Surprise visitor

Zambrano visits the press box at Wrigley Field

July 8, 2009, 1:04 PM

By: Nick Friedell

Carlos Zambrano

Nick Friedell /

Big Z grabs the mic and treats Len Kasper to his version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Carlos Zambrano proved once again Wednesday morning that you never know what you're going to see when you come to the ballpark.

The big right-hander made a surprise visit to the press box, giving the few media members in attendance a big laugh. His 6-6 240-pound frame barely fit through the doorway. Big Z made his way down to the front row of the booth and started playfully discussing the finer art of writing with Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune.

After a few seconds with Sullivan, Big Z made his way into the Comcast TV booth with Cubs play-by-play man Len Kasper and decided to grab the live microphone and start singing the "Seventh Inning Stretch."

Carlos Zambrano

Nick Friedell /

Zambrano poses with Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan.

I'm not sure he actually finished the entire song, but he did end with "Let's get some runs ... for Carlos Zambrano!!" much to the delight of some of his teammates who were watching all of this take place from the field. They couldn't believe he actually went up there, and to a certain extent neither could he. The team's newest beat writer kept excitedly pointing at the press box and waving his arms so everybody could see him.

As he walked down the ramp and back to his regular old life in the clubhouse, Big Z told me that this actually wasn't the first time he had taken a tour of the press box. He said he came up during his rookie season to check everything out. Either way, the pitcher certainly provided the type of baseball moment that you don't see every day.


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