John Allen to help monitor Dodgers

John Allen, the former chief operating officer of the Cincinnati Reds, will assist Tom Schieffer in monitoring the Los Angeles Dodgers, Major League Baseball announced on Monday.

"I am pleased that John Allen is coming on board to assist in the monitoring of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise," Schieffer said in a statement. "As a longtime baseball executive, John provides a wealth of acumen that will be very beneficial as we continue forward in this process to help the Dodgers."

Allen will assist in oversight of the day-to-day business operations and finances of the Dodgers and related entities. He had been responsible for all business and ballpark operations of the Reds from 1999-2007.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig appointed Schieffer to monitor the Dodgers in the best interest of baseball. Owner Frank McCourt and wife Jamie McCourt have been embroiled in a contentious divorce that has thrust the Dodgers into uncertain financial waters.

McCourt claims that MLB just has to approve his proposed television deal with Fox to infuse enough cash into the franchise to meet all financial obligations.