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  • Yasiel Puig needs to cut the chaos

    The Dodgers hope Yasiel Puig is finally realizing he needs to cut the chaos.

    Opposite roles for Clippers, Lakers

    The messages have been quite divergent for the Clippers and Lakers.

    Why don't the Lakers show up?

    Why don't the Los Angeles Lakers show up? Because they're not playing for anything anymore, and everyone knows it.

    Too soon to judge Lakers' future

    The death of Dr. Jerry Buss shouldn't connected to the Los Angeles Lakers' awful season.

    Lakers' world begins, ends with Kobe

    As long as Kobe is out, the Lakers will be a different kind of team with different expectations.

    For how long will Lakers be patient?

    Kobe Bryant's recovery, and those of other key players, have patient front office in limbo.

    Like Sark, decision time for Mora

    Like Steve Sarkisian, Jim Mora now faces a decision about where he wants to do what he does best.

    Lakers aren't crazy, they just got real

    The Lakers aren't crazy, they just realized they couldn't risk losing Kobe.

    Barnes' use of epithet is complicated

    Matt Barnes' use of racial epithet has a complicated history.

    Howard part of new priority

    Dwight Howard's decision to leave L.A. reflects new NBA reality.

    Lakers miss Kobe Bryant's drive

    With Kobe Bryant out, the Lakers need to dig deep to find that fire.

    L.A. still Kobe's town, for now

    Kobe still the brightest star in town, but there are contenders on the rise.

    Doc Rivers fosters strong bonds

    Doc Rivers has quickly fostered some strong bonds with the Clippers.

    Mattingly wants purpose for Dodgers

    High-priced talent won't convince Don Mattingly to stay any longer.

    Pressure trumps Hundley's poise

    Despite the growing maturity Brett Hundley, UCLA's offensive rhythm was picked apart by Stanford's defense.

    Game 6 is next step for Kershaw

    Game 6 of the NLCS is the next step in Clayton Kershaw's journey to greatness.

    Dodgers take 'Showtime' approach

    Under Magic Johnson's influence, the Dodgers look like the Lakers of old.

    For Lakers, now is the time to shine

    For many players, Lakers' season could be one-and-done.

    Time to work together

    Without Dr. Jerry Buss, Jim and Jeanie Buss need to lean on each other.

    Yasiel Puig just never lets up

    Yasiel Puig's exuberant style fuels his team and pushes boundaries.

    The time has come for Jim Buss

    Jim Buss' late father trusted him to lead the Lakers ahead. Now is his time.

    Kenley Jansen taking it higher

    Kenley Jansen is quickly finding his way into becoming a top closer.

    For Paul it's all about ball now

    With the business of his contract signing over, CP3's focus is on the court.

    Dodgers must continue to compete

    Mattingly deserves to have option picked up but the team can't let up now

    Why Matt Kemp's voice matters

    Ultimately, players have to lead the push to thoroughly clean up the game

    Talent, Scouting

    Lead recruiter?

    After Dwight, what's next for Lakers?

    What did Dwight Howard's exit teach us about the Los Angeles Lakers? Ramona Shelburne takes a look.

    Doc Rivers' task will change in L.A.

    With the Clippers, Doc Rivers will have a very different role than he had with the Celtics.

    It all ends quickly for Clippers

    A fast ending to a record-setting season has the Clippers feeling the pain.

    Griffin can't wait to be great

    Clippers forward thinks night and day about how to improve his game

    Lakers fell far below expectations

    Injuries and chemistry issues derailed the season early and often.

    Lakers' season not meant to be

    After all the turmoil the Lakers have endured this season, their Game 3 blowout loss was hardly unexpected.

    Lakers grind way into playoffs

    It wasn't always pretty, but the Lakers are in the playoffs and ready for anything.

    Life after Kobe

    In starting their time without Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers must unlearn how to play with him, without forgetting what he taught them.

    Kobe and L.A. tradition will be tested

    Bryant's injury threatens a career and the future of a franchise.

    The high price of being the Lakers

    With steep taxes looming, the team will have difficult choices to make soon.

    As needed, Dwight Howard steps up

    With Shaq giving him a push, Dwight Howard is stepping up as he needs to

    Dodgers, Kershaw poised for success

    New ownership has sown the seeds for success and excitement. Now, the team is ready to produce.

    Time passes Ben Howland at UCLA

    Ben Howland was successful early at UCLA, but lately he hadn't done enough to adapt to change.

    Lakers learn to conquer adversity

    The Los Angeles Lakers are learning how to conquer adversity, but, to be sure, they are not a better team without Kobe Bryant.

    Dwight Howard's journey of discovery

    The Lakers' Dwight Howard is a superstar still under construction.

    Kobe Bryant takes it even higher

    Just when you think he's done it all, Kobe Bryant takes it to another level.

    Antawn Jamison, Lakers rise

    Jamison's productivity shows what's going right with Lakers

    Lakers accept the play it must be

    Mike D'Antoni and the Los Angeles Lakers understand that their original goal of a high-octane offense is not the best way to the playoffs now.

    Kobe, Dirk: Similar but different

    Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki are their teams' superstars and both deserve good endings.

    Dwight Howard in a good place

    Dwight Howard has felt reflective since Jerry Buss' death and finds himself in a good place.

    Lakers begin a new transition

    It's uncertain how the death of Jerry Buss will affect the Lakers, but winning certainly cures all.

    Jerry Buss: A true sports visionary

    Lakers owner Jerry Buss was a true visionary.

    Kobe Bryant's response appreciated

    Kobe Bryant's reprimand of a Twitter follower for a homophobic tweet is a welcome response.

    What we know (sort of, maybe)

    In a season of turmoil, what have we learned about the Lakers?

    Have the Lakers found their groove?

    Shelburne: Too soon to tell if Lakers' resurgent play is for real.

    Dwight Howard or Mike D'Antoni?

    Howard or D'Antoni? The Lakers might have to choose.

    Lakers can learn plenty from Heat

    The Lakers can learn plenty from the Heat's past, but how they respond will be what matters.

    Lakers' season slipping away

    As the losses pile up, it's clear the season is slipping away from the Lakers.

    When the absurd becomes amusing

    With injuries to Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol only their latest obstacles, all the Los Angeles Lakers can do is laugh.

    Lakers still seek right way forward

    As 2012 comes to an end, the Lakers are still searching for the right way forward.

    Lakers' experiment may work yet

    As the Lakers get close to full strength, it's clear this experiment may work after all.

    Lakers are starting over again

    With Steve Nash back on the floor, the season can begin again for L.A.

    As Lakers spiral, bright lights await

    As the Lakers spiral, Kobe Bryant has plenty of hope even with a tough trip to New York next.

    Lakers, Gasol still searching for fit

    The Lakers' big man needs to feel like he belongs.

    Lakers lose, but Kobe stays on point

    After the Lakers' latest loss dropped them to 0-3, Kobe Bryant stayed on point.

    Lakers offer little in opener

    The Lakers usually know how to put in a show, but they offered little in their opening-night loss to the Mavericks.

    Season preview: Los Angeles Lakers

    Los Angeles Lakers' 2012 season preview: Time is not a luxury for this squad; character and experience will drive its success.

    UCLA remembers past, moves ahead

    UCLA honors its basketball tradition through Pauley renovation and John Wooden statue.

    Dwight Howard leaves past behind

    Dwight Howard's debut with the Lakers allowed him to leave his past behind.

    Kobe Bryant isn't holding back

    Kobe Bryant isn't holding back in the twilight of his career.

    Mike Trout: History in the making

    A reflection on Mike Trout's improbable first season.

    What will Ned Colletti become?

    Dodgers GM Ned Colletti is used to restrictions, but that seems to be changing.

    Lakers all in with Steve Nash deal

    Steve Nash's decision to come to the Lakers shows L.A. is still a landing spot.

    Dodgers' issue No. 1: Dee Gordon

    As Dee Gordon goes, so will the Dodgers in the second half.

    Don Mattingly: The manager, the dad

    Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly made being there for his sons a priority.

    A.J. Ellis' patience is an L.A. virtue

    A.J. Ellis' patience at the plate is a virtue for the Dodgers.

    Kings' Cup filled with perseverance

    This Kings team seemed to epitomize the franchise: nothing came easy

    L.A. and Kings, see attachment

    The faces of the Kings range from legendary broadcasters to teenage girls.

    The Matt Kemp-Ryan Braun tie

    Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun are always trying to prove themselves.

    'Unfamiliar territory' for Kobe Bryant

    Can the Lakers win another ring on Kobe's determination alone?

    Paul helps Clippers forget history

    From the moment Chris Paul landed in L.A., things changed for the Clips.

    Kobe Bryant not ready to concede

    Kobe Bryant knows the Thunder's time is coming, but he will not concede.

    Pau Gasol delivers

    Pau Gasol was worth his weight in purple and gold for the Lakers.

    Suspension is a nod to progress

    A seven-game suspension showed the NBA considered World Peace's efforts.

    Kobe gives the Lakers a chance

    As long as No. 24 is in the lineup, L.A. will be in the hunt.

    Lakers need Kobe Bryant at helm

    Despite Lakers' recent success without Kobe Bryant, it's clear they need him.

    We miss you, Vin Scully

    The Dodgers are off to a great start, but there's something missing: Vin Scully.

    Dodgers' best move is to win now

    With the cloud of Frank McCourt lifting, the Dodgers simply need to win.

    Albert Pujols changes Angels' course

    With Albert Pujols, the Angels take on a new identity all around the roster.

    Things are looking up for Dodgers

    Right off the bat, ownership change puts the Dodgers back in elite atmosphere.

    Patrick Cantlay focused on his game

    UCLA's Patrick Cantlay, world's No. 1 amateur, takes focus to Masters.

    Lakers' dominance in West fading

    The Lakers' dominance in the West appears to be slowly fading.

    Magic ends Dodgers' nightmare

    The Dodgers were sold to the one man who could make fans feel good.

    Perceptions matter in Dodgers sale

    When it comes to the sale of the Dodgers, perceptions matter.

    Mitch Kupchak's day of emotions

    Mitch Kupchak brought in a much-needed PG, but it cost the Lakers a leader.

    Same old story for Lakers, Celtics

    Lakers and Celtics meet, and each hopes for one more title run.

    Lakers make case to stick together

    Lakers players want to stick together, but the record might dictate their fate.

    It's Kobe vs. D-Wade (not LeBron)

    If someone is trying to make a pairing, LeBron James is the odd man out.

    Repairing the great disconnect at UCLA

    Bruins need look no further than John Wooden to repair the great disconnect.

    Kobe Bryant is calculated

    On the court or in the court of public opinion, Kobe Bryant has his reasons

    Tough journey for Mo Williams

    Mo Williams finds drive and success despite a career of obstacles.

    Chris Paul forever changed L.A.

    Dec. 8-14 forever changed the futures of the Lakers and Clippers.

    Lakers and Clippers rivals now

    The Lakers and Clippers weren't true rivals ... until Wednesday night.

    Dodgers situation a comedy, drama

    There's a cavalcade of billionaires lining up to buy the Dodgers. Why?

    Will Lakers try for Deron Williams?

    Will the Lakers be players in the Deron Williams stakes?

    Josh Macciello wants the Dodgers

    Josh Macciello is an underdog in his bid to own the Dodgers. Is he for real?

    What's in a name? Just ask the Heat

    Clippers need to win or their "Lob City" nickname may be all that's remembered.

    Frank McCourt has final say in LA

    Remember: Frank McCourt still has final stay over the Dodgers.

    Galaxy must seize their moment

    The Galaxy should seize their moment and re-sign David Beckham.

    Year in, year out in L.A.

    The highs of 2011? There were many. But, boy, does 2012 look even better.

    Kobe Bryant setting tone for Lakers

    For all that has gone wrong in L.A., Bryant isn't waiting for excuses.

    Clippers could be really good

    It may sound weird to say out loud, but these Clippers can be really good.

    Tougher, rougher and more rugged

    The clues have been there, but the fire and physicality of Mike Brown's Lakers were finally realized.

    Jacki Gemelos determined to recover

    A fourth torn ACL isn't enough to discourage Jacki Gemelos' ambitions.

    Clippers still building chemistry

    With Blake Griffin willing to defer the spotlight, the Clippers could make strides.

    Lakers, Clippers draw lines in the sand

    The Clippers may be exciting now, but Kobe's squad isn't relenting its throne.

    Chris Paul trade is all about Blake Griffin

    The Clippers' success in trading for Chris Paul was all about Blake Griffin.

    Clippers, not Lakers, have a clear plan

    However the Chris Paul deal goes in L.A., the Clippers are in a good spot.

    No peaceful transition for Lakers

    Right now, nothing is comfortable about the Lakers' changing culture.

    Pujols signing forever changes Angels

    By acquiring the Albert Pujols, the Angels will never be the same.

    Lakers play out another drama

    L.A. has seen strange days before, but this one had a different script.

    NBA sets a dangerous precedent

    By nixing the Paul-to-L.A. deal, the NBA moves against the big markets.

    Kobe Bryant's input makes sense

    The Lakers would be smart to make sure Kobe Bryant is consulted on any changes.

    Lakers' Andrew Bynum needs to grow

    Height and ability aren't the problem for the Lakers' Andrew Bynum.

    USC, UCLA had defining games

    The Trojans' takedown of the Bruins was a defining moment for both programs.

    Is this Rick Neuheisel's last stand?

    Embattled Bruins coach Neuheisel enters what may be his final game in his dream job.

    Derrick Coleman's story worth hearing

    The bruising Derrick Coleman has been quite able at UCLA.

    Matt Barkley makes voters take notice

    It may be too late, but USC's Matt Barkley is making Heisman voters take notice.

    David Beckham's L.A. story worth telling

    It's been quite a ride, from David Beckham's acquisition to Sunday's MLS Cup

    Kemp's deal not a cover for McCourt

    Matt Kemp's deal was meant to help L.A. add talent, not cut payroll.

    Frank McCourt can still do some good

    It's been a horrible couple of years for McCourt, but he could right some wrongs.

    With new owner, Dodgers need a facelift

    A new Dodgers owner has a chance to update the culture, not just remake it.

    Neuheisel, Chow were without a QB

    Neuheisel and Chow's inability to turn around UCLA could be directly tied to the QB.

    Dodgers fans get last laugh

    Under Frank McCourt's failed ownership, L.A. rallied and took its team back.

    Andrew Luck's legend grows vs. USC

    Despite a big mistake against USC, the legend of Stanford's Andrew Luck grows.

    Carson Palmer's debut with the Raiders, turns out to be not so simple.

    McCourt settlement two years too late

    The McCourts' settlement comes two years too late for the Dodgers.

    Billy Hunter pulls no punches

    Billy Hunter fired back at NBA owners after a players' meeting in Los Angeles.

    Coaching is hereditary for Treseys

    Coaching is hereditary for Joe and Patrick Tresey at UCLA.

    Ned Colletti hopes for big moves

    Promise of young players may mean more payroll flexibility

    Jerry Buss takes the long view

    Jerry Buss and other owners don't figure to play all their cards just yet.

    2011 Dodgers defined themselves

    Dodgers players, not ownership issues, defined this team in 2011.

    Clayton Kershaw has arrived

    Clayton Kershaw has become the cornerstone of the Dodgers.

    MLB tells McCourt enough is enough

    By asking a court to force a Dodgers' sale, baseball made its intentions clear.

    Role players like Ellis change L.A. story

    Role players like A.J. Ellis help change the Dodgers' story in the second half.

    Marc Tyler finding his way

    In his return from suspension, running back USC Marc Tyler takes big step.

    Frustrating reality for Andre Ethier

    An uncertain future with the Dodgers exacerbates the Andre Ethier situation.

    Right owner matters, not the price tag

    Forget the cost the Dodgers; what's important is who is buying.

    Johnathan Franklin is a stand-up act

    A bright spot of the Neuheisel era at UCLA: Johnathan Franklin.

    Los Angeles ♥ the NFL

    The NFL and L.A. split with irreconcilable differences, but now talk of rekindling.

    Candace Parker overcomes pain

    Candace Parker seems to be able to handle anything thrown her way.

    For Dodgers, '09 is a distant memory

    The Dodgers have fallen hard after the promising days of 2009.

    Matter of time for Colletti and Kemp

    Dodgers' Matt Kemp is shining, but his stay in L.A. may not be as clear.

    L.A.'s NFL indecision needs to end

    It's time for L.A. to make a choice about bringing the NFL back to the city.

    Glory in the journey, not the wins

    In L.A., it was a tough year for champions but a banner year for good feelings.

    Bold moves could be L.A.'s calling card

    Dodgers can learn from the small-ball ways Scioscia brought to the Angels.

    McCourt takes Dodgers' name in vain

    By filing for Chapter 11, Frank McCourt has taken the Dodgers' name in vain.

    Don't judge things on colors alone

    Don't judge the U.S.-Mexico Gold Cup on the colors of the fans' jerseys.

    Empty feeling after this draft

    The NBA draft is usually about beginnings, but this year it's different.

    We need a break from cops and lawyers

    L.A. sports news has been muddled with everything except what's on the field.

    Hershiser makes his best pitch

    Could Orel Hershiser be the one to rescue the embattled Dodgers?

    Carrying on John Wooden's legacy

    One year after Wooden's death, Coach's coaches carry on his legacy.

    Lakers must buy into Mike Brown

    Forget fans, schemes and defense. The players will make or break Mike Brown.

    Lakers cut clear path to future

    By hiring Mike Brown, it's clear Jim Buss and the Lakers are moving beyond Phil.

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shows small side

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's recent tantrum reveals a lifetime of insecurity.

    Kobe Bryant entering twilight zone

    Kobe feels he still has elite years to come; so do some observers.

    Reclusive Jim Buss is Lakers' chief

    Reclusive Jim Buss is the most influential man guiding the storied Lakers.

    Kobe Bryant ready for new era

    Kobe Bryant ready to embrace the future in wake of Phil Jackson's departure.

    Tense moments in Lakers' last stand

    The Lakers were surrounded by tense, eager moments in their last stand.

    Phil Jackson deserved better than this

    Phil Jackson certainly deserved a better ending than the Lakers gave him.

    It's just a game to Jackson, Lakers

    Despite the atmosphere of playoff desperation, the Lakers are all smiles.

    Lakers are running on empty

    The Lakers may not have any gas left in the tank for their three-peat.

    Blake Griffin is just getting started

    Clippers phenom Blake Griffin can only get better, and that's a scary thought.

    Lakers and Mavs play nice ... for now

    Both the Lakers and the Mavs were quiet after the surprising Game 1.

    Frank McCourt shows the disconnect

    Frank McCourt speaks passionately, but his disconnect with fans is apparent.

    With a dunk, Kobe reclaims control

    In a thundering flash, with the series in the balance, Kobe took the game back.

    Dodgers begin uncertain future

    Dodgers go into defense mode with Steve Soboroff in a lonely position.

    Dodgers entering new territory

    Dodgers have entered new territory as MLB takes over McCourt's team.

    Lamar Odom's Sixth is his best

    It takes longer to appreciate players and teammates like Lamar Odom.

    Pulling for their fallen friend

    As Giants fan Bryan Stow fights for his life, his friends reflect.

    Dodgers, Giants find solace in boos

    After an exceptional show of unity, the Dodgers and Giants become rivals once again.

    Giants fans sense tension of L.A. visit

    After violent incident, Giants fans expect tense atmosphere for Dodgers series.

    Clippers' Jordan center of attention

    DeAndre Jordan got off to a slow start; now will be will be in the fast lane

    It's all in the details for Matt Kemp

    Doing the little things right goes a long way for Matt Kemp.

    Don Mattingly ready for what's ahead

    Don Mattingly is as prepared as he can be to take over the Dodgers.

    Andre Ethier's words a cry for action

    Andre Ethier's words not a cry for attention as much as a cry for action.

    Jeff Craven enjoys life as a hauler

    Jeff Craven enjoys his life in the background as a NASCAR hauler.

    Ron Artest feeling connected

    The Lakers have learned how to treat Ron Artest and the results are remarkable.

    Angels have power, need production

    Divergent paths of Brandon Wood and Mark Trumbo have Angels scratching their heads.

    Chances running out for these Dodgers

    As free agency looms for the young core, this season is critical for the Dodgers.

    Kevin O'Neill repentant after incident

    Suspended USC coach Kevin O'Neill says he feels terrible over incident.

    Bryant is more valuable than ever

    Kobe Bryant probably won't win MVP, but he might be having his best season yet.

    Cynthia Cooper's No. 44 to be retired

    Cynthia Cooper, a member of the Hall Of Fame, will have her USC jersey retired.

    Clippers advance on road to respect

    The Clippers show confidence in their future with recent moves.

    John Wooden gets the last laugh

    In a poetic farewell, Tyler Trapani puts finishing touch on old Pauley Pavilion.

    Caltech finally has winning equation

    Caltech men's basketball team finally finds solution to perplexing equation.

    Pressure is on Mitch Kupchak

    Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak feels the pressure.

    Blake Griffin promises, then delivers

    Blake Griffin makes promises then delivers stirring effort in dunk contest.

    Phil Jackson suppresses any nostalgia

    Phil Jackson wasn't in a nostalgic mood about his possible last trip to MSG.

    Lakers find their groove in Boston

    It took a little while, but the Lakers may have finally found their groove in Boston.

    Blake Griffin more than just dunks

    Blake Griffin uses the New York stage to show the growth of his game.

    Blake Griffin's All-Star nod is special

    Blake Griffin's All-Star selection shows coaches respect the rookie's hard work.

    Crenshaw's Thomas picks better stage

    Choosing Oregon over USC, DeAnthony Thomas made an emotional decision.

    Celtics playing like the better team now

    The Lakers put in the effort, but the Celtics were the better team Sunday.

    Lakers look to Boston for first big win

    L.A.'s season, so far, is devoid of wins against the top-tier teams.

    Dan Guerrero knows the terrain

    UCLA AD Dan Guerrero understands most will judge him on football team's success.

    UCLA winning the hard way

    Ben Howland has really had to coach this team of no seniors at UCLA.

    Dodging disaster new for Clippers

    The Clippers avoided two injuries with their best players. Is the curse gone?

    Rick Neuheisel's time running out

    Rich Neuheisel talks like he's fighting for his job, a comfortable position for him.

    Dodgers prospect gives back in L.A.

    Dodgers prospect Trayvon Robinson's love of baseball grew up with him in L.A.

    Lakers' little brother grows up

    The Clippers hit back on Sunday with a big win for the maturing franchise.

    Don Mattingly ready for his chance

    Don Mattingly knows there will be adjustments, but he's ready for them.

    Griffin, Gordon form a powerful combo

    Despite not signing LeBron James, the Clippers score big with Blake Griffin.

    Under new ownership

    After a year in which more was lost than gained, L.A. looks to new leaders.

    Lakers take a Christmas vacation

    Lakers fans witnessed an embarrassing effort by a cocky team.

    Lakers take indifferent path

    Not much concerns these Lakers as they take an indifferent path.

    UCLA players prepare for UConn's 89th

    UCLA players insist John Wooden wouldn't have minded UConn tying his milestone.

    Questioning Andrew Bynum? Stop it

    If you ever question Lakers center Andrew Bynum's worth, you can stop.

    Dodgers, Angels think small (market)

    A new reality has the GMs of the Dodgers and Angels thinking small market.

    Settle in for a long winter, Dodgers fans

    No end in sight with Frank and Jamie McCourt's fight over the Dodgers.

    Bruins may be better than advertised

    There may be work to do, but UCLA showed the nation it's on its way back.

    Wendell and Marc Tyler's journey

    Wendell Tyler knows all about obstacles. Now son Marc, at USC, does too.

    Answers are out there for UCLA

    Rick Neuheisel knows the answers are out there for his UCLA Bruins.

    Johnathan Franklin finds his way

    Johnathan Franklin is learning to lead in the midst of his UCLA's struggles.

    Ben Howland takes measured approach

    UCLA coach Ben Howland has reason for excitement, but he'll be careful.

    Clippers keep themselves engaged

    A victory over New Orleans shows the Clippers of what might be very soon.

    UCLA needs to clear hurdles

    Rick Neuheisel talks of challenges, but the Bruins need to produce results.

    Clippers put ball in Eric Gordon's hands

    Eric Gordon earns the Clippers' trust with added aggressiveness.

    Matt Barnes settles in with Lakers

    Matt Barnes find his place after nine seasons of moving around the NBA.

    Lakers' early success is all about team

    Strong team chemistry sets the Lakers up for early optimism.

    Clippers just fine sans Baron Davis

    With Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe, Clippers suddenly look just fine at guard.

    Can Clippers follow Thunder's lead?

    Clippers seek Oklahoma City success by building around their big talent.

    Jeanie Buss talks about life with Lakers

    Lakers executive Jeanie Buss talks about her time as a "Laker Girl."

    Blake Griffin shows promise in debut

    After a breakout debut, patience will be a premium as Blake Griffin matures.

    Blake Griffin is ready to dive in

    Back from an injury that delayed his NBA debut, Blake Griffin aims for the top.

    Lakers focused, not the focus

    With the heat on a certain team in the East, L.A. can stay under the radar.

    Honoring John Wooden's memory again

    John Wooden would have turned 100 Thursday and UCLA threw a party.

    Robinson and Donahue address agents

    Robinson and Donahue candidly address agents and athletes in college football.

    Clippers attempt to change culture

    No more out-of-shape athletes coming to camp. These are the new Clippers.

    Don Mattingly worked his way up

    There are few managers in baseball who work harder than Don Mattingly.

    UCLA's offense already tough to watch

    UCLA's offense is already a frustrating sight to behold.

    Dodgers reward John Lindsey

    Ned Colletti rewarded John Lindsey with a call-up for the right reasons.

    UCLA football embraces change

    Neuheisel and Chow aren't afraid to experiment at UCLA.

    John Lindsey waits for his chance

    Dodgers veteran minor leaguer has spent 16 years waiting for his shot.

    L.A. fell hard for Manny Ramirez

    L.A. fell hard for Manny Ramirez, but disappointment reigned in the end.

    Clayton Kershaw continues emergence

    Clayton Kershaw is always thought of as the future, but he's ready now.

    Bruins have faith in Kevin Prince

    UCLA's success rests on the arm of Kevin Prince, and expectations are high.

    Kenley Jansen thrown for a loop

    It's a pitching change for Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen.

    Joe Torre preaches patience to team

    Still mired in a horrible slump, Joe Torre says emotions can get in the way.

    Bruins are Neuheisel's team now

    UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel gets to begin a year of promise with his own recruits.

    Angels just don't seem to have it

    When looking at the big picture, the Angels just don't seem to have it.

    Dodgers' GM looks for smart buy

    Dodgers' GM Ned Colletti looks for the smart buy.

    Fisher set to begin next Lakers chapter

    Being back in L.A. means the world to veteran point guard Derek Fisher.

    Clippers take a look at Schortsanitis

    Greece's "Baby Shaq" hopes he can make an impression with the Clippers.

    Kobe gets his confidant back

    Derek Fisher's return to the Lakers is a huge relief to his biggest fan: Kobe.

    Angels' Trout a diamond in the rough

    Angels' prospect Mike Trout set to shine in Futures Game.

    Clips try to beat odds with Del Negro

    Vinny Del Negro made it clear he wanted to be a Clipper, and that's a good thing.

    Baron has a message

    Writing from Africa, Baron Davis says the Clippers are on their way up.

    Jackson's exit will be on his terms

    If Phil Jackson decides to leave the Lakers, it will be on his terms.

    Fisher: Jackson exit would change NBA

    Derek Fisher says Jackson's departure would change league, not just Lakers.

    Wooden remembered simply, gracefully

    John Wooden is remembered as he lived, simply and gracefully.

    Torre losing patience with mistakes

    Dodgers manager Joe Torre's patience is wearing thin with this group of players.

    Phil's leaning leaves heads scratching

    Phil Jackson hints he'll retire, and a captive audience is shocked.

    Uncertaintly looms in festive moment

    The party's over and the Lakers have some questions to answer.

    Jackson stands alone, but now what?

    Phil Jackson will mull his future, but most signs point to his staying.

    Kobe wins despite unfamiliar struggle

    Despite his Game 7 struggles, Kobe Bryant finds a way to win.

    'If you lose, it's a nightmare'


    Lakers look to shake '08 memories

    The Lakers did everything they could to brush away memories of '08.

    Crossroad puzzle

    However the season ends for the Lakers, Phil Jackson has a big choice to make.

    NBA Finals still in infancy

    It's too early to tell this Finals' story, other than that it'll be a long one.

    Artest's help sometimes hurts

    Still finding his role in the offense, newcomer Ron Artest lacks a little savvy.

    Lakers' Gasol: Hardened veteran

    It's redemption time for Pau Gasol, a big man contending with unsavory labels.

    Ethier tries to pick up where he left off

    Dodgers' Ethier tries to pick up where he left off.

    More heartbreak for Nash, Suns

    Steve Nash was brilliant again, but in the end it was more heartbreak.

    11 (or 12) seconds or less

    The Suns' offense is no less potent than the old 'shoot everything' days.

    Lopez happy to play on the fringe

    Center Robin Lopez has been an unusual surprise for Phoenix.

    Stoudemire stubborn about defense

    As long as Amare Stoudemire takes defense lightly, Suns figure to wilt.

    Suns may be too classy to beat Lakers

    The Suns lack the nasty side necessary to unseat defending champs.

    Saunders finds way to turn it around

    Joe Saunders picked the right time to have his best outing for the Angels.

    Dodgers keep everyone guessing

    It's clear Dodgers need pitching, but whether that changes is anyone's guess.

    Vitti is Lakers' inside man

    Longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti is the ultimate Lakers inside man.

    Questioning Phil's future

    Phil Jackson is once again answering questions about his uncertain future.

    Kobe's age-old truth: Defense wins

    Kobe Bryant, 31, sacrifices offense and guards the blazing Russell Westbrook.

    Mired in slump, Wood delivers

    Angels' Brandon Wood shakes up slump with a clutch hit.

    Bullpen needs to improve for Angels

    Things are slowly changing for the Angels, but the bullpen is lagging behind.

    Clippers need more accountability

    For the Clippers to change their culture, more accountability is needed.

    Angels need to watch use of Matsui

    Hideki Matsui will do what the Angels need but team should be careful.

    Trade from L.A. still hurts Camby

    Marcus Camby still hurts after his trade from the Clippers but is looking ahead.

    Matsui lets bat answer questions

    The Angels' newest slugger, Hideki Matsui, has a powerful debut.

    In search of Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez, one of the game's best hitters, is one of its biggest mysteries.

    USC's Mays takes criticism in stride

    USC's Taylor Mays has taken all his pre-NFL draft criticism in stride.

    Marathon goes Hollywood after overhaul

    Marathon overhaul has a Hollywood feel, but what about the real L.A.?

    The universal language

    Love of the game connects Dodgers to Taiwanese fans who cherished them.

    Turning patience into power

    For 14 years Bobby Abreu has been one of the game's most disciplined hitters.

    Tough to find fault with Reagins' Angels

    GM Tony Reagins seems pretty content with the Angels, and it's hard to disagree.

    Kendrick ready for a fresh start

    Angels' Howie Kendrick learned plenty of lessons from his 2009 demotion.

    Fuentes not looking over shoulder

    Angels closer Brian Fuentes won't be looking over his shoulder this season.

    Postponed dreams

    After four injury-filled years of waiting to play for USC, Jacki Gemelos is back.

    Fisher's value can't be measured

    Derek Fisher may be getting older, but his value to the Lakers is still high.

    Clippers want a summer splash

    Clippers are preparing to make a run at the elite 2010 free-agent class.

    Clippers make attractive trade bait

    The Clippers are attractive trade bait as a team with a lot of needs.

    USC winning on love for the game

    Without a chance to enter tournament play USC is winning regardless.

    Moment has arrived for Clippers

    With these latest trades, the big moment is finally here for the Clippers.

    Johnson hits amazing heights at USC

    Extreme dunker Marcus Johnson makes feats of flight a common occurrence at USC.

    Quick trip 'unforgettable' for Johnson

    The Kings' Jack Johnson moved mountains for the opening ceremony.

    Watley leaving a softball legacy

    Natasha Watley is doing her part of leave a legacy in softball.

    It's on the players now

    Clippers' success this year is up to the players now.

    Hard work not always enough

    As hard as he worked, Mike Dunleavy could not fix the Clippers.

    UCLA shows its hunger for success

    By changing its tactics, UCLA hauls in one of its best recruting classes in years.

    Grooves part and parcel of larger issue

    One thing has been abundantly clear over the past week: Phil Mickelson doesn't like the new grooves rule. However, the world's No. 2-ranked player feels it's not just this rule, but how golf's governing bodies handle the entire rule-making process, that needs to change, writes ESPNLosAngeles.com's Ramona Shelburne.

    UCLA recruit Jones talks a good game

    UCLA football recruit Malcolm Jones turns into quite a recruiter himself.

    The trade that changed the NBA

    The balance of power shifted when Kupchak was able to add Pau Gasol.

    Neuheisel sees his opening

    Rick Neuheisel's experiences as a walk-on have shaped his life as a coach.

    UCLA, USC are tough to figure

    The men's basketball teams at UCLA and USC remain difficult to figure out.

    A star is born

    UCLA walk-on Mustafa Abdul-Hamid becomes a star with one shot.

    USC hands UCLA historic loss

    USC's basketball team shows it isn't letting sanctions stop it by routing UCLA.

    Clippers are stargazing

    The free-agent class is ripe with elite players, and the Clips are in a position.

    They love him infinity

    Reeves Nelson, UCLA's freshman center, has a cult following among the student body because of his tenacious play and eclectic mix of body art.

    Chow's choice: Score one for UCLA

    When it comes to Norm Chow's decision, score one for Rick Neuheisel and UCLA.

    How USC went from Carroll to Kiffin

    From Carroll to Kiffin, Troy wasn't rebuilt in a day -- it was more like six.

    Who's next to coach USC?

    With Pete Carroll headed out the door, who will replace him at USC?

    Despite sanctions, USC basketball tries to persevere

    USC basketball tries to persevere in the wake of self-imposed sanctions.

    Carroll has been the perfect fit for L.A.

    Pete Carroll has been a good fit at USC since the day he arrived.

    Real Baron Davis stands up

    Baron Davis on Wednesday was the guy the Clippers thought they were getting.

    Give him a call

    The Clippers' Eric Gordon would love a little respect from the referees.

    Going from good to great

    Andrew Bynum has developed quickly for the Lakers but has a long way to go.

    Nothing comes simply for Dragovic

    UCLA's Nikola Dragovic continues down the hard road, Ramona Shelburne writes.

    Hungry for the chance

    USC basketball's band of "nobodies" is eager to prove they're for real.

    Bruins back on track

    The Bruins hope an EagleBank Bowl appearance is just the beginning.

    Work left to do

    The NFL may come calling again soon, but Norm Chow wants to finish what he has started in Westwood.

    Davis' buzzer-beater so much more

    Baron Davis' first meaningful moment as a Clipper was worth the wait.

    Jackson experiments with Lakers' lineup

    Phil Jackson keeps the Lakers on their toes with constant lineup tweaks.

    Strange days, indeed, for Howland

    UCLA's sudden and precipitous decline is leaving Ben Howland sleepless.