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Showtime is only a memory

L.A. couldn't contain Jeremy Lin and it leads to a lot of head-scratching.

Lakers should wait 'til next year

Lakers should start looking ahead to next season and cast an eye toward Garnett.

Kobe Bryant keeps it simple

Though the Lakers could be about to spiral, Kobe Bryant remains focused.

Derek Fisher, union must get deal done

Allegations of disloyalty aside, union president Derek Fisher has a job to do.

The 11th hour of NBA talks has arrived

It's time for both sides of the NBA lockout to give in a little.

Players need to explain their position

It's not enough for players to tweet; they need to explain themselves to fans.

What are Kobe Bryant's priorities?

Kobe Bryant must show the NBA's health trumps an overseas payday.

Owners hold the keys in the lockout

NBA players must recognize the power of the owners' leverage in the lockout.

Kobe must be a leader during lockout

Kobe Bryant needs to step up and be a leader to help end the lockout.

Lakers need to keep Kobe Bryant home

Regardless of Kobe Bryant's feelings, the Lakers must keep him at home.

MLB shares blame in McCourt debacle

Frank McCourt is a deplorable owner, but MLB's role in the mess bears repeating.

We already miss you big time, Shaq

After 19 seasons, Shaq is gone and his big shoes will never be filled.

Mike Brown has a challenge ahead

An aging Kobe, the Pau/Bynum problem and Ron Artest all face Mike Brown.

Lakers' size a problem for Mavs

The Lakers can't take any games off against this hungry Dallas squad.

Pau Gasol gets wake-up call

Pau Gasol needs to heed this wake-up call if the Lakers are to three-peat.

Lakers' biggest challenge waits in East

Rest of the West isn't as intimidating as Boston, Chicago and Miami.

Lakers bench: Ready for playoffs?

With Kobe almost going down against Dallas, what will the Lakers do if they lose anybody?

Kobe Bryant left with big burden

When it counted, against a star-studded cast rendered helpless against size, length and heart all season, neither Lakers big man showed up, especially on defense. Ultimately, they left Bryant all alone.

Watch out, L.A.: Contenders are coming

Lakers no longer have aura of invincibility, and the contenders are coming.

L.A. fans shouldn't panic

The Lakers have been so good for so long, L.A. fans are rarely satisfied.