C.J. Wilson expects no missed time

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson was removed from Monday night's 6-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning after he attempted to snare a sharp, high-arching ground ball from Lou Marson using his bare left hand.

Wilson knocked the ball down but couldn't convert the throw to first in time for an out. The left-handed pitcher then was removed in favor of LaTroy Hawkins and taken to a nearby hospital during the game for examination. X-rays came back negative, and Angels manager Mike Scioscia expressed optimism after the game that Wilson wouldn't miss his next start.

"We're gonna take it one day at a time, but we hope so," Scioscia said.

Those thoughts were seconded by Wilson, who didn't appear overly concerned about any time lost.

"It got me in the hand," Wilson said. "I went up to jump for it, and it hit me pretty much. If I got a little more around it, I might have caught it. We went to the hospital and checked it out, and they said it was just bruised and stuff. Maybe some blood vessels that have been busted or whatever. It's just a little discolored, but the swelling's already gone down and the grip strength's fine.

"They got me in and out (at the hospital). Get back to work tomorrow."

Wilson acknowledged the sequence put him at risk for injury, but his desire to win the game resulted in reckless abandon.

"It's just a competitive thing," Wilson said. "You're going out there trying to do everything you can to win the game. Prevent runs, prevent hits. Whatever you can. Jump in front of the ball. There was a ball earlier in the game that's hit to my right and I tipped it with my right hand, my glove, and it went to (Erick) Aybar. Aybar threw out the guy at first. It's like, just unfortunate, I wasn't able to get the out on that.

"You give everything you can. It's like if you're a hitter and you slide headfirst into first base. It's the same kind of thing."