Tony Jackson

  • Joined in 2010
  • Covered the Dodgers for the Los Angeles Daily News for more than five seasons
  • Has covered Major League Baseball on a regular basis for 15 years in Denver, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

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  • Time passes as everyone waits for Chad Billingsley to leap forward.

    Sky never fell with Kemp on DL

    Abreu and strong pitching have helped L.A. withstand key injuries.

    Stan Kasten finding his way

    As Dodgers move on, they seem to be in good hands with Stan Kasten.

    Dodgers should enjoy their fast start

    The Dodgers are off to a fast start, but now the key is showing staying power.

    New attitude helping Andre Ethier

    Healthy and on the verge of a big contract, Andre Ethier is in top form.

    Josh Lindblom is story on first day

    In a long season of storylines, Josh Lindblom draws first blood for Dodgers.

    A year later, Don Mattingly seems to be proving the doubters wrong.

    Angels arrive; Dodgers need directions

    Arte Moreno shocks L.A. and the baseball world on an early December morning.

    No MVP, but Matt Kemp breaks out

    Though he didn't win the MVP, 2011 was still a springboard year for Matt Kemp.

    Have we seen Clayton Kershaw's best?

    Clayton Kershaw has already set a high bar for himself -- what's next?

    Sale of Dodgers a complicated process

    Fans shouldn't expect a deal to sell the Dodgers any time soon.

    Dodgers have many offseason issues

    The Dodgers have plenty of offseason issues, but a big bat remains No. 1.

    Dodgers' real work begins now

    The real work for the Dodgers -- their management, that is -- begins now.

    Hiroki Kuroda's return still uncertain

    The question of Hiroki Kuroda's return to the Dodgers remains a mystery.

    Majestic season for Matt Kemp

    Matt Kemp's season has been majestic not matter how it finishes up.

    Clayton Kershaw can enjoy moments

    Now that his season is over, Clayton Kershaw can enjoy the many moments.

    Matt Kemp enjoys his success

    Matt Kemp is relishing playing on the brink of baseball history.

    Matt Kemp makes his MVP push

    Matt Kemp is making an MVP push, but the issue is more complex that it seems.

    Dodgers' pitching should be a priority

    If Hiroki Kuroda doesn't return, the Dodgers' rotation will certainly suffer .

    Clayton Kershaw silences the debate

    Clayton Kershaw silences the debate about who should win the Cy Young.

    Dodgers' future looks bright after all

    With young talent stepping up, the future of the Dodgers still looks bright.

    Loney's future with Dodgers brightens

    After struggling for much of the year, James Loney has turned things around.

    Dodgers glimpse Tim Federowicz

    As the Dodgers look to the future, catcher Tim Federowicz is in their sights.

    Clayton Kershaw has started something

    Clayton Kershaw's ejection for hitting Gerardo Parra won't soon be forgotten.

    Consistency is Chad Billingsley's issue

    Dodgers are still waiting to see Chad Billingsley make that climb to the top.

    Dodgers losing another good man

    The departure of executive Josh Rawitch is another blow to the Dodgers.

    Dodgers still attention worthy

    As season winds down, Dodgers give reason to pay attention to them.

    Clayton Kershaw continues to convince

    By beating Lincecum for the third time, Kershaw is a real Cy Young contender.

    Uncertainty passes for Jamey Carroll

    As the trading deadline passed, the Dodgers retained Jamey Carroll.

    Andre Ethier enjoys grand turnaround

    Since his lecture on Sunday, Andre Ethier has been rolling at the plate.

    Clayton Kershaw is award worthy

    Clayton Kershaw is continuing down the path of being award worthy

    Andre Ethier brings back attention

    Andre Ethier has brought on the attention again, but what's his ultimate plan?

    Dodgers may be better than advertised

    A recent offensive surge makes the Dodgers' struggles hard to swallow.

    'Love of people' brings Vin Scully back

    'Love of people' brings Vin Scully back to call Dodgers games next year.

    For Dodgers, there's always next season

    What's left to play for? For the Dodgers, it's all about evaluation.

    Sellers a good buy for Dodgers fans

    Justin Sellers hit his first home run in only his third game in the bigs.

    Matt Kemp's shot at 40/40 a long one

    Matt Kemp's season for the ages likely won't reach exclusive 40/40 club.

    Dodgers' farm system worth watching

    Logan White says Dodgers' farm system is worth paying attention to.

    Bad Dodgers can still be fun

    Sometimes the really bad teams -- in this case the Dodgers -- are the most fun.

    Ted Lilly impresses but still loses

    This is the Ted Lilly the Dodgers hoped to have had all season.

    Dodgers simply outclassed by Phillies

    They put up a good fight, but the Dodgers are ultimately outclassed by the Phillies.

    Dodgers can't afford get-away hiccups

    In a season as frustrating as this, a 4-2 trip means little for Dodgers.

    Chad Billingsley does it his way

    The Dodgers starter, sometimes tough to figure, reaches 10 wins again.

    Clayton Kershaw: The stuff of legend?

    Where does Clayton Kershaw stand among Dodgers pitching greats?

    James Loney's future in L.A. at risk

    Once the cornerstone of the Dodgers' future, James Loney's future is in doubt.

    Kershaw brimming with confidence

    Clayton Kershaw can now throw any pitch at any time with proficiency.

    Dodgers try to stay focused

    L.A. will be challenged to play hard without a workhorse like Rafael Furcal.

    Rafael Furcal will remain memorable

    As Rafael Furcal readies to leave L.A., it's difficult to downplay his impact.

    Hiroki Kuroda's future still murky

    Hiroki Kuroda's time with the Dodgers has been filled with ups and downs.

    Clayton Kershaw makes like Fernando

    Clayton Kershaw does his best Fernando Valenzuala impression in victory.

    Dodgers take break from reality

    Chad Billingsley's performance vs. the Nats was something to celebrate.

    Hiroki Kuroda downplays distractions

    If Hiroki Kuroda is being consumed by trade thoughts, he's not admitting it

    Different July for Ned Colletti

    The trade deadline will have a different feel for Ned Colletti this time around.

    Clayton Kershaw is now among the elite

    No longer an up-and-comer, Clayton Kershaw is now among MLB's best.

    De La Rosa slowly making his mark

    The Dodgers are taking the long view on young right-hander Rubby De La Rosa.

    Dodgers reach a new low

    When Giants fans cease to care, it's possible L.A. has hit rock bottom.

    Dodgers can't shake reality

    The Dodgers' woeful offense has returned at the worst possible time.

    Hiroki Kuroda has big decisions ahead

    With trade deadline looming, Hiroki Kuroda has some big decisions to make.

    Matt Kemp continues his tear

    Matt Kemp continued his tear and is showing staying power in MVP race.

    Don't turn away from the Dodgers

    While the playoffs are unlikely, there are reasons to watch the Dodgers.

    Kemp's Derby doesn't do him justice

    Matt Kemp's last-place finish at the Home Run Derby doesn't do him justice.

    Dodgers make it work on this day

    In victory, Dodgers salvage some light on a day of mostly more doom and gloom.

    Chad Billingsley blossoms in own way

    Chad Billingsley may not like the spotlight, but he's still blossoming.

    Dodgers players take accountability

    Dodgers hope a players-only meeting is a springboard to more winning.

    Dodgers are out of options

    The Dodgers don't have enough talent to overcome Andre Ethier's absence.

    De La Rosa shows flashes of brilliance

    Rubby De La Rosa showed flashes of brilliance the Dodgers should retain.

    Can the Dodgers be the Dodgers again?

    When will the Dodgers be the Dodgers again?

    Rafael Furcal plays baseball one way

    The often-injured shortstop Rafael Furcal doesn't know how to slow down.

    Dee Gordon ready for next move

    Dee Gordon figures to be sent down, but his maturity helps him handle anything.

    Hiroki Kuroda is right on target

    Hiroki Kuroda showcases his stuff and is finally rewarded with a victory.

    Rubby De La Rosa gets zilch for effort

    In a season of frustration, Dodgers' De La Rosa gets zilch for his effort

    Runners know something Lilly doesn't

    Falling victim to stolen bases has plagued Dodgers pitcher Ted Lilly lately.

    Dodgers' offense cashes in

    Unlike the Dodgers' ownership, L.A.'s offense cashed in on Monday.

    Dodgers play a game to remember

    If you toss out the records, the Dodgers' win over the Angels was a classic.

    Dodgers losing grip on season

    They won't admit it, but the Dodgers are slowly losing their grip on the season.

    Clutch hitting not Dodgers' strength

    Hitting in the clutch still isn't something the Dodgers have learned to do.

    Matt Kemp's an All-Star lock

    Matt Kemp is an All-Star lock, but for other Dodgers it could get dicey.

    Hong-Chih Kuo returns successfully

    Hong-Chih Kuo returns successfully from the yips, and the Dodgers like it.

    It's time for Frank McCourt to step down

    Each day McCourt stays as Dodgers owner only postpones the inevitable.

    Dodgers should hand keys to the kids

    With a season on the brink, it's time for the Dodgers to think about youth.

    Don Mattingly reaching breaking point

    Even mild-mannered Don Mattingly seems to be reaching his breaking point.

    Lack of patience derails Dodgers

    Dodgers aren't helping themselves with a lack of patience at the plate.

    Dodgers mull their trade possibilities

    With so many issues, will the Dodgers be a buyer or seller at trade deadline?

    Dee Gordon worthy of a second look

    Dee Gordon is quickly showing that he's always worthy of a second look.

    Dee Gordon anything but routine

    He's sometimes erratic and out of control, but Dee Gordon is always electrifying.

    Dodgers return home unscathed

    After a break-even road trip, L.A. is better now than when it left .

    Dodgers need these backups to start

    Blake and Uribe may be the veterans, but Miles and Carroll should be playing.

    Chad Billingsley struggles at Coors

    Chad Billingsley still can't seem to find a way to win at Coors Field.

    Don Mattingly learning on the job

    Don Mattingly finds that learning on the job is the only way to get better.

    Dodgers' offense needs to prove itself

    The Dodgers need to beat a quality pitcher to justify their recent uptick.

    Young Dodgers fitting in nicely

    Dee Gordon and Rubby De La Rosa are starting their careers on the right track.

    Classy Carroll asked to step aside, again

    As Jamey Carroll knows, sometimes taking one for the team means sitting.

    Dodgers' offense prepares for test

    The Dodgers will have something to be proud of if they can hit against Philadelphia.

    Matt Kemp has found himself

    Matt Kemp has been searching, but he seems to have finally found himself.

    Injuries continue to mount for Dodgers

    Again the Dodgers lost Rafael Furcal to injury, leaving them punchless.

    Tom Schieffer is cryptic and transparent

    MLB-appointed monitor Tom Schieffer proves he can be cryptic, transparent

    Ted Lilly finds path to success

    Ted Lilly uses guile, competitiveness to fuel success on the mound.

    Andre Ethier looking for balance

    Andre Ethier lost his way while on his hit streak, but he's almost back on track.

    Are the Dodgers turning a corner?

    After a dominant win over the Marlins, there may be signs of life in Dodgertown.

    Once again, Dodgers' offense falls flat

    Don Mattingly plays "what-if" game, but maybe the Dodgers just aren't good.

    James Loney continues quiet climb

    James Loney is slowly battling his way back to being a productive hitter.

    Dodgers' forgettable offense persists

    One thing that hasn't been memorable for the Dodgers is their offense.

    Rubby De La Rosa is rock solid

    Rubby De La Rosa sure doesn't pitch or behave the way a rookie should.

    How bad can it get for the Dodgers?

    The Dodgers' ninth-inning loss to the Astros proved things can get worse.

    Dodgers looking for reason to believe

    With so much negativity around the team, the Dodgers' outlook looks bleak.

    Dodgers really need Rafael Furcal

    Rafael Furcal's return is something the Dodgers could really use right now.

    Russell Mitchell delivers for Dodgers

    Russell Mitchell's homer is just what the Dodgers needed, but his time could be up

    Lance Cormier not properly equipped

    The Dodgers need to do a better job of getting reliever Lance Cormier into mix.

    Matt Kemp seems tuned in now

    Matt Kemp has a different approach in 2011 and it's creating more success.

    Dodgers' lineup in need of repair

    The Dodgers' lineup, with hitters slumping at the same time, badly needs help.

    Dodgers sacrifice a win

    By choosing to give up an out for a base, L.A. lost a close game to Arizona.

    Clayton Kershaw delivers another gem

    Clayton Kershaw logs his third straight win with decision over the D-Backs.

    Steve Blass relates to Hong-Chih Kuo

    If anyone knows what Hong-Chih Kuo is feeling, it's probably Steve Blass.

    Dodgers press on without Kuo

    All the Dodgers can do is press on without All-Star Hong-Chih Kuo.

    Carroll, Miles hold down Dodgers' fort

    Jamey Carroll and Aaron Miles are holding down the Dodgers' fort.

    Dodgers seething after blown call

    An umpire's blown call in Pittsburgh leaves the Dodgers seething after loss.

    Vicente Padilla steps in as closer

    Don Mattingly warms to the idea of keeping Vicente Padilla as his closer.

    Andre Ethier more upset by loss

    Andre Ethier's streak is history, but team's struggles bother him more.

    Contrasting images during hit streak

    As Andre Ethier keeps hitting, the Dodgers seem headed the other way.

    Dodgers not driven by distractions

    Off-field distractions could take pressure off Dodgers.

    Injury issues mounting for Dodgers

    Continuing injury issues are reaching a serious level for the Dodgers.

    Jonathan Broxton may lose closer role

    A day after Jonathan Broxton appeared to regain his form, he may have lost his job.

    Hong-Chih Kuo not ready for prime time

    Hong-Chih Kuo struggled mightily in his return from the disabled list on Sunday.

    Andre Ethier keeps streak on the level

    When it comes to his hit streak, Andre Ethier keeps the drama at bay.

    Frank McCourt shows no fear

    Frank McCourt refuses to show any fear when it comes to the Dodgers' situation.

    Andre Ethier riding the momentum

    Andre Ethier is perfectly content riding the momentum of his hitting streak.

    Clayton Kershaw gets little support

    Clayton Kershaw can't do enough to win as offense gives him little support.

    Broxton victim of another adventure

    Jonathan Broxton blows his first save of the season, but he's been shaky all year.

    Schieffer experienced in leading teams

    The report on Tom Schieffer is he strikes a balance between hands-on and allowing folks to thrive.

    Dodgers playing a hair better

    The Dodgers have been on a roll ever since Don Mattingly lost his razor.

    Encouraging signs in Dodgers' bullpen

    Despite losing to the Cubs, you can still feel good about the Dodgers' bullpen.

    Dodgers resolved to avoid distractions

    The Dodgers' players seem to be focusing entirely on the business of winning.

    Dodgers offense needs some help

    The top of the order is fine, but the rest of the Dodgers can't seem to score.

    Jerry Sands' debut gives Dodgers a lift

    For one night at least, Jerry Sands makes Dodgers forget their troubles.

    Matt Kemp helps Dodgers feel good

    Matt Kemp makes Dodgers feel good, but there's still plenty of issues.

    Clayton Kershaw needs consistency

    Still trying to be the Dodgers' ace, Kershaw's lack of consistency hurts.

    Dodgers fall short in many ways

    Even on Jackie Robinson Day, Dodgers fall short in a number of ways.

    Subdued fans watch lethargic Dodgers

    A thin Dodger Stadium crowd saw increased police and a lethargic team.

    Production issue apparent for Dodgers

    Dodgers are showing in the early going they aren't a comeback team.

    Chad Billingsley struggles with lead

    Say what you will, but Chad Billingsley can't seem to pitch with a lead.

    Matt Kemp should hit first

    With Rafael Furcal injured, perhaps Matt Kemp could lead off for the Dodgers.

    Hiroki Kuroda delivers for Dodgers

    Yes it's early, but the Dodgers need exactly what Hiroki Kuroda gave them.

    Ted Lilly's competitiveness comes out

    Ted Lilly may not be imposing, but his competitiveness is hard to match.

    Tony Gwynn Jr. fitting in with Dodgers

    Dodger outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. is happily finding his role with his new team.

    Dodgers' offense raises concerns

    Jeff Pentland admits some concern over Dodgers' offense but isn't about to panic.

    Dodgers' road trip has sights to see

    After beating the Giants, the Dodgers leave town for an early-season test.

    Kenley Jansen pitches poorly in loss

    Sure, Kenley Jansen didn't look good, but no one is about to panic just yet

    Dodgers are off and running

    The Dodgers are off and running, and Davey Lopes should get the credit.

    Clayton Kershaw's rise may just stick

    Clayton Kershaw's rise to the elite might just stick this time around.

    Dodgers seem to be in this together

    Don Mattingly sets Dodgers' focus on playing with purpose.

    Davey Lopes has Dodgers on the run

    Davey Lopes, hired to fix the Dodgers' run game, is a blast from the 'paths.

    Dee Gordon has the Dodgers talking

    Speedy Dodgers prospect Dee Gordon is the one they're all talking about.

    Tony Gwynn Jr. tries to be everyday guy

    Tony Gwynn Jr. tries to seize everyday opportunity with the Dodgers.

    Dodgers could use a quiet spring

    After many distractions, a quiet spring could be just what the Dodgers need.

    Grading the Dodgers offseason

    Dodgers figure to be better in 2011, but will it be good enough?

    L.A. stockpiles options to give vets rest

    Dodgers stockpile options to give Furcal and Blake rest when needed.

    Dodgers need young core to rebound

    Dodgers need what's left of their young core to rebound in 2011.

    Can Jonathan Broxton close it out?

    Dodgers closing job is Jonathan Broxton's -- for now. But what's Plan B?

    Dodgers' outfield a question mark

    If Gwynn Jr. picks up his offense, the Dodgers' outfield could shuffle.

    Davey Lopes' return a boost for Dodgers

    Davey Lopes' return gives Dodgers an emotional, experienced boost.

    Don Mattingly gets experience in AFL

    Dodgers manager Don Mattingly learns on the job in Arizona Fall League.

    Ivan De Jesus Jr.'s offense ready

    The Dodgers' Ivan De Jesus Jr. has had a stellar showing in the Arizona Fall League.

    Pitcher, left fielder top Dodgers' wish list

    The Dodgers should have room to move during free agency, but how much?

    11 questions for the '11 Dodgers

    11 for '11: Big questions facing the Dodgers for next season.

    L.A.'s offseason should be interesting

    The Dodgers have to answer many questions heading into 2011.

    Brad Ausmus at ease as manager

    Brad Ausmus looked comfortable managing the Dodgers for the night.

    Dodgers want more of this Matt Kemp

    Don Mattingly will soon talk to Matt Kemp about what he wants from him next year.

    Kenley Jansen continues to grow

    Kenley Jansen's development took another giant step in Denver.

    Lilly redeems himself with Coors win

    With a chance to redeem himself, Ted Lilly takes full advantage of it.

    Bullpen collapse an unexpected issue

    The collapse of the bullpen remains an area that surprises Dodgers.

    Kershaw reaches 200-inning milestone

    The Dodgers have taken the reins off their ace-in-waiting Kershaw.

    Questioning Kuroda's return

    One of the biggest questions facing the Dodgers is bringing back Kuroda.

    Another meek finish for Dodgers

    Quit might be too strong a word, but the Dodgers certainly seem listless.

    Dodgers' debacle hard to figure

    With the Dodgers' official exit secure, it's time to reflect on why it happened.

    Dodgers are finally looking alive

    Despite the standings, the Dodgers are finally starting to look alive.

    A.J. Ellis drives the point home

    A.J. Ellis' game-winning hit for the Dodgers is a product of hard work.

    Dodgers want the other John Ely

    The Dodgers wonder where the other John Ely went.

    Time for a 'younger voice'

    Dodgers manager Joe Torre's calm demeanor didn't work for L.A. in 2010.

    Dodgers retreat as Giants progress

    Ted Lilly's recent dropoff is emblematic of the Dodgers' crumbling season.

    Landmark victory for Clayton Kershaw

    Clayton Kershaw's first complete game shows just how far he has come along.

    Ramon Troncoso's issues surface

    Ramon Troncoso finally had his pitching issues this season bubble to the surface.

    Kenley Jansen looking like a closer

    Kenley Jansen could fit in well at the back end of the Dodgers bullpen.

    Jay Gibbons holds stellar audition

    Out of the majors since 2007, Jay Gibbons belongs back in the league.

    Different city, same story for Ted Lilly

    Dodgers pitcher Ted Lilly once again finds himself struggling to log more wins.

    Dodgers are at a crossroads

    The Dodgers are at a crossroads: How will they finish this disappointing season?

    Clayton Kershaw enters new territory

    Despite tough-luck losses, Clayton Kershaw just keeps getting stronger.

    Dodgers again fail to answer call

    With opportunity knocking again, the Dodgers won't answer the door.

    Run support scarce for Hiroki Kuroda

    With the lack of run support, who would blame Hiroki Kuroda for leaving?

    Jonathan Broxton blows another save

    Former Dodgers closer Broxton reminds fans why he lost the closer job.

    Billingsley emerging as Dodgers' ace

    Chad Billingsley is emerging as the ace the Dodgers hoped he would be.

    Dodgers can now relax and play ball

    With Manny gone, so are his big bat and the attention that comes with it.

    Matt Kemp's baserunning needs work

    Matt Kemp is many things, but a talented baserunner isn't one of them.

    Carlos Monasterios makes early exit

    Carlos Monasterios was yanked early in a fill-in role for Vicente Padilla.

    No-hitter eludes Hiroki Kuroda

    Hiroki Kuroda doesn't lament lost no-hitter in wake of Dodgers' victory.

    Manny Ramirez no longer fit in NL

    Simply put, Manny Ramirez's departure happened because he no longer fit in NL.

    Manny Ramirez's L.A. era ends quietly

    Manny Ramirez simply was never the same player after his 2009 suspension.

    Dodgers hit skids against Rockies

    The Dodgers' loss to the Rockies stuns a team close to finding its stride.

    'In Beard We Trust'

    Joe Torre's faith in Casey Blake paid off with a grand slam against the Rockies

    Dodgers suddenly contenders

    After sweeping the Brewers, the Dodgers have re-entered the wild-card race.

    Manny Ramirez changes things up

    Amid reports of waivers, Manny Ramirez still finds a way to have an impact.

    Rod Barajas gets noticed in Dodger blue

    Rod Barajas remarkably goes 3-for-5 with a three-run home run on Tuesday.

    Casey Blake says to just relax

    In a season when veteran leadership has lacked, Casey Blake tries to step up.

    Manny Ramirez's presence helps

    Manny Ramirez didn't do anything at the plate, but his return still sparks Dodgers.

    Dodgers need Manny Ramirez now

    There's no good reason for the Dodgers to wait on activating Manny Ramirez.

    Dodgers didn't settle for Ted Lilly

    Ted Lilly's shutout proves the Dodgers didn't settle in acquiring him.

    Octavio Dotel's implosion costs Dodgers

    Octavio Dotel's implosion against the Rockies costs Dodgers in 10th.

    L.A. needs an exterminator

    Whatever has infested the Dodgers' locker room needs to be eliminated fast.

    Hong-Chih Kuo closes but will it last?

    Hong-Chih Kuo closes one for the Dodgers, but will that role last?

    Little support for Hiroki Kuroda

    Hiroki Kuroda watches another gem wasted as Dodgers show little support.

    Broxton's position in question after loss

    Jonathan Broxton's job isn't as secure as it once was after his fifth blown save.

    Dodgers' offense grinds to a halt

    The Dodgers hope their latest offense setback is merely temporary.

    Dodgers' bats come alive

    The Dodgers' offensive acquisitions have helped their recent surge in scoring.

    Dodgers not out of race yet

    With a scrappy offense and five solid starters, the Dodgers still have a chance.

    Hiroki Kuroda delivers for Dodgers

    Hiroki Kuroda didn't get the win, but his effort is just what the Dodgers needed.

    Dodgers' interest in Adam Dunn unclear

    Adam Dunn would be a welcome addition to the Dodgers, but is it worth it?

    Missed opportunities plague Dodgers

    The Dodgers missed a golden opportunity against the division-leading Padres.

    Vicente Padilla makes case to stay

    Vicente Padilla has been magnificent for the Dodgers since returning from the DL.

    Ted Lilly tosses gem in Dodgers debut

    Ted Lilly settles down to toss a gem, though he didn't get to finish it off.

    Dodgers' bats undermine mound

    The Giants sweep the Dodgers thanks to a lifeless LA offense.

    Broxton's problems painfully persist

    Jonathan Broxton blows another game and no one can explain why.

    Dodgers feel good, though not great

    Dodgers feel good about their deadline moves … but not great.

    Dodgers show life but still fall short

    The Dodgers show some life with a rally, but can they build on it now?

    Offense lets down Dodgers again

    Dodgers better hope they can figure out their offensive woes quickly.

    Mattingly addresses slumping offense

    Don Mattingly says the Dodgers need to get back to basics to shake slump.

    Ailing Ethier rescues Dodgers

    Andre Ethier, despite feeling ill, pinch-hit for much-needed runs in a crucial game.

    Dodgers need every reliever in victory

    Dodgers need every bit of their bullpen to beat the Mets on this day.

    Dodgers still in need of relief

    When it comes to quality relief, the Dodgers keep falling far short.

    Kuroda's effort comes at a good time

    Hiroki Kuroda's effort couldn't have come at a better time for the Dodgers.

    Crazy finish for struggling Dodgers

    The last thing the Dodgers needed was to blow a 5-1 lead to the Giants.

    Winning tough without runs

    The Dodgers still struggle to get men in scoring position across the plate.

    Broxton left holding check

    Jonathan Broxton blows his first save opportunity since the All-Star Game.

    Doldrums continue in St. Louis

    No matter what they seem to try, Dodgers can't solve St. Louis issue.

    Billingsley rocked but undaunted

    Chad Billingsley was roughed up, but he doesn't think he pitched badly.

    Kershaw can't explain his struggles

    Clayton Kershaw can't explain struggles, but he knows it wasn't too much rest.

    Broxton saves the day for NL

    This time, with the bright lights shining, Jonathan Broxton comes through.

    Either inspired by adversity

    Dodgers All-Star Andre Ethier thrives when the chips appear to be down.

    Dodgers midseason report card

    The Dodgers are one trade away from winning their division in a tight race.

    So close to perfection

    Vicente Padilla had no idea he was pitching a no-hitter until he gave up a hit.

    Nothing's certain for Dodgers' Ely

    Nothing's certain for young Dodgers pitcher John Ely.

    Kershaw maintains uncanny stability

    Clayton Kershaw continues to improve at an unusually steady pace.

    Johnson's pitching baffles Dodgers

    The Marlins' Josh Johnson showed the Dodgers what an ace looks like.

    Masterful on the mound

    With his nerve problem corrected, Vicente Padilla is having a career year.

    Kemp steps out of the doghouse

    Matt Kemp's actions on Tuesday could put him back in the Dodgers' good graces.

    Billingsley's return well-timed

    Chad Billingsley had a triumpant and well-timed return from the DL.

    Dodgers suffer lesson in humility

    Sunday's loss against the Yanks underscores work L.A. has yet to do.

    Dodgers feeling good about offense

    Doing well against the Yankees helps the Dodgers feel good on offense.

    Padilla steps up, but Dodgers lose

    Vicente Padilla steps up against Yankees, but Dodgers need this always.

    Dodgers really needed this victory

    With the Yankees in town, the Dodgers get a victory they sorely needed.

    Dodgers succumb to the inevitable

    The Dodgers flirted with beating the Angels, but then the inevitable took over.

    Kuroda consistent despite loss

    Despite the 6-5 record, Hiroki Kuroda is the Dodgers' most consistent pitcher.

    Dodgers still look lost in AL games

    In a loss at Boston, the Dodgers once again show their interleague ineptitude.

    Fair or not, weekend is about Manny

    For better or worse, the weekend series in Boston is all about Manny.

    Back to reality for Ely

    The magic wears off a bit for the Dodgers' John Ely.

    Kershaw pitching like an ace

    Joe Torre won't label him yet, but Clayton Kershaw is pitching like an ace.

    Furcal has finally gotten rid of the rust

    The Dodgers' Rafael Furcal shows he's finally feeling like his old self.

    Interleague ineptitude haunts Dodgers

    The Dodgers can't seem to get past their hangups against the American League.

    Monasterios comes up short vs. Angels


    Ely's fairy-tale season takes detour

    John Ely's fairy-tale season takes a sudden detour for the Dodgers.

    Billingsley rocked, but he won't panic

    Chad Billingsley gives up seven runs to Angels, but he's not in panic mode.

    Amid turmoil, Dodgers playing well

    Amid all the turmoil, it turns out the Dodgers are a pretty good team.

    Kuroda draws a blank at perfect time

    Kuroda draws a blank at perfect time for Dodgers.

    Torre's confidence in DeWitt pays off

    Assured his spot is secure, Blake DeWitt breaks into hitting streak

    Now playing the role of hero: A.J. Ellis

    Extra-innings walk-off: A.J. Ellis comes through for the Dodgers.

    Dodgers' bullpen has rare off night

    Dodgers hoping this rare off night for the bullpen is an aberration.

    Dodgers, Loney make Cox pay

    James Loney makes Bobby Cox pay as he begins to find his stroke again.

    Dodgers hid offensive issues well

    The Dodgers were doing a good job hiding their offensive issues until Thursday.

    Recalling Junior's time in Cincinnati

    Covering Ken Griffey Jr. in Cincinnnati brings back some pleasant memories.

    Anderson turns the boos into cheers

    Veteran outfielder Garret Anderson finally was able to turn the boos into cheers.

    Ely's effort lifts pitching staff

    John Ely's continued rise seems to be raising the entire Dodgers staff.

    Blake's instincts drive balk-off

    Casey Blake recognized a rare game-winning opportunity.

    Manny who? Dodgers' bench shines

    Manny who? Dodgers reserves come up big on defense.

    Kuroda has tough time in Colorado

    Hiroki Kuroda, like most pitchers, had another rough outing at Colorado.

    Manny's quiet, but bat does the talking

    It's not quite Manny being Manny, but quiet Ramirez's bat is humming again.

    Rough day at Wrigley for Paul

    Xavier Paul finds out the hard way the Friendly Confines aren't necessarily so.

    Reliever plan works well for Dodgers

    Unconventional plan still provides the relief the Dodgers need in a victory.

    Furcal's first game back one to forget

    Furcal's first game off the DL one to forget -- for him and Dodgers.

    L.A. rides momentum into long stretch

    Thanks to pitching resurgence, Dodgers ride momentum into 16-game stretch.

    Carroll fills Furcal's shoes admirably

    Jamey Carroll keeps Dodgers afloat in Rafael Furcal's absence.

    Kuo a huge relief for Dodgers

    Hong-Chih Kuo was one of the Dodgers' biggest heroes on Saturday.

    Billingsley showing plenty of maturity

    Pitcher Chad Billingsley is taking giant steps in his maturation process.

    Cabrera eases Broxton-Stairs clash

    Padres' Everth Cabrera eases the Jonathan Broxton-Matt Stairs showdown.

    Pitching solid, but it's still an issue

    Pitching was key during the Dodgers' win streak, but it remains an issue.

    Blake's beard, bat return to Dodgers

    Casey Blake brought his beard and bat back to the Dodgers' lineup.

    Ely making a name for himself

    Turns out the Dodgers did improve their pitching in the offseason.

    Dodgers' Achilles' heel strengthens

    The Dodgers' pitching, once in dire straits, has flipped to become a huge asset.

    'Effectively wild' Kershaw dominates

    Even when he's not at his best, Clayton Kershaw is still better than most.

    Dodgers' Kemp is learning quickly

    Matt Kemp finally seems to be snapping out of his slump at just the right time.

    No middle ground for Kershaw

    The expectations for Clayton Kershaw remain high and that won't change soon.

    Kuroda ultimately feels comfortable

    Hiroki Kuroda shook off the memories to pitch well in his return to Arizona.

    Young Ely teaches vets a lesson

    Rookie Dodgers pitcher John Ely kept to a simple formula for his first career win.

    Dodgers show signs of life

    Dodgers showing signs of life after 7-3 win over Arizona Diamondbacks.

    Dodgers reach high point vs. Rockies

    The Dodgers and Rockies have plenty of time to make a race of it in the West.

    Dodgers-Rockies can still be a race

    The Dodgers and Rockies have plenty of time to make a race of it in the West.

    Ethier uncanny in the clutch

    Andre Ethier is uncanny in the clutch, and it's amazing he gets so many chances.

    Pitching haunts Dodgers again

    Chad Billingsley follows recent trend for Dodgers of pitching inconsistently.

    Kershaw's awful outing raises issues

    No one can seem to explain it when Clayton Kershaw has an awful outing.

    Dodgers find themselves at home

    The Dodgers' Andre Ethier and James Loney find themselves at home.

    Dodgers' lack of pitching depth evident

    Carlos Monasterios pitched decently, but what does it say about Dodgers' depth?

    Kershaw's slow start problematic

    First inning troubles prove to be Clayton Kershaw's undoing yet again.

    Colletti, Kemp discuss comments

    Ned Colletti says everything is fine with Matt Kemp after they spoke.

    Colletti wants Dodgers to pick it up

    Ned Colletti doesn't mince words when assessing the effort of the Dodgers.

    Rested Blake fruitful for Dodgers

    With a little rest, Casey Blake shows what an effect he can have on Dodgers.

    Offense struggles without Manny

    Now that Manny Ramirez is out, Dodgers are finding it difficult to score.

    Dodgers lose Ramirez to calf injury

    The Dodgers will have to do without hot-hitting Manny Ramirez for a little while.

    Torre tells Billingsley to trust himself

    Joe Torre told Chad Billingsly he needs to trust himself after a bad outing.

    Billingsley has another rough outing

    Chad Billingsley still having a hard time finding himself for the Dodgers.

    Trip is early litmus test for Dodgers

    Dodgers 10-day trip is an early litmus test.

    The making of Manny's homer

    More than Manny went in to Ramirez's late-game home-run heroics.

    Dodgers still have big-picture issues

    In the big picture, Dodgers are still dealing with some issues of concern.

    This is Padilla the Dodgers need

    If the Dodgers can get this Vicente Padilla, everything will be fine.

    Ethier walks off

    Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier continues to step up late in games.

    Newcombe recalls Robinson era

    Don Newcombe is still emotional when discussing the Jackie Robinson era.

    Kemp's defensive miscues are costly

    Matt Kemp is hitting well, but the Gold Glove outfielder is lacking on defense.

    Dodgers' offense in midseason form

    Dodgers' pitching may be lacking so far, but the hitters are in midseason form.

    High pitch counts sink starters

    Dodgers need more from their starting rotation.

    Haeger's K's not enough

    The Dodgers' fourth loss in six games highlights many problems.

    Bullpen issues arrive early

    The season is still young, but bullpen issues already a concern for Dodgers.

    Kuroda shows his enormous potential

    If Hiroki Kuroda can remain healthy, the Dodgers will only benefit.

    Billingsley puts aside concerns in win

    In first start, Chad Billingsley showed no signs of being a scared, uptight pitcher.

    Patience needed with DeWitt

    Dodgers must take the good with the bad when it comes to Blake DeWitt.

    Handling potential pressure

    The Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw handles the pressure of potential.

    Opening the Dodgers mailbag

    Dodgers Mailbag: Ivan DeJesus Jr. no longer considered shortstop of the future.

    Face Of The Franchise

    Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Jarrin has seen it all with the Dodgers.

    Opening up the Dodgers mailbag

    Readers want to know about the quality of the Dodgers' young prospects.

    Magical Dodger day for Chris Ramirez

    Chris Ramirez, diagnosed with cancer, got his wish to meet Manny Ramirez.

    Ayala recounts family's night of terror

    Dodgers pitcher Luis Ayala and his family are moving on after a horrifying ordeal.

    Weighty issue for Belliard

    Ronnie Belliard has to drop some weight before he makes the Dodgers' roster.

    Manny being obvious

    Ramirez sounded as though he believed his best playing days were behind him.

    Inviting someone over

    The Dodgers know how to add mainstay talent through non-roster camp invites.

    It's all about perspective

    Decreased payroll and divorce questions leave Dodgers managing perception.

    Dodgers' bench is stacked

    Dodgers are bringing experienced talent to spring training for backup.

    Loretta retires a hometown hero

    The last of Loretta's 1,718 career hits electrified Dodger Stadium in a wild Game 2 of L.A.'s division series.

    Dodgers may have a bargain with Padilla

    Vicente Padilla stacks up favorably to Randy Wolf in the Dodgers' rotation.

    Stars shine in Dodgers' outfield

    Dodgers' fate seems to hinge on the production of Ramirez, Ethier and Kemp.

    Dodgers' talent high at lower levels

    The Dodgers have used a strong farm system to build their current team, but now their best talent is at the lower levels.

    Executive decisions

    Kim Ng, the Dodgers' assistant GM, has an impeccable record and unimpeachable reputation. But that alone may not be enough for a promotion.

    2B, that's the question for Dodgers

    Who's on second is the biggest question the Dodgers must answer in the infield.

    Dodgers clearly value Padilla

    The veteran right-hander with a respectable ERA earned contract by showing he can still pitch at a high level.

    McCourt not showing vulnerable side

    Frank McCourt has a lot on his plate, but he's not showing a vulnerable side.

    Mannion: Divorce no issue for Dodgers

    Dodgers president Dennis Mannion insists the McCourt divorce isn't affecting player moves.

    Dodgers aren't committing to DeWitt

    Ronnie Belliard signing shows the Dodgers can't commit to Blake DeWitt.

    Dodgers still a natural fit for Torre

    L.A. helped Joe Torre rediscover what he had once craved about his job.

    Source: Dodgers contact Pineiro's agent

    The Dodgers have joined the pursuit of free-agent pitcher Joel Pineiro.

    Leaders of the back of the pack

    A rundown of the candidates who could fill the Dodgers' need for a fourth starter.

    The best in blue

    Tony Jackson ranks his top 10 Dodgers of the decade.

    Divorce could hurt Dodgers' pocketbook

    Dodgers say divorce won't affect payroll. A slow offseason may indicate otherwise.