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  • Lakers and NBA reporter for ESPN.
  • Covered the Lakers and NBA for ESPNLosAngeles.com from 2009-14, the Cavaliers from 2014-18 for ESPN.com and the NBA for NBA.com from 2005-09.

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  • Fantasy camp unites hoop heads

    USA Basketball Fantasy Camp is a chance for hoop heads to unite for a common cause.

    Nash helps bridge NBA generations

    In the documentary, "The84Draft," Steve Nash bridges the gap between past and present.

    No joy in Laker Land these days

    If the Lakers are going to turn things around, it will have to be with defense.

    Can Lakers save season with trip?

    The Lakers aim to use long road trip to save their season.

    Lakers face major questions in '14

    Four major questions face the Lakers in 2014, starting with what to do with Pau Gasol.

    Opportunity knocks now for Lakers

    A soft spot in their schedule give the Los Angeles Lakers a chance to get back to .500 before 2014.

    Pau Gasol speaks up following loss

    Pau Gasol spoke up following the Lakers' blowout loss to the Warriors.

    Nash, Dudley happy to reunite in L.A.

    Former teammates are eager to resume close friendship on rival teams.

    Former teammates feel for Odom

    Former teammates express concern for Lamar Odom.

    Dwight Howard bets it all on Rockets

    In the end, Dwight Howard decided that Houston -- not L.A. -- was the best place to cultivate titles.

    Into the unknown for Pau Gasol

    As Paul Gasol enters the unknown this offseason, what is certain is that the center immersed himself in the reality of Lakers lore.

    Injuries just too much for Lakers

    The Lakers have been injured all season, but the Game 2 loss magnified the issue.

    Time for Mike D'Antoni to earn it

    After a Game 1 loss, it's up to Mike D'Antoni to make the adjustments for the Lakers.

    Steve Nash can't do it all alone

    Steve Nash's example is something most teams savor, but the Lakers don't seem to.

    Lakers: Reality of final push sets in

    The reality of a final push to make the playoffs is settling in for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Mike D'Antoni defends short rotation

    Mike D'Antoni's short rotation left starters fatigued and reserves restless during the tail end of a back-to-back.

    Lakers seize Kobe's vacated limelight


    Lakers moving past all the drama

    With all the drama the Lakers have endured, it's nice for L.A. to finally focus on the playoff chase.

    Dwight Howard finally finding himself

    Dwight Howard's strong play of late couldn't have come at a better time with a trip to Orlando looming.

    Kobe-Dwight partnership forged

    The Kobe Bryant-Dwight Howard partnership might have finally been forged.

    Despite loss, Lakers still believers

    Despite the loss to the Thunder, the Lakers are still believers in their playoff push.

    Reality of season hitting Lakers

    The reality of a failed season is starting to hit the Lakers fast.

    Scenes from the bumpy road

    The seven-game Grammy Trip was typical of the Lakers' difficult season

    No comparison between Lakers, Heat

    The Heat are playoff contenders while the Lakers are on the outside.

    Can Lakers maintain focus?

    Mike D'Antoni's charge is to ensure the Lakers block out distractions

    Dwight Howard's return changes little

    Dwight Howard's return to the Lakers' lineup did little to change L.A's fortunes.

    Earl Clark stepping up for Lakers

    Earl Clark has earned a lot of trust from his coach and teammates after becoming a regular in the lineup.

    Pau Gasol reminds us what he can be

    Pau Gasol's effort against the Wolves is a reminder of the kind of player he can be.

    Lakers must prove it on road

    A three-game win streak is nice, but the Lakers will be defined by their upcoming seven-game trip.

    Lakers continue dud of a season

    After another loss, the Lakers' dud of a season seems close to a breaking point.

    Kobe wants all the blame. Not so fast

    Kobe Bryant wants to take all the blame for the Los Angeles Lakers' failures, but it's not that simple.

    This is Dwight Howard Lakers need

    Lately, Dwight Howard is reminding everyone why he's the best big man in the NBA.

    Lakers still have plenty to prove

    The Lakers stopped the bleeding, but don't be fooled as things don't get any easier.

    Kobe Bryant feeling fine in Philly

    For Kobe Bryant, a return to Philly delivers a rejuvenation on his spirits and a Lakers victory.

    Dwight Howard slowly coming along

    Some forget how injured Dwight Howard was, but he's slowly making an impact for the Lakers.

    Lakers' problems remain fixable

    Despite the doom and gloom after the latest loss in New York, the Lakers' problems remain fixable.

    As bad as it gets?

    Coach Mike D'Antoni says it all about the Lakers: "Umm, you know, we're not very good right now."

    Kobe says Lakers right on track

    Despite a loss to the Thunder, Kobe Bryant says he believes the Lakers are on track for good things.

    Kobe Bryant shows his staying power

    Kobe Bryant has reached 30,000 career points, and it's his relentless spirit that sets him apart.

    Summer key for these Lakers

    For this group of Lakers players and coaches, summer is a key time.

    Lakers need big changes

    After two failed title runs, it's time for the Lakers to make changes.

    With no end game, is end in sight?

    Lakers must learn to finish if they expect to extend series with Thunder.

    Lakers need a short memory

    After two tough losses to the Thunder, L.A. has to dig deep to come back.

    Lakers helped launch Thunder

    The Lakers are partly to blame for the emergence of the Thunder.

    Bryant stomachs illness in Game 6

    Despite being sick and weak, you can't blame Kobe for L.A.'s loss.

    Andrew Bynum no longer a luxury

    Andrew Bynum is no longer simply a luxury for the Lakers.

    Lakers' health may be key to title

    If the Lakers can avoid injuries and oddities, they just might have a chance.

    Andrew Bynum is in control

    Andrew Bynum controls Game 1 for the Lakers.

    Bynum jumped from good to elite

    Andrew Bynum deserves to be awarded most improved player.

    Lakers just may not have enough

    Another rout by the Spurs shows Lakers may not be title material.

    Matt Barnes comes up big for Lakers

    Matt Barnes comes through when the Lakers need him most.

    Lakers excel in underdog role

    Bynum's 30 rebounds lift a leaderless L.A. squad over the Spurs.

    Andrew Bynum will be key for Lakers

    Despite his recent missteps, Andrew Bynum remains the key for Lakers.

    Derek Fisher's absence felt

    Derek Fisher returns to face a Lakers team that could use his leadership.

    Ramon Sessions fitting in just fine

    Ramon Sessions is earning plenty of praise and fast becoming Kobe-approved.

    Lakers can't build consistency

    Mental lapses have prevented the Lakers from gaining momentum this season.

    Be patient with Ramon Sessions

    Ramon Sessions will take time to adjust, but when he does, he'll help the team.

    Andrew Bynum playing 'different' now

    With Andrew Bynum playing 'different' now, Lakers seem poised to make a run.

    Andrew Bynum steps up as closer

    Kobe Bryant's trust in Andrew Bynum grows, and Lakers are rewarded.

    Kobe Bryant willing Lakers to win

    The NBA's leading scorer has already faced a full season's worth of adversity.

    Lakers' players running the show

    Forget management. Kobe, Fish and Gasol are setting the tone in Los Angeles.

    Lakers used to handling adversity

    Bryant's statements didn't throw the Lakers off their game against the Blazers.

    Lakers believing in their potential

    The Lakers are starting to become believers in their playoff potential.

    Bynum no longer a luxury for the Lakers

    Production from Andrew Bynum is no longer a bonus but a necessity for Lakers.

    Time running out on a great rivalry

    How many classics do these Lakers and Celtics have left as currently constructed?

    Talk to Kobe when he scores sixth ring

    Kobe passes Shaq en route to 5th all-time in scoring but he wants a sixth ring.

    Lakers can't find any fire on road

    One of the Lakers' consistencies so far is their inability to give effort on the road.

    Pau Gasol: the aggressor

    The Lakers and Pau Gasol find what they've been searching for.

    Kobe can't hold all the keys to scoring

    To solve woes on offense, Lakers must resist urge to let Kobe Bryant run loose.

    Lakers' road losses adding up

    If L.A. can't win away from Staples, it will get more road games in the playoffs.

    Not-so-easy pickings for Lakers

    The Lakers face some big challenges during their current six-game stretch.

    Kobe Bryant not slowing down

    Bryant continues torrid pace with 48-point barrage against Phoenix.

    In Bynum, Bryant sees some of himself

    Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant share a determination to overcome injury.

    Bynum comes up big in return

    Lakers' center says he's only just beginning

    Lakers show encouraging signs

    Lakers show encouraging signs, despite their opening night loss.

    Mike Brown brings his own style

    Mike Brown brings a different coaching style to practice, and players notice.

    Lakers need youth, not experience

    Odds are better that potential talent could help L.A. more than an aging superstar.

    The NBA's tentative deal might hurt in the future, but L.A. has a title shot again.

    The great Carrier Classic wasn't immune to talk of the continuing NBA lockout.

    Concessions that could end the lockout

    Four concessions the players and owners could make that would end the lockout.

    Kobe Bryant should focus on the NBA

    Flirtation with Virtus Bologna distracts from business at hand

    Five ways NBA lockout affects Lakers

    Rules. Limits on salaries. Some kind of cap. How will it affect the Lakers?

    Lakers at a coaching crossroads

    Based on the coaching candidates, L.A. could go in very different directions.

    Uncomfortable questions begin for L.A.

    Can the Lakers cure what ails them in an uncertain off-season?

    Lakers past inspirational speeches

    Lakers know what needs to be done, but the question is, can they do it?

    Lakers have fallen short all season

    Lakers have fallen short all season; Game 3 was no different.

    Pau Gasol searching for his Black Swan

    Everyone -- even Pau Gasol -- is concerned for the Lakers' power forward.

    Lakers can't change Mavs' game

    The Lakers let the Mavs do exactly what they planned against them in Game 1.

    23 reasons to watch Lakers vs. Mavs

    23 reasons to watch Lakers vs. Mavs, in honor of their last postseason meeting.

    Lakers pushed to play nasty

    The message has been sent to the NBA: the Lakers aren't taking it anymore.

    It's best to trust Kobe Bryant

    After his Game 5 performance, maybe it's time to trust Kobe Bryant.

    Kobe Bryant's ankle another plot twist

    All attention will be on the Lakers' star and his bum ankle versus the Hornets.

    Lakers have no solution for Chris Paul

    Chris Paul poses problems for the Lakers in a way only superstars can.

    Ron Artest assumes utility role

    Ron Artest has quietly become the most versatile player on the Lakers.

    Pau Gasol finds his missing game

    Pau Gasol broke out of his slump just in time to put Game 3 out of reach.

    Lakers' early guard changes succeed

    By switching Kobe to guard Chris Paul, the Lakers limited the Hornets' leader.

    Lakers' other guys lift team in Game 2

    The Lakers beat the Hornets in Game 2 thanks to everyone but Kobe and Pau.

    These Lakers aren't strangers to upsets

    Lakers' confounding Game 1 loss is an extension of a strange season.

    Lakers have edge over Hornets

    All signs point to the Lakers being able to roll over the Hornets.

    A vote for the NBA's best

    Dave McMenamin justifies his first NBA postseason awards ballot submission.

    Andrew Bynum's injury reveals issues

    Andrew Bynum's latest injury puts the Lakers' recent issues into focus.

    Lakers' backs are now against the wall

    Mired in a five-game losing streak, the Lakers find their playoff spot at risk.

    Lakers dance to a familiar tune

    Phil's upset, and the Lakers are in a shambles. Haven't we heard this before?

    Through Phil Jackson's eyes

    Phil Jackson turns a meeting into a self-examination of man and career.

    Lakers reeling in the reeling Spurs

    L.A. sets its sights on West's best record, once a far-fetched notion.

    Bryant, Nowitzki remain connected

    Kobe and Dirk share much in common, aside from on-court team success.

    Trevor Ariza looks back fondly

    Former Laker Trevor Ariza looks to help carry his new team to the postseason.

    Lamar Odom slices and dices

    Lakers' Lamar Odom is makes a good case for the Sixth Man of the Year award.

    Kobe Bryant rises above his injuries

    Kobe Bryant overcame his cold shooting streak when L.A. needed him most.

    Health always a key for Lakers

    Lakers have managed to stay healthy in contrast to teams like Portland.

    Lakers tough on Love

    Despite success this season, the Wolves' Kevin Love has struggled against L.A.

    Andrew Bynum's confidence soaring

    Andrew Bynum is smiling a lot lately, and the Lakers couldn't be more pleased.

    Lakers simply need to win in Dallas

    For the Lakers, it's quite simple: Go out and beat the Mavs

    Lakers lean on thick skin

    The Lakers' ability to deal with adversity is what separates them from the Heat.

    Person, Bynum remake Lakers' defense

    Andrew Bynum relishes his new role and L.A.'s recent success.

    Lakers pass test with extra credit

    The Lakers surpassed all expectations in their dismantling of the Spurs.

    Standing in Lakers' way? The Spurs

    The Lakers ultimate test -- again -- will be their ability to beat the Spurs

    Phil Jackson smells smoke

    By cutting his news conference short, Phil Jackson is preventing a fire.

    Kobe Bryant enjoys the big stage

    The big stage of New York is always a welcome sight for Kobe Bryant.

    Mamba bites the Boston Celtics

    Kobe skewered Boston's defense in the second half, sealing the Lakers' win.

    Lakers vs. Celtics: Always a big game

    Not even the Melodrama could tarnish the importance of Lakers-Celtics.

    Lefties left out

    Zach Randolph and Lamar Odom: two lefties deserving All-Star consideration.

    Don't group this loss with others

    Sure, the Lakers lost to another elite team, but this effort was a worthy one.

    Pau Gasol goes green in loss

    Pau Gasol fell back into his old habits by letting the Celtics push him around.

    Big men key in Lakers-Celtics

    In the final analysis, Lakers-Celtics will still be decided by the big men.

    Bryant's big scoring days may be over

    With almost two years since Kobe's last 50-point game, points aren't the priority.

    Trade talk overshadows game

    With the Melo drama in the air, no one wants to talk about Lakers vs. Nuggets.

    Lack of defense bites Lakers again

    Defense is again the Lakers' undoing in Dallas, and something needs to change.

    Mavericks' bigs could give Lakers fits

    They might be struggling, but Dallas can still match the size of L.A.

    Thunder brings out best in Lakers

    The Lakers notched their best win of the year by beating the Thunder.

    Tough road ahead for Lakers

    The next test begins this week as the Lakers navigate a series of playoff teams.

    Dangerous date with Cleveland

    Don't let the Cavs' record fool you, the Lakers can't seem to beat bad teams.

    A Shared History

    Two players facing off on Sunday share a common path to the NBA.

    New defense could be salvation

    Focus and commitment to a new defense could be Lakers' ultimate salvation.

    Lakers get back to basics

    Returning to fundamentals could be the best option for a Lakers team off track.

    New year, same problems for L.A.

    The Lakers don't learn from their mistakes and suffer another tough home loss.

    Lakers show some signs of life

    Odom and Bynum give the Lakers some desperately needed spring in their step.

    Lakers really need to talk it up

    If the Lakers expect to snap out of their funk, they better start talking.

    Kobe Bryant gets LeBron James

    LeBron James and Kobe Bryant share quite an interesting dynamic.

    Andrew Bynum gives Lakers big lift

    His numbers weren't dazzling, but all the Lakers were better with Bynum back.

    Lakers on familiar turf with Obama

    The president met most of the Lakers last year at the White House.

    Lakers hope for an early Christmas

    Nothing would make the Lakers happier than getting Andrew Bynum back.

    Not looking like the champs

    The Lakers fell into the same defenseless pattern in their loss at Chicago.

    Closers (even Kobe) need a night off

    All closers, even the Lakers' Kobe Bryant, need a night off now and then.

    Ron Artest learning another role

    As Matt Barnes' presence increases, Artest is taking the team approach.

    More problems arise in L.A.

    The issues are beginning to pile up while the Lakers figure out how to win again.

    Lakers dealing with a little adversity

    There are chinks in the Lakers armor, yes, but good luck finding any real holes.

    Lakers' growth measured by depth

    The scariest thing about the Lakers these days is that they have grown a bench.

    What drives the driven?

    Kobe says winning is his only motivation, but some think it's more than that.

    Road trip puts shine on L.A. life

    After stops in Milwaukee, Detroit and Minneapolis, L.A. looks pretty good.

    How good can the Lakers be?

    Despite early talk of record-breaking, Phil Jackson isn't counting his chips yet.

    Shannon Brown elevates his game

    Lakers benefit from Shannon Brown's quickness and precision on opening night.

    Lakers leaning on Pau Gasol

    The path to a Lakers' three-peat will likely run through the Spaniard in the paint.

    Curtain goes up on Lakers' show

    As the curtain rises, the Lakers' show is as compelling as ever.

    Humility carried Jerry Buss to HOF

    Jerry Buss' induction into the Hall of Fame is a testament to his humility.

    Odom the grizzled vet in this bunch

    With USA Basketball, Lamar Odom takes on the role of leader quite easily.

    Less attitude, more Caracter

    Derrick Caracter has slimmed down and has a shot at making the team.

    Lakers working on details of roster

    The Lakers are working on their roster and can go in a number of directions.

    Mixed debut for Clippers rookies

    The Clippers rookies showed flashes of brilliance, but are a work in progress.

    Flirting with disaster

    If Derek Fisher leaves for Miami, he risks tarnishing his image.

    Look out L.A., Ron Artest has arrived

    Lakers' Ron Artest has his ring, a new single, and he's ready to party.

    Rings make memories sweeter

    Reflections on the Lakers' title run and the moments we won't forget.

    Lakers hope to keep this feeling

    The Lakers' bench finally stepped up in Game 6. Now it needs a similar effort.

    Lakers finally play like champs

    By playing with urgency, the Lakers force what promises to be an epic Game 7.

    Defense leaves Lakers in Game 5

    The Lakers abandoned their defensive mantra, and now are in danger of losing.

    Tony Allen has Kobe's number

    Tony Allen has taken Kobe out of the game when guarding him in the Finals.

    Lakers make up for Mamba's misses

    Fisher, Odom, Artest & Co. stepped up when Bryant couldn't in Game 3.

    Lakers break down in stretch run

    Eight misses and three turnovers were the Lakers' undoing in Game 2.

    Lakers hit 'Easy' button in win

    Lakers hit "Easy" button en route to Game 1 win.

    'The Celtics are in the way'

    The Lakers have to play tougher than in 2008 if they want to beat Boston.

    Lakers' win goes to 11

    Artest may get the glory, but the Lakers' win goes to the whole team.

    Kobe hammers defense home

    Kobe Bryant cited the Lakers' lack of defense as the reason for their losses.

    Lack of execution hurts Lakers

    Suns shoot 42 free throws (20 by Stoudemire) to the Lakers' 18.

    Bynum puts team above health

    Andrew Bynum forgoes knee surgery to finish a playoff run he missed last year.

    Artest shaking Ariza comparisons

    Ron Artest's recent numbers prove he's a better fit for the Lakers than Trevor Ariza.

    Unfounded stigma still following Bryant

    Kobe Bryant didn't deserve so much criticism four years ago.

    Odom's effort locks Lakers' win

    Lamar Odom's Game 1 performance shows why the Lakers need him.

    Lakers' troubles a distant memory

    All the Lakers needed to do is step up to erase their cloud of issues.

    Lakers beat Jazz from the outside

    The Lakers became surprisingly proficient from the 3-point line in Game 3.

    Lakers' Fisher has all the answers

    Lakers' Fisher has seen and conquered adversity on and off the court.

    Injuries don't get in Lakers' way

    The Lakers have quickly become a team that won't let injuries get in the way.

    Williams' speed a challenge for Artest

    Lakers' Ron Artest puts his experience against Deron Williams' speed.

    The Kobe Face lifts Lakers

    Bryant showed L.A. and the Jazz his teeth and grit in the Lakers' Game 1 win.

    Defense was the constant for Lakers

    The Lakers had their struggles, but defense carried them past the Thunder.

    Lakers want to shut multiple doors

    The big question for Game 6 vs. Thunder? Which Lakers team will show up.

    Lakers play Jekyll and Hyde

    Not knowing which team will show up each game is part of the Lakers' charm.

    Problems are piling up for Lakers

    Problems have piled up quickly for the Lakers and there's growing concern.

    Poor fourth quarter buries Lakers

    The Lakers played three good quarters, but poor play at the end lost the game.

    Nothing reserved about Lakers' Powell

    Powell, the end-of-the-bench reserve, is a Lakers team leader.

    Kobe goes back to basics

    Kobe Bryant returned to fundamentals in the Lakers' Game 2 victory.

    Bynum improves Lakers' chances

    The return of Andrew Bynum lifted the Lakers around him in Game 1.

    Kobe's shooting through the pain

    As the NBA playoffs begin, Kobe Bryant has already had to overcome a year's worth of bumps and bruises.

    Bench gets chance to rise again

    With the playoffs looming, it's a chance for the Lakers' bench to rise again.

    Spaniard standing tall

    The Lakers might be struggling, but Pau Gasol is ready for the playoffs.

    Numbers can tell story with Lakers

    The numbers can tell much of the story when it comes to the Lakers.

    No quick fixes

    The Lakers' switch-flipping confidence might spell trouble in the playoffs.

    Sharper Angles

    The Lakers are struggling with their execution of the triangle.

    No Excuses

    Lamar Odom doesn't let his injury shoulder any of the blame.

    When Bryant shares, Lakers excel

    Kobe Bryant the passer is always appreciated by the Lakers.

    Beyond success for Jackson, Rambis

    Phil Jackson and Kurt Rambis learn as much from losing than winning.

    A night of candor with Craig Hodges

    The Lakers' assistant unplugged. Talks Lakers, Kobe and the triangle.

    Race to the Finish

    Lakers look to pick up the pace heading into the NBA Playoffs.

    Lakers answer the urgency call

    Lakers finally take their cue for urgency from quite an unlikely source.

    A bittersweet game winner

    Kobe Bryant calls the last-second win over the Raptors 'garbage.'

    Offensive conflict

    Figuring out the Lakers' struggles is a lesson in conflict.

    Lakers now have plenty to prove

    In this Finals rematch, Lakers suddenly are the ones with something to prove.

    Jackson earns pay on this night

    After losing big at Charlotte, a lot of teams would panic. Not the Lakers.

    Lakers silence Denver as rivalry grows

    The Lakers' rivalry with the Nuggets has grown into an all-out battle.

    Despite numbers, Bryant has last word

    Despite what numbers might say, Kobe Bryant always gets the last word.

    Odom seeks Olympic redemption

    Lamar Odom has plenty of unfinished business in the Olympics.

    Gasol (Marc) deserves some respect

    Pau's younger brother was not a throw-in in the trade that brought Pau to L.A.

    Lakers need to learn from this loss

    The Lakers finally lost without injured Kobe Bryant and there are lessons.

    Ron's Recognition

    Ron Artest has been slow to pick up the Lakers' playbook, but is improving.

    Not adding up

    Rumors of Lakers' trades don't make sense when you crunch the numbers.

    No-nonsense All-Star

    Pau Gasol kept to his non-flashy productive style in his 6th All-Star Game.

    Brown more than just a dunker

    Shannon Brown wants to be known for more than just being a dunker.

    Weekend itinerary

    Some Lakers will be busy this weekend in Dallas for the NBA's All-Star Game.

    Lakers leaning on Gasol Ball

    Pau Gasol's intellectual approach has boosted the Lakers in Bryant's absence.

    Bryant should play if he can

    Lakers pundits need to start trusting Kobe Bryant on his playing status.

    No excuses for Lakers in victory

    The Lakers had every reason not to win at Portland but somehow did.

    Mamba's misinformed medics silenced

    Mamba's misinformed medics need to stop doubting Bryant

    Jackson's burned bridges repaired

    Phil Jackson passing Pat Riley in the record books signifies mended wounds.

    Passing West highlights season

    For Kobe Bryant, eclipsing Jerry West highlights a record-setting year.

    Quick guards a concern for Lakers

    The Lakers' inability to slow quick guards remains a major problem.

    Do Lakers need to be tough to win?

    The big question is whether the Lakers need to be tough to beat the Celtics.

    Artest feeling like his old self

    With his feet feeling better, Ron Artest has one his best games as a Laker.

    Making the case for Bynum

    Andrew Bynum should be on this year's substitute All-Star list.

    Obama's Assist

    Inspired by the president's speech the day before, the Lakers dominate.

    Lakers go to Washington

    The Lakers' visit to the White House was an emotional honor for team, family.

    Bryant needed despite finger

    The Lakers are better off with Kobe Bryant, broken finger and all.

    Gasol forgets ... and that's good

    Pau Gasol put a bad night behind him and helped the Lakers beat the Knicks.

    Can't get physical

    The Lakers continue to have trouble winning games against physical teams.

    The Youngest Ever

    Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest NBA player ever to reach 25,000 points.

    No question about game's importance


    Backup power

    The Lakers-Magic NBA Finals rematch was upstaged by a couple of backups.

    Bynum, Gasol play together nicely

    Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol prove they can be a dynamic force for the Lakers.

    Bryant, Fisher among NBA's ironmen

    Kobe Bryant gets a lot of credit for being tough, but so should Derek Fisher.

    Collective Effort

    The Lakers finally became a team Wednesday night in Dallas.

    Some wondering who the Lakers are

    After another road loss, it's hard to know who the real Lakers are.

    Trading Bynum doesn't add up for Lakers

    Trading Andrew Bynum doesn't add up for the Lakers.

    Blazers' Webster gets to defend his idol

    Blazers forward Martell Webster gets to defend his idol Kobe Bryant.

    Lesson: Don't take win, loss for granted

    Imagine: The Lakers learned something from the Clippers on Wednesday.

    Lakers prove height matters

    Rockets GM has a theory about height -- it's overrated.

    Lakers bench busts out in rout

    The Lakers' defeat of the Mavs was a true team win.

    Kobe's hot when Lakers need him most

    Kobe Bryant's hot streak could not have come at a better time for the Lakers.

    Brand on L.A. return: "No hard feelings"

    Elton Brand has no hard feelings toward the Clippers.

    Artest's memory of concussion unclear

    Ron Artest may be a distraction through no fault of his own.

    Artest's value proved in absence

    The Lakers were without Ron Artest on Monday, and it showed.

    On a court full of seven-footers, Kobe rises above

    On a court full of seven-footers, Kobe rises above them all.

    Loss shows flaws in Lakers' abilities

    Does this Lakers team just not remember what it is like to be tested?

    Nothing special

    Lakers versus Cavaliers is not a rivalry game.

    Gasol signing is forward thinking

    If Kobe follows Gasol's lead, Lakers could have foundation for multiple titles.

    Odom: bench leader or team leader?

    Versatile Lamar Odom's most important role is as the leader of the Lakers' bench.

    Lakers ace their test on the road

    Lakers take four out of five on their first big trip of the season.

    Magic tops in Laker lore

    Magic Johnson tops the list of the 50 greatest L.A. Lakers of all time.