Buehrle knows how to thank his teammates

White Sox to get expensive bottles of whiskey

July 28, 2009, 5:53 PM

By: Nick Friedell

What is Mark Buehrle going to get his teammates for helping him complete a perfect game?

That's the question that started to pop up almost as soon as the left-hander finished off the Tampa Bay Rays last week.

"I bought the guys watches last time, so that was an expensive no-hitter, and this one will probably be a lot more expensive," Buehrle happily said at the time.

Everybody had a different opinion. Some media members suggested checks, cars and other assorted goodies. President Barack Obama told Buehrle that he at least had to buy a big steak dinner for outfielder Dewayne Wise, whose amazing catch preserved perfection for his pitcher.

mark buehrle crown royal bag

Crown Royal

This is the perfect way to say thank you to that special outfielder who saved your historic game.

A few days later, we now know at least one of the items that the veteran pitcher will give to his teammates: a personalized bottle of Crown Royal XR.

"Although it is the pitcher who is recognized for throwing a perfect game, there are few things in professional sports that require such a complete team effort," Buehrle said, according to a news release from Crown Royal. "So to honor this amazing and rare moment, I wanted to give each of my teammates a special embroidered bag and bottle of Crown Royal XR as a thank you, so when they look at it on their shelves at home, they will remember what an incredible day it was for the Chicago White Sox."

I've got to give Buehrle some creative points for this gift. It seems like the type of present that each one of the players and coaches actually will keep on their shelves at home. My only question now is this: Which one of his teammates will actually take a celebratory drink from the $180 bottle?


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