Clayton Kershaw frustrated

Clayton Kershaw is a National League Cy Young candidate and one of the game's best pitchers.

He's won 16 games with a 2.51 ERA, often little run support this season.

And he's candid.

The Los Angeles Dodgers' left-hander joined Mason & Ireland on 710 ESPN and addressed some frustration with the Dodgers' many off-the-field issues this season.

"When we're on the field it's not what we're thinking about," the usually reserved Kershaw said. "Off the field, yeah, I'll admit it sucks talking about."

The season has been a nightmare for the Dodgers and their fans. There's the very public, sometimes embarrassing divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt. San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow was horrifically beaten at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day, and the pursuit of the attackers has been a slow-moving process. Baseball seized control of the franchise after owner Frank McCourt had borrowed money to make payroll. The Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy protection. And then there's the dwindling attendance.

"It's no fun anymore, having to listen to it all the time, wondering what's going to happen next, what court date is set up next," Kershaw said. "It's no fun for us."

There is some solace, however. It's when the team, who are nine games under .500 and 11 games out in NL West, takes the field.

"When we take the field, it doesn't affect our performance, that's about the only thing it doesn't," Kershaw said.

"Once we get the game [going], we don't have to worry about all that [off-the-field] stuff. It's kind of nice."

Kershaw is scheduled to start on Monday against the visiting San Diego Padres.