Mark Saxon

Mark Saxon covers the St. Louis Cardinals for He served as the Dodgers team reporter for through the 2015 season. He spent six years at the Orange County Register, and began his career at the Oakland Tribune, where he started an 11-year journey covering Major League Baseball. He has also covered colleges, including USC football and UCLA basketball.

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Dodgers step into 21st century

The Dodgers' hiring of Andrew Friedman shows they hope to become the preeminent 21st-century team.

When it counts, Dodgers go 'bust'

After another playoff disappointment, the Dodgers have some tough choices going forward.

Dodgers' leaky pen threatens season

Scott Elbert was just the latest to falter in relief, as a leaky bullpen has pushed the Los Angeles Dodgers to the brink in St. Louis, Mark Saxon writes.

Matt Kemp adds new fuel to Dodgers

After sitting out the 2013 playoffs, Matt Kemp has added some needed fuel to the Dodgers' playoff push.

Clayton Kershaw left to wonder

Clayton Kershaw's latest playoff meltdown defies explanation and has put the Dodgers in an early series hole.

Dodgers stay together on field

The Dodgers may not always get along, but they stick together where it counts most -- on the field.

Clayton Kershaw pulls off inevitable

Clayton Kershaw's first no-hitter was a reward for hard work and the example he sets.

Haden's choice bigger than Orgeron

Ed Orgeron's fate as USC Trojans coach is known only to AD Pat Haden.

A father's legacy and concern

USC's Devon Kennard and his father, Derek, share a love of football and an awareness of its dangers.

Bad timing for Kershaw's worst

Clayton Kershaw's worst outing comes at the worst time for the Dodgers.

Adrian Gonzalez shows some flair

Normally reserved, Adrian Gonzalez showed some flair in Game 5.

Zack Greinke is man on the spot

When the Dodgers signed Zack Greinke, it was for success in moments like these.

Hyun-Jin Ryu brings sense of urgency

Hyun-Jin Ryu brought a sense of urgency to his Game 3 start.

Yasiel Puig missing in action in NLCS

With Hanley Ramirez injured and Yasiel Puig MIA, L.A. is without a spark.

Is an injured Andre Ethier a liability?

With Andre Ethier at about 60 percent, the Dodgers are at a loss in center field.

Kershaw doesn't leave Dodgers short

Pitching on three days' rest, Dodgers ace made good on Mattingly's gamble.

Ramirez epitomizes Dodgers' talent

Hanley Ramirez is the epitome of the Dodgers' talented roster.

Mattingly's decisions draw attention

Don Mattingly's decisions leave him open to some second-guessing.

Dodgers' one-two punch undeniable

The Dodgers' one-two punch of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke is undeniable.

Dodgers make climb, but more awaits

The Dodgers' turnaround continued, but now a playoff run is on the agenda.

Ramirez has felt at home in L.A.

Former batting champion Ramirez seems to have regained his stroke in 2013.

Ex-Red Sox enjoying better fortune

Ex-Sox Gonzalez, Crawford and Punto are appreciating their time in L.A.

Time to ease on Puig expectations

Yasiel Puig's amazing start with the Dodgers has been fun, but sustainability is the key.

Don Mattingly fine for speaking mind

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly shouldn't be criticized for speaking his mind about his players.

What is Clayton Kershaw worth, now?

In determining what Clayton Kershaw is worth to the Los Angeles Dodgers, how does the team ownership put a price on memories like Monday's?

Dodgers, Giants on collision course

Built around different models, the Dodgers and Giants are on a collision course in 2013.

Matt Kemp holds key to L.A.

Matt Kemp's leadership is key to the Dodgers' season.

Yasiel Puig builds believers

Yasiel Puig still has a lot to prove, but he's been impressive in spring.

Kenley Jansen refines game

Kenley Jansen works on harnessing potential after heart scare

Adrian Gonzalez helps L.A. reconnect

Adrian Gonzalez helps Dodgers reconnect with fans

Lane Kiffin ready for new season

Lane Kiffin reflects on turbulent season as spring practice opens.

No small feat

Sarah Baxter of Simi Valley, Calif., takes the running world by storm.

Caltech win is one for the record book

Caltech's victory in baseball is definitely one for the record book.

Dodgers to preach plate patience

Don Mattingly and Mark McGwire aim to instill team-centric approach with Dodgers' superstar hitters.

How I voted and why


Dodgers full of promise for '13

The Dodgers are full of promise in 2013.

Claiming the spotlight

Angels owner Arte Moreno moves to counter the Dodgers' big offseason gains.

Kiffin has Haden's patience for now

Lane Kiffin has Pat Haden's patience for now, but next season will be a different story.

Flak adds up for Lane Kiffin

Little controversies are adding up for Lane Kiffin.

What's up Lane Kiffin's sleeve?

What does USC coach Lane Kiffin have up his sleeve on offense?

Quick fixes failed for SoCal teams

Quick-fix approach didn't work for the Dodgers or Angels this season.

Ned Colletti proves himself again


Greinke pushes Angels forward

The Angels show commitment to winning now by getting Zack Greinke.

Ernesto Frieri is magic on the mound

Ernesto Frieri's deceptive delivery confounds the AL's best hitters.

Angels' resilience starting to show

After losing Jered Weaver, the Halos didn't give up and beat the Yankees.

Albert Pujols era officially begins

On his 111th attempt, Albert Pujols got his first home run as an Angel.

Jered Weaver's no-hitter is familiar

Jered Weaver's no-hitter against the Twins has a definite familiar feel.

Angels wait for this funk to end

Albert Pujols is still homerless and all Angels can do is wait out their funk.

Angels have reason for concern

The slow-starting Angels have reason to be concerned.

Angels have plenty of admirers

Albert Pujols could push the Angels to a title, but don't forget the Rangers.

Angels hope veterans can steady 'pen

Angels hope two savvy veterans can steady a shaky 'pen.

Angels rise with homegrown rotation

Homegrown pitchers make the Angels' rotation tops in the AL.

Torii Hunter's best (last?) title shot

Torii Hunter's best shot at a title might be his last shot with the Angels.

Albert Pujols to forge Angels' identity

The Albert Pujols decade in SoCal has begun, so everyone get used to it.

Matt Barkley could be the greatest

If he isn't already the greatest USC QB, Matt Barkley may just make it happen.

Weighing risk, reward with Albert Pujols

Angels live in the moment getting Albert Pujols, but at what cost?

After a season of proving itself, USC made one final, definitive statement.

Lane Kiffin and USC have arrived


Matt Barkley is touching up a legacy

Matt Barkley won't have the huge bowl game wins, but a stellar career nonetheless.

USC's rise quicker than expected

Buried under sanctions, no one thought the Trojans would recover this early.

Nick Perry has plenty to consider

USC's Nick Perry will soon have to decide about returning for his senior year.

Angels free-agency primer: Here's how the Halos can help themselves.

Kiffin's Trojans still lack landmark win

Despite the going toe-to-toe with the No.4 team in the country, USC fell short.

A young USC team looking for an identity found a rare moment to gloat.

The Angels should break the glass ceiling and hire Kim Ng as their GM.

USC-Notre Dame has lost some shine

The USC- Notre Dame rivalry is still great, but in 2011 both schools are on the rebound.

Serra HS trio thinking big at USC

Serra High School trio already paying off in big ways for the USC Trojans.

Angels' success difficult to classify

The 2011 Angels had their moments, but it's hard to classify success.

Angels can't shake latest funk

Angels discover things happen when you're not playing at the level you should.

USC preparing for worst from ASU

USC is doing all it can to prepare for the shenanigans expected from ASU.

Mike Scioscia making it count

Mike Scioscia's effort on the bench this season has to be one of his best.

Angels' youngsters see glare of race

As the pressure builds, the Angels' youngsters prepare for the stretch drive.

Angels pitchers in survival of fittest

In heat of the pennant race, Mike Scioscia will rely heavily on big three.

Trojans ready to test defense

Opponents averaged 400 yards vs. USC last year, but Monte Kiffin has answers.

Angels leave Texas with little fear

The Angels lost two of three in Texas but leave town without feeling any fear.

Angels gamble with pitchers' rest

The Angels take a chance by switching to a three-day rotation.

Blend of young, old powers Angels

A blend of young and old has kept the Angels in the pennant race.

Angels still believe, but is it enough?

A dramatic win has the Angels still believing, but is it really enough?

Angels need a youth movement

With the season slipping away, it's time for Conger and Trout to come back.

Trumbo's uncanny power wows Angels

Angels' Mark Trumbo has the power to be rookie of the year.

Jered Weaver's season for the ages

Weaver's season fits with past great Halos -- who weren't always angels.

Matt Barkley has some career options

Matt Barkley, about to embark on another season under sanctions, has options.

Suddenly, Angels in pennant race

Suddenly, the Angels go from hopeless to hopeful and are in a pennant race.

Angels cautiously optimistic

One exciting win shouldn't turn the Angels into buyers in this season.

Angels caught in landslide

All the work the Angels did in the first half has suddenly disappeared.

Angels figure to remain as is

The Angels are in contention again, but don't expect any major player moves.

Middle ground key for Mike Trout

Angels phenom Mike Trout faces expectations as high as the Matterhorn.

Angels have moved on from Morales

Finally over the shock of losing Kendrys Morales, the Halos have reasons to believe.

How good can these Angels be?

After 82 roller-coaster games, how the Angels will end up is a mystery.

Angels aren't likely to find trade magic

Angels aren't likely to find trade magic this season with a closed wallet.

Calls for Hatcher's firing misguided

The Angels' hitting problems go deeper than blaming Mickey Hatcher.

Mike Trout waits for his moment

Angels standout prospect Mike Trout wows 'em in the wings.

Mark Trumbo filling in nicely

The Angels may have found a replacement for Kendrys Morales.

No rest in the West

The Angels could be fighting a long battle for the top of their division.

Jered Weaver's lapse in poise costly

The Angels' ace lets a ball call by home-plate umpire affect his outing.

These Angels taking baby steps

Influx of young talent from the farm system has the Angels skewing young.

Angels' dynamic duo an unlikely pair

Dan Haren and Jered Weaver's unlikely chemistry is unquestioned.

Jordan Walden rolls in closer's role

Angels closer Jordan Walden rolls despite a quick transition.

Are Angels overusing their aces?

Are the Angels using Jered Weaver and Dan Haren too much, too soon?

Angels should be worth watching

At the very least, the 2011 Angels should be more entertaining to watch.

Angels' bullpen keeps it interesting

If anything, the Angels' bullpen figures to keep things interesting this season.

Angels add youth to veterans, then stir

The cohesion of the Angels' youth and veterans are key to their season.

Expectations rising for Lane Kiffin

While expectations are higher, Lane Kiffin anticipates challenges in his second year.

Angels' psychologist focuses on attitude

Angels' team psychologist focuses on strengths to iron out struggles.

Female pitchers make it a special day

All-girl high school baseball pitching matchup gives moment some meaning.

Vernon Wells sees chance to win

Vernon Wells sees a special chance to win with the Angels.

Angels don't put too much stock in stats

Angels rely more on human eyes than hard drives in player evaluations.

Angels bank on durable Dan Haren

Angels bank on Dan Haren's longevity as they build around pitching.

Aging Angels need youth to step up

Aging Angels need prospects Conger, Trumbo to pan out this spring.

USC Trojans put focus on L.A. talent

The Trojans are focusing on L.A. recruits to help rebuild their program.

These guys might be good

Lost in all the free-agent bashing is that the Angels might have a decent team.

Trojans finish on a high note

USC saves a little face by beating UCLA in its worst season in 10 years.

Lane Kiffin finding the fast lane bumpy

Lane Kiffin lowers the shoulder into each challenge. But will he triumph?

USC can't find way to finish

Once again, USC can't find a way to finish as it loses to Notre Dame.

Pat Haden puts it all on the line for USC

Pat Haden has staked his own irrefutable reputation as AD at USC.

Dealing season begins for Angels

Angels have set their sights high this free-agency season.

To date, USC has just missed each goal

USC has missed each goal so far, but 10-3 would be a "phenomenal season."

Trojans rebuilding brick by brick

USC's wild win on Saturday shows a team still taking baby steps.

Trojans in danger of losing control

USC's response after losing to Oregon will be a test of character.

USC-Oregon a game of role reversal

The Trojans are loose -- their lips, too -- in preparing for Oregon.

SC's D finds stride in rout of Bears

Trojans inspired by team meeting called by cornerback Shareece Wright.

USC's star may be fading

The Trojans' second heartbreaking loss in a row risks hurting the USC image.

11 questions for the Angels in '11

11 for '11: Big questions facing the Angels for next season.

Angels' frustration lingers

Offseason meets Angels with frustration and missed expectations.

Jake Locker wins battle ... this time

Matt Barkley fell short against Jake Locker, but they may meet again.

Matt Barkley grows into his position

Matt Barkley is as comfortable behind center as he is with his beliefs.

Angels have pricey aspirations

Will the Angels have the cash to back up offseason aspirations?

Trojans showing signs of life

Troubled by a tough start, USC is starting to turn things around.

Muscle keys USC victory

Give USC's muscle up front credit for win over Minnesota.

USC Trojans try to stay grounded

The Trojans want to establish a power running game to keep the defense rested.

Reggie Bush's gesture doesn't help USC

Despite Bush's gesture, finality on this chapter remains out of reach for USC.

USC's calm before the storm

The Trojans' schedule is soft before it gets hard. Really hard.

Matt Barkley powers USC to win

Matt Barkley's first game of 2010 shows exactly how good he has become.

NCAA didn't take away USC's swagger

NCAA sanctions stripped a lot, but didn't strip the Trojans' swagger

Angels experimenting with youth

With the playoffs inching out of reach, the Angels have begun auditioning youth.

Carl Crawford would be a good fit

Carl Crawford would be a perfect fit for the Angels, but it's a longshot to get him.

Angels break tension with victory

A players-only meeting helps Angels rebound, but it seems too late.

Angels still not making the plays

The Angels simply aren't making the plays needed when it matters most.

Angels show they're an average team

The Angels need to come to the realization they're just an average team.

Time is now for the Angels

Forget the past; the Angels' golden era is now.

Reggie Bush and the painful memories

USC's ultimate punishment for Reggie Bush? Forgetting greatness.

Pitching on rise for Angels, MLB

The days of the home run derby are over as pitching dominates.

Bobby Abreu is still swinging

The Angels might be playing for 2011, but Bobby Abreu hits for today.

Angels lag on outfield defense

The issues the Angels have in their outfield have slowly been exposed.

Angels considering younger talent

The Angels, looking for an offensive boost, are leaning toward youth.

Haren finds little margin for error

After another close loss, Angels realize every little detail really counts.

Angels suddenly feel confident again

A comeback win over Texas has the Angels feeling confident again.

No bowl but plenty for USC to play for

There will be no bowl for USC this season but still plenty to play for.

Angels seem to be at end of line

The season is far from over, but the Angels seem virtually out of contention.

Rough welcome for Dan Haren

Dan Haren left his disappointing first game as an Angel after a shot to the arm.

Angels bristle after missed chances

Rangers create distance in AL West after Angels drop series.

Ex-Angels thriving for Rangers

Texas is atop the AL West in large part because of ex-Angels.

Close not enough for Angels again

The Angels are finding close isn't enough against this Rangers team.

Weaver miffed by Angels in outfield

Angels in the outfield do little to endear themselves to Jered Weaver.

Will the Angels boil over?

The Angels seem to be at a combustion point after a loss in New York.

Matsui hopes slump is about to end

Hideki Matsui has battled through a tough season and looks to turn it around.

Weaver steps up in tough matchup

Jered Weaver again faced an opposing No. 1 and again stepped up to win.

Kazmir hoping to forget first half

Scott Kazmir's effort will be key for Angels, but can he overcome struggles?

Hunter feels hometown pressure

Torii Hunter didn't play well in the All-Star Game but earned his day off.

'Everybody loves Torii'

Torii Hunter might be spread a little thin, but he's a perfect All-Star ambassador.

Angels midseason report card

The Angels have too many holes to fill to catch the Texas Rangers.

Welcome respite for Angels

Maybe the three-day All-Star break will put a brake on the Angels' freefall.

Kazmir's confidence takes another hit

Scott Kazmir's confidence takes another hit as Angels stand by.

Hunter, Kendrick lead by example

With the rest of the Angels struggling, Kendrick and Hunter keep pounding.

Weaver's dominance yet to be noticed

Angels ace Jered Weaver has yet to make a national splash.

Angels, Rangers on collision course

Stakes are high when Angels host the Rangers.

Wilson calls quite a strong game

Angels' catcher Bobby Wilson has a knack of bringing out the best in pitchers.

New bullpen issues for Angels

Bullpen issues are finding different ways to affect the Angels.

Scioscia annoyed by sloppy play

A sloppy effort shows Angels can't afford it while chasing the hot Rangers.

Angels use savvy, experience to win

Lacking classic talent at key positions, the Halos still find a way to win.

Angels can't gain ground despite wins

Despite their interleague dominance, the Halos still trail the Rangers.

Weaver landing in his prime

The Angels are watching Jered Weaver land squarely in his prime.

Angels' power surges in Wrigley debut

Angels have a power surge in their Wrigley Field debut.

Angels' patchwork infield does job

The Angels find that a patchwork infield does the job for a day, at least.

Aybar's injury leaves Angels vulnerable

Erick Aybar's injury, however serious it is, leaves the Angels vulnerable.

Angels shaken up by Brewers, earth

An earthquake and the Brewers rattled Aybar and the Angels on Monday night.

Angels get a boost of self-esteem

Freeway Series sweep is a confidence-booster for the Angels.

Pitching finally arrives for Angels

It look them longer than expected, but the Angels' pitchers have arrived.

Angels are finding their offense

Suddenly the Angels are finding a way to cope without Kendry Morales.

Angels shouldn't chase first baseman

Despite Kendry Morales' injury, Angels shouldn't go chasing a first baseman.

Angels, alone at top, don't feel like it

The Angels lead their division, but don't feel like winners just yet.

In Morales' absence, Matsui picks it up

Just when the Angels really needed it, Hideki Matsui's bat comes alive.

Angels look to get pitching in order

The Angels have a lot of issues, but they need to get pitching in order.

Schedule gives Angels chance to thrive

The schedule will finally be kind to the Angels, but will they be able to thrive?

Morales issue has no easy answer

Fixing the Kendry Morales issue has no easy answers for the Angels.

Offense thrives in Morales' absence

The Angels' offense thrives in Kendry Morales' absence.

Kendrick walks off intact

Lesson learned: Howie Kendrick cautiously celebrated his walk-off homer.

Angels stunned after Morales' injury

Angels players are left soul-searching and more after fluke injury to Morales.

Kazmir still can't figure out his issues

As Scott Kazmir continues to struggle, he could take a lesson from Cliff Lee.

Angels can find security in high picks

The Angels need the upcoming draft to reboot their system.

Angels healing, but not cured yet

Despite winning Wednesday, the Angels are careful not to declare the slump over.

Angels must build on their effort

If the Angels want to prove their worth, they must build on the positives.

Angels running out of options

The Halos have tinkered about all they can with the cards they've been dealt.

Angels' bullpen woes sting

A 10-inning loss to St. Louis shows just how much the Angels' bullpen hurts.

Angels' offense coming together

It has taken a while for the Angels, but their power game is working.

Angels win, but Fuentes struggles

Brian Fuentes is officially still the Angels' closer, but his time could be running out.

Angels should worry about Rangers

The Angels better worry about this year's edition of the Texas Rangers.

The air up there hurt Angels

The heavy air knocked down the Angels and Napoli's drive.

Subtle change in lineup provides spark

Moving Kendrick up in the lineup is credited to the Angels' recent turnaround.

Schedule has a soft spot for Angels

For the Angels, there's hope amid the wreckage of the early season.

Kazmir, Matsui slowing Angels' progress

The slumps of Scott Kazmir and Hideki Matsui are thwarting the Angels.

Fuentes struggles again in Angels' win

It didn't seem a surprise to anyone when Fuentes blew another save on Tuesday.

Angels battle with mounting pressure

Recent finger-pointing indicates cracks are starting to form in the Angels' armor.

Matsui's milestone puts an end to slump

Hideki Matsui's 1,500th career RBI could be a sign of his recent slump ending.

Angels look like a different team

With Jered Weaver stepping up, the Angels looked completely different.

Kazmir's ineffectiveness still an issue

Scott Kazmir's ineffectiveness for the Angels is a growing concern.

Angels finding new ways to lose

The Angels are finding new ways to lose games, the latest one in Boston.

USC's offense has long way to go

USC's first spring game under Lane Kiffin shows offense has a long way to go.

Pineiro's poor outing raises questions

Should the Angels be worried after Joel Pineiro's rough outing at Detroit?

Hunter makes his presence felt

Torri Hunter shows he also can be counted on to step up for Angels.

Saunders tries to stay positive

Joe Saunders is doing his best to remain positive after a rough start.

Pineiro falters against Yankees

Joel Pineiro couldn't contain the Yankees the second time around this season.

Opinions differ on home-plate collision

Opinions differ on the outcome of Friday night's collision at home plate.

Wood's lack of production a concern

Brandon Wood struggles, but how much longer can the Angels stick with him?

Fuentes is Angels' closer for now

Brian Fuentes is still the Angels' closer -- despite blowing his first post-DL save.

Joel Pineiro more than just a pitcher

More than a pitcher, Joel Pineiro worked all sides of the plate - and the infield.

Santana crowns starters' revival

Ervin Santana caps a starters' revival, helping turn the Angels' fortunes.

Angels' Wood still trying to find game

Angels trying to be patient and encouraging as Brandon Wood struggles.

Weaver doesn't want ace label just yet

Angels pitcher Jered Weaver is pitching like an ace, just don't label him one yet.

Kazmir latest Angels pitcher to struggle

Angels' Scott Kazmir can't find his slider and a troubling trend continues.

Angels snap out of funk

The Angels snap out of their recent funk with a win over the Yankees.

Angels need their heads in the game

Angels need to keep their heads about them.

Ex-Yankee Matsui used to limelight

Angels' Hideki Matsui, no stranger to spotlight, returns to New York.

Angels hardly looking like themselves

Angels suddenly watching other teams play agressive style they perfected.

Scioscia not worried about offense

Angels manager Mike Scioscia isn't yet worried about the team's struggles.

Santana struggles in debut

Angels starter Ervin Santana showed flashes of brilliance, but lost his debut.

Aybar's patience brings relief

Erick Aybar's new swing helps Angels win season opener.

Kiffin puts his stamp early

The free-wheeling days of Pete Carroll are over as USC opens spring practice.

Morales works on meeting expectations

Angels Kendry Morales works on meeting the bar he raised.

Unsettled issue for Angels' catchers

Angels catchers Mike Napoli, Jeff Mathis enter third season in platoon.

Are the Angels missing Matthews?

Is lack of depth in outfield causing Angels to miss Matthews?

Controlled aggressiveness

Can Erick Aybar adapt to the Los Angeles Angels' expectations for a leadoff hitter?

Pineiro renews promise

After an injury hurt his young career, a new approach helped revive Joel Pineiro.

Projection project

How will Kendry Morales do in 2010?
We were wondering the same thing.

Early lessons helped Scioscia succeed

Early life lessons helped Mike Scioscia steer Angels through turmoil.

What a deal

Getting Rivera and Izturis for Guillen in 2004 keeps paying off.

Chance of a lifetime

Longtime Angels prospect Brandon Wood finally sees an opportunity in the majors.

He's the leader in the clubhouse

In his third season with the Angels, Hunter now feels at home and his teammates see him as a leader.

First impressions

The Angels' new $6 million DH, Hideki Matsui, arrives at camp.

Willits no stranger to hard work

Going into spring training, Reggie Willits looks like the front-runner to become the Angels' fourth outfielder.

I want to laugh, then take a shower

Someone has to wake up. This is crazy: A seventh-grader committing to play football at USC

Give Kiffin credit for quality class

USC coach Lane Kiffin deserves credit for signing a quality recruiting class.

Desme takes leap of faith

Oakland A's prospect Grant Desme takes a leap of faith.

Searching for the ace

Scioscia likes his group of veteran arms, but who is the ace?

Homegrown talent abundant for Angels

The Angels showcase plenty of homegrown talent, but is their farm system starting to slip?

Scioscia, Reagins steady Angels

Mike Scioscia and Tony Reagins give the Angels power at the top.

Angels' bench has a lot to prove

A lack of proven backups might make for some long auditions for Angels.

Angels fate rests with pitchers

For the Angels, staying atop the division requires better production from pitchers.

Has recruiting changed for USC?

Lane Kiffin is finding a changing landscape at USC, but he's not worried.

Little backup for aging Angels outfield

A cast of light-hitting minor leaguers led by speedster Willits is a small safety net for Hunter, Abreu and Rivera.

Angels' power shifts to young infield

The Angels' balance of power is shifting to their talented young batch of infielders.

Pineiro makes sense for Angels

Joel Pineiro's arrival with the Angels seems to make sense.

Garrett puts himself on line with Kiffin

USC's Mike Garrett is putting himself on the line with the hiring of Lane Kiffin.

USC shows little fear by hiring Kiffin

Hiring Lane Kiffin could be risky but it certainly will be exciting.

USC players not informed about Carroll

Some USC players unhappy about not being told of Pete Carroll's departure.

This buzz doesn't sound like the rest

While rumors of Pete Carroll's departure are common, this one seems different.

Playing in the shadow

Joe McKnight, who felt pressure to be Reggie Bush, opts for the NFL.

Remembering Rory Markas

Angels and USC broadcaster Rory Markas treated his work like the dream it was.

Cuban prospect draws Angels' interest

Angels may have an edge in bidding for Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman.

USC wins Emerald Bowl amid distractions

Pete Carroll answered questions about everything but the Emerald Bowl.

Angels aiming at 'moving targets'

The Angels' offseason equation involves more subtraction than addition.