Anschutz to set the tone for the return of football to L.A.

    Clippers' best move? No moves

    Clippers' best move would be no moves at the trade deadline

    The non-trade that changed L.A.

    Chris Paul's non-trade to the Lakers has changed the L.A. basketball landscape.

    Change of pace for the Clippers

    Clippers find a different scene on the 2013 Grammys trip

    Chris Paul makes Clippers closers

    With Paul and Billups back, the Clippers feel good about closing things out.

    Clippers return to happy place

    Clippers let loose against Trail Blazers while ending four-game slide.

    Clippers still figuring things out

    The Clippers lost to the Thunder, showing they still have a ways to go.

    Lakers always a must-win for Clips

    For the Los Angeles Clippers, it's always a must-win game against the Los Angeles Lakers ... and they certainly played like it Friday.

    Clippers' 2012 meant expectations

    Unlike other years in franchise history, this one came with pressure to win.

    Tight-knit Clippers rolling along

    The tight-knit Clippers continue to roll along after their 14th straight win.

    Beckham's MLS time ends perfectly

    David Beckham's time in MLS will be measured in many ways beyond trophies.

    Does USC deserve better?

    Do the USC Trojans deserve better than Kiffin?

    Kiffin not the coach for USC's future

    Head coach has been a distraction during Trojans' difficult season.

    Clippers are best of the city

    In the here and now, it's clear the Los Angeles Clippers are the best team in the city, regardless of the Lakers' past success.

    Lakers need Phil Jackson now

    The Lakers need to bring Phil Jackson back -- now.

    USC's season becomes troublesome

    After a wild loss to Oregon, USC's season is getting increasingly troublesome.

    Paul's put his stamp on Clippers

    In his first full season in Los Angeles, the Clippers are very much Chris Paul's team.

    Lakers and Clippers becoming rivals

    Since the Chris Paul trade things are different in Los Angeles.

    Suddenly, Lakers team to beat

    By adding Dwight Howard, the Lakers are suddenly the team to beat once again.

    Kings players, fans bask in glory

    The Kings celebrated their first Stanley Cup in style with a packed house full of fans.

    Kings' first Cup long time coming

    The Kings' first Cup was a long time coming and built on the work of so many.

    Kings good at bouncing back

    Game 4 loss is disappointing for Kings, but they've proven well at bouncing back.

    Kings' foursome lifts their fortunes

    With these four guys, it's no wonder the Kings are a win away from the Cup.


    Clippers shouldn't hang their heads

    They may have a lot to learn, but the Clippers overachieved this season.

    Clippers rewarded with Chris Paul

    However the Clippers finish, this season's a success thanks to CP3.

    Clippers can't cheat growth process

    Clippers' collapse proves there's no rushing the growth process.

    It turns very serious for Clippers

    With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin ailing, it all turns very serious for Clippers.

    Clippers turn up rancor on Grizzlies

    The Clippers matched toughness with the Grizzlies, and it paid off in a thrilling win.

    Kings' run is only halfway done

    The Kings' failures in seasons past have helped fuel their remarkable playoff run.

    Caron Butler's grit sets the tone

    Caron Butler's grit sets the tone for the Clippers' Game 3 win.

    Ebanks, Hill thrive in spotlight

    Ebanks and Hill are on a long list of L.A.'s surprising playoff contributors.

    Clippers look to speed the process

    The Clippers hope to speed the process and make some noise in the playoffs.

    Kings do a good job of changing the hockey culture in L.A.

    Kobe Bryant laughs off critics

    Kobe Bryant didn't miss a step the game after a difficult shooting night.

    Derek Fisher in OKC just not right

    There's just something not right about seeing Derek Fisher in an OKC uniform.

    Clippers go through growing pains

    A promising season fades as the Clippers go through growing pains.

    Chris Paul and his mask can't reverse the Clippers' losing ways.

    Clippers still learning to finish games

    Suddenly, the hottest team in L.A. is beginning to fizzle down the stretch.

    Chris Paul won't forget 'worst play'

    Chris Paul won't soon forget what he calls the 'worst play' of his career.

    Judge Kobe Bryant's stats

    Kobe Bryant's place atop the Lakers' history books is inevitable.

    Clippers win fight with familiar foes

    The Clippers shine in what could be the beginning of a rivalry with the Thunder.

    Clippers still have plenty of work

    The Clippers are fun and exciting, but it's clear they're still not quite there yet.

    Clippers react differently to this loss

    After a last-second loss to Minnesota, the Clippers react differently than before.

    Galaxy build to being a super team

    Galaxy no longer trying to change the world, but instead make the world notice.

    Clippers' depth keeps them afloat

    A roster full of point guards helps the Clippers overcome an absent Chris Paul.

    Clips: Beyond wild West expectations

    For the Clippers, talk of conference finals, and more, isn't out of the question.

    Clippers turn Tinseltown upside down

    After beating the Lakers, the Clippers are putting L.A. and the league on notice.

    Clippers applying heat

    The Clippers are growing up early, beating the team to beat in the Heat.

    Reggie Evans key for Clippers

    In his first game for the Clippers, Reggie Evans seems to be what they need.

    It's triple towers, not 'Lob City'

    Whatever they're called, the Clippers are "tops" in town ... and the Pacific Division.

    Joe Torre perfect fit, again, for Dodgers

    Joe Torre is the perfect candidate to be the Dodgers' owner.

    Time is on their side

    The Clippers are starting to realize that becoming a team is a journey.

    If anything, this season for the Lakers figures to be a lot of living and learning.

    Matt Barkley makes them sweat

    USC fans are happy Matt Barkley is returning, but he made his coach sweat.

    Script has flipped in L.A. hoops

    The Clippers are hot, the Lakers are a mess. The script has flipped in L.A.

    Stars nearly aligned in Los Angeles

    With Pujols and Wilson headed to L.A., the city focused on the CP3.

    Dwight Howard in L.A.? It just might fly

    Orlando's Dwight Howard could fit in L.A., and L.A. could fit him.

    Will the lure of a national title run be enough to pull Matt Barkley back to USC?

    USC-UCLA rivalry is beyond compare

    USC-UCLA is the only rivalry between two major schools in the same city.

    If this was indeed David Beckham's final game in L.A., he went out in style.

    UCLA looked confused and uninspired on its temporary home court, and it showed.

    Slow-growing MLS rises a little higher and is actually beginning to thrive here.

    David Beckham doesn't know what's next, but he's enjoying the moment.

    At least for one night, the storm clouds around USC clear out for a while.

    Holes in Industry NFL stadium plan

    There are many holes in the City of Industry's NFL stadium plan.

    Bryan Walters does all he can do

    Undrafted receiver Walters has done all he can to make the Chargers' roster.

    Qualcomm just doesn't cut it

    Qualcomm Stadium is a relic and it's likely San Diego will not build a new one.

    NFL's two temporary options in L.A.

    NFL's two temporary options in L.A. are the Coliseum and Rose Bowl.

    Chargers treading water in San Diego

    The Chargers are doing their due diligence and weighing their options.

    Group wants Rams back in L.A.

    Group of die-hard fans wants to put the Los Angeles back into the Rams.

    L.A. NFL groups back to forefront

    With the NFL lockout settled, it's time for L.A. groups to push hard again.

    NFL in L.A.? Keep these issues in mind

    With the NFL lockout out of the way, let's focus on L.A. for a little bit.

    Q&A with Deacon Jones

    Deacon Jones offers his opinions on the NFL's possible return to Los Angeles.

    Why I can't quit on the Dodgers

    The ballpark at Chavez Ravine feels empty but so many memories remain.

    USC doesn't need trophy to be champs

    The BCS football may be returned, but the Trojans know who won in 2004.

    Shaq's legacy in L.A. healed by time

    Shaq's unceremonious exit from L.A. will fade into the good memories over time.

    By NCAA logic, USC keeps BCS trophy

    By NCAA logic, USC should keep BCS trophy that is displayed in Heritage Hall

    Lakers' best acquisition might be rest

    The Lakers' best offseason acquisitions might be rest and motivation.

    Brian Shaw perseveres despite tragedy

    Brian Shaw overcame tragedy to become the Lakers' heir apparent.

    Shane Mosley's defeat is end of an era

    Shane Mosley's defeat signifies an end of an era in L.A. boxing.

    Roach, Richardson share bonds

    Freddie Roach and Naazim Richardson have more in common than most

    Lakers ignored signs of danger

    The Lakers had bouts of inconsistency before Games 1 and 2 against the Mavs.

    Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol come up big

    Gasol and Bynum answer the challenge from the Hornets' Okafor and Landry.

    Kobe Bryant's injury a tough lesson

    Bryant's rolled ankle is a reminder that anything can happen in the playoffs.

    Andrew Bynum's brace holds up Lakers

    Andrew Bynum's knee brace should get early MVP nod in playoffs.

    Frank McCourt's legacy is mixed

    To say Frank McCourt only hurt the team during his tenure would be shortsighted.

    Pau Gasol locked down by Hornets

    Pau Gasol didn't back down against the Hornets, but he didn't step up, either.

    Hornets more confident after Game 1

    After their Game 1 win over the Lakers, the Hornets confidence is growing.

    Matt Barnes' Mohawk has meaning

    Laker Matt Barnes' special playoffs haircut is a tribute to his mother.

    A formula for booming Thunder

    As the NBA's big-city franchises snatch up stars, OKC shoots for them

    Fatigue sets in, Lakers unconcerned

    After losing their second game since the All-Star break, the Lakers aren't worried.

    Honda Center good venue for hoops

    It's confirmed: Honda Center in Anaheim is a good venue for topflight hoops.

    The Lakers gave Heat hope

    The Heat struggled mightily against elite NBA teams. Well, except the Lakers.

    Nothing subtle about Ron Artest

    Ron Artest tells it like it is after his latest defensive domination against OKC.

    Kobe Bryant turns pain on Clippers

    Once again, Kobe Bryant fights through an injury to flatten an opponent.

    Mamba turns into Hulk

    An angry Kobe Bryant motivated the Lakers to beat the Blazers in Portland.

    Lakers know it's crunch time

    Lakers answer Kobe Bryant's 'roll call' in a decisive win over the Atlanta Hawks.

    Blake Griffin content to dodge spotlight

    Blake Griffin didn't need the spotlight during the All-Star Game on Sunday.

    Blake Griffin tries to slow it down

    Blake Griffin tried to pace himself as best he could to start a busy All-Star weekend.

    Basketball moments that define L.A.

    Legends and lore helped shape Los Angeles into hoops heaven.

    NFL in L.A.? Some guesses, answers

    Shedding light on questions surrounding the NFL's possible return to L.A.

    The grooming of Casey Wasserman

    Casey Wasserman, the grandson of Hollywood mogul Lew Wasserman, might be the right man at the right time to own an NFL team in Los Angeles.

    Two NFL visions of the same dream

    Competing NFL proposals pit familiar adversaries against each other in L.A.

    Griffin made to be an All-Star

    Blake Griffin has all the star power of the league's elite and deserves recognition.

    Bryant's shooting necessary

    Without any help, Kobe Bryant didn't have a choice but to score 41 points.

    A 16-year rocky relationship

    Why is there no NFL team in Los Angeles, the country's second-largest market? It's a study of power brokers and bureaucratic morass stretching over 16 years.

    How does USC remember Carroll now?

    One year after Carroll's departure, how does USC remember him now?

    Trouble ahead: The Lakers' tough road

    The Lakers had a rough December but the month ahead could be tougher.

    Kobe Bryant breaks his silence

    After losing to Miami, the Kobe Bryant challenges his team to be professional.

    What if Phil Jackson coached the Heat?

    Jackson has hinted at retirement after this season, but could he coach in Miami?

    Season in limbo ends for USC Trojans

    Trojans look toward future, NCAA appeal after season in limbo.

    McDonald family, school ties collide

    USC-UCLA rivalry is a family matter for the McDonald brothers.

    Oregon gets USC's number again

    USC is at a loss when trying to explain its inability to win in Oregon.

    Raiders' resurgence a team effort

    Oakland Raiders' resurgence is a team effort.

    Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom elevate

    Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom have reinvented themselves for the Lakers.

    Can Davis lead the Clippers?

    Baron Davis may still be the key to the Clippers' fortunes.

    Andrew Bynum's absence OK for now

    Andrew Bynum should make sure to take his time and be healthy for Lakers.

    Cain Velasquez's UFC win opens door

    Cain Velasquez's dominance in UFC 121 opens doors for the fighter and the sport.

    The comeback of Mike Williams

    The journey of Mike Williams is an examiniation of an athlete and the mind.

    Taylor Mays making things happen

    Taylor Mays is making things happen fast as a starter for the 49ers.

    Drew Doughty a keeper from start

    Kings defenseman Drew Doughty was a keeper from start and is getting better.

    Manny not quite Manny anymore

    Manny Ramirez's recent struggles have relegated him to a catchphrase.

    Shane Mosley, Sergio Mora draw fire

    Mosley, Mora draw fire for their draw at Staples, and rightfully so.

    Pete Carroll has fun return to NFL

    Pete Carroll's return to the NFL was an enthusiastic and victorious one.

    Kiffin's will creates opportunities

    Lane Kiffin refuses to take no for an answer

    Torii Hunter doesn't have the cure

    Not even Torii Hunter seems to have the belief that things will change.

    Joe Maddon revels in success

    Rays manager Joe Maddon learned under Mike Scioscia and is true to his roots.

    Scott Kazmir regaining confidence

    Scott Kazmir is quietly turning around a rough season but needs some help.

    Dan Haren gets first win as Angel

    It took some time, but Dan Haren finally gets a victory as an Angel.

    The art of designing a Lakers dynasty

    No GM has been better at creating championships than Mitch Kupchak.

    Billingsley gives Dodgers shot in arm

    Chad Billingsley keeps the enthusiasm bottled up after quality effort.

    Dodgers need Torre to pull a Jackson

    The Dodgers would be best served if Joe Torre pulls a Phil Jackson.

    Haden exactly what the Trojans need

    Pat Haden is the perfect choice for AD as USC tries to move past the penalties.

    Bosh loving his spotlight moment

    Chris Bosh is clearly enjoying his newfound attention he lacked in Toronto.

    Note to the Dr. (Buss): Sign Fisher

    The sometimes frustrating Fisher deserves to finish his career as a Laker.

    Clippers should hand keys to LeBron

    If the Clippers want to sign LeBron, they need to court his friends as much as him.

    Jackson had no choice but to stay

    In the end, Phil Jackson didn't really have any other choice but to stay.

    Angels fans cheer new nemesis

    Vladimir Guerrero's return to Angel Stadium is met with a deserved ovation.

    Classy Clayton shows poise in collapse

    Classy Clayton Kershaw shows poise despite the Dodgers' collapse

    Etem's dreams close to home

    The Ducks' 29th pick grew up 20 minutes from the Honda Center

    Artest was the man on the spot

    When the Lakers needed calm, unpredictable Ron Artest led the way.

    'Biggest game of my career'

    After sitting in 2008, Andrew Bynum will do anything to play in 2010.

    Fans' dream comes true

    Lakers vs. Celtics in Game 7 of the Finals. Does it get any better than this?

    Artest and Odom becoming liabilities

    Lamar Odom and Ron Artest are becoming liabilities for the Lakers.

    Lakers let Celtics' reserves win it

    Lakers show a narrow focus as Celtics reserves do a number on them.

    Artest not getting credit he deserves

    Ron Artest isn't getting the credit he deserves for stopping Paul Pierce.

    As Odom goes again, so do Lakers

    Lamar Odom proves once again that as he goes, so do the Lakers.

    Pssst. If Lakers win, Phil will be back

    There's one surefire way for the Lakers to keep Phil Jackson in town ... just win.

    Jackson impeccable after Game 1 wins

    Quite simply, the Lakers have wrapped up this NBA Finals series after one game.

    All Fisher continues to do is just win

    Derek Fisher often has to defend himself, but when the playoffs arrive so does he.

    Lakers have a soft spot for Suns

    All the time the Lakers spent shaking the "soft" label came crashing down.

    Earth, meet the Lakers

    The Game 3 loss to the Suns may be just what the Lakers needed.

    Lakers reveal new personality

    Forget the Lakers you thought you knew; this is a different team.

    Kobe-LeBron still not in the cards

    Kobe-LeBron in the NBA Finals just doesn't seem to be in the cards.

    Lakers win often, rarely sweep

    For all the talk about sweeping, beating a team without losing is rare in L.A.

    Korver, Artest battle on perimeter

    Jazz guard Kyle Korver has a career night, yet his team still loses.

    Jazz's Matthews is a 'mama's' boy

    The Jazz's Wesley Matthews barely remembers father and Lakers player Wes

    Jazz play like Lakers' kid brother

    The Jazz have dropped 16 straight to the Lakers, with no signs of change.

    Jazz still learning how to be nasty

    The Jazz did not learn last year's lesson in toughness after losing Game 1.

    Mosley knew what to do but couldn't

    Shane Mosley knew what to do against Floyd Mayweather but just couldn't.

    Westbrook: The honor guard

    Westbrook, the Oklahoma City point man, plays with memory of a fallen friend.

    Durant definitely a believer in Bryant

    Kevin Durant didn't need convincing to believe Kobe Bryant is still a force.

    Kings wonder what might have been

    L.A. was unprepared to accept defeat, convinced they would win series.

    Kings show they're still not there yet

    Youthful Kings were exposed in Game 5 and shows how far they have to come.

    Kings not at all surprised by this series

    The Kings' veteran players are not at all surprised they are in a tight series.

    Westbrook, Thunder can't stop Lakers

    The Thunder's defensive effort was not enough as they head home winless.

    Doughty and Johnson an exciting pair

    Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson have been masterful on Kings' power plays.

    Kings eventually thrive after changes

    After Terry Murray shakes up the lineup, the Kings figure it out and win.

    No separating the Sedin twins

    There's no separating the Sedin twins, who continue raising their games.

    Quick's solid play good news for Kings

    Despite Game 1 loss, Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick seems back on his game.

    Kings ready for the experience

    The Kings' youngsters finally get a crack at the playoffs with veterans in tow.

    Kershaw hard on himself after win

    Clayton Kershaw is hard on himself after the Dodgers' home-opening win.

    Limping into the playoffs

    The Lakers' inability to mesh does not bode well for a repeat championship.

    The ins and outs

    How the Lakers match up against the Trail Blazers (no curses involved).

    Kobe appreciates staying in one place

    Kobe Bryant's new contract probably means he'll play his career in one city.

    Bench exposes Lakers' weaknesses

    If it wasn't already clear, the idea of a deep Lakers bench is a myth.

    Lakers suffer a team loss

    Kobe Bryant shows he's slap-happy as everything goes wrong for the Lakers.

    Artest sets tone, Lakers follow

    Ron Artest sets the tone on defense and the Lakers follow right along.

    The next Montanas

    Joe Montana is a fan of the next Montanas, his sons Nate and Nick.

    A personal victory for Korir

    Wesley Korir's marathon win was a world away from his humble beginnings.

    Trying to strike a balance

    There's probably never a good time for a strike. This one qualifies for MLS.

    Pac-10 saves its best for last

    Pac-10 saves its best for last as Washington and Cal put on a show.

    Seniors count more for Cal than UCLA

    UCLA's Michael Roll did everything he could, but Cal's seniors were better.

    Nelson's return easy on the eyes

    The return of Reeves Nelson for UCLA was certainly a sight for sore eyes.

    Pac-10 a hard sell this season

    The Pac-10's worst showing in recent memory makes it hard to get excited.

    Deaf player's teammates see inspiration

    CSUN's Michael Lizarraga is the only deaf player in D-I and an inspiration.

    The ultimate NBA journeyman

    With six rosters in two years, Drew Gooden is a true NBA journeyman.

    Artest's defense is big-game difference

    Ron Artest's defense makes all the difference in the Lakers' big games.

    Time for distracted Lakers to focus

    It's about time the distracted Lakers simply stop going through the motions.

    Bryant still the engine of this car

    With Kobe Bryant back, the other Lakers must adjust their roles accordingly.

    82 reasons to take a deep breath

    The NBA regular season is a marathon for the players and coaches.

    Something for LeBron to think about

    Clippers' latest moves give LeBron James something to think about.

    Rare recognition

    Chris Kaman's first All-Star Game didn't come without sacrifice.

    Barry gets to relive Clipper days

    Brent Barry said it was a little bit 'strange' to relive his days as a Clipper.

    Gordon loses in 'dunk-in' to DeRozan

    It wasn't Eric Gordon's night, but he promised to enjoy his All-Star stay.

    Did you know?

    Lakers and Clippers All-Star Game trivia

    Bush is a mystery for L.A. fans


    Kings do right in standing pat

    The Kings made the right decision by not chasing winger Ilya Kovalchuk.

    Jackson can't unseat Riley

    No matter what Phil Jackson does, Pat Riley is still the greatest Lakers coach.

    This is the Artest the Lakers need

    The Lakers need the Ron Artest who showed up in Boston.

    Kings have learned how to win

    The Kings are finally understanding what it takes to win and reach the playoffs.

    Bornstein endures as hero in Honduras

    U.S. soccer player Jonathan Bornstein endures as a hero in Honduras.

    Not buying what Floyd's selling

    USC self-imposes sanctions while Tim Floyd lobs complaints from far away.

    L.A. Bills booster wants team to stay put

    John Mammoser, a 50-year-old comedy writer in Los Angeles, founded the Los Angeles Bills Backers in 1989.

    If the shoe fits

    Kobe Bryant says he finds inspiration off the court in soccer and martial arts

    Not a rookie anymore

    Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez looks forward to the AFC championship.

    Philosophical differences

    A difficult season and history doesn't sway the Clippers' sense of calm.

    Kiffin knows how to play the part

    Lane Kiffin certainly looks presidential, but we know who's running the show

    Ex-Trojans thrilled over hiring of Kiffin

    Former USC players are more than thrilled by the hiring of Kiffin.

    Carroll takes risk in thankless NFL

    Pete Carroll won't enjoy the same popularity in Seattle he had in L.A.

    Nothing but whispers and 'no comments' on campus

    Nothing but whispers and 'no comments' on USC campus, Arash Markazi writes.

    McCoy sidelined in BCS title game, again

    Watching the BCS title game from the sideline was not Colt McCoy's plan.

    In a perfect state

    Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy has California and Texas roots.

    O'Neill tells USC to have 'special season'

    A heavily-sanctioned USC team plans to make the most of a bad situation.

    Mike Garrett has some explaining to do

    Mike Garrett needs to answer questions about USC's self-imposed sanctions.

    OSU's Rose Bowl victory is a win for the Big Ten

    The Ohio State Buckeyes' Rose Bowl victory is a win for the Big Ten.

    USC coach O'Neill talks national championship

    USC men's basketball coach O'Neill talks about a national championship.

    Scenes from the Beef Bowl

    Our guy takes Terrelle Pryor's seat at the annual Beef Bowl supper in Pasadena.

    McKnight a symptom of a program in trouble

    USC RB Joe McKnight's inactivity no surprise to a program under scrutiny.

    Shaq's mixed homecoming

    The only ones holding a grudge are those who can't forgive Shaq for leaving.

    USC: What happened and what's next?

    Five things that went wrong in USC's disappointing football season.