Vin Scully not sure if 2014 is last year

ATLANTA -- Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully said in a radio interview that 2014 might be his last season behind the microphone. Or not.

"I'm pretty well sure -- and I don't want to go back and forth with it -- but I'm looking to next year and thinking that should be about it," Scully told KPCC.

Later Wednesday, Scully clarified his comments.

"I look at each year as possibly my last," Scully told the Los Angeles Times. "Next year will be no different. It all boils down to come July or August, how I feel physically. I'll look at how many mistakes I've made and if they're coming for me yet, and how I feel."

"I wasn't making a declaration," Scully said of his radio comments. "I guess it was misconstrued. Each year is my last, until the next one. I never say yes or no."

Scully, 85, announced earlier this season he would return next year for his 65th season announcing Dodgers games. He began his career in Brooklyn, moving west with the Dodgers in 1958.

For this postseason, Scully is returning to his radio roots, announcing the first three and the final three innings of the Dodgers' NL Division Series games against the Atlanta Braves. He has in the past threatened to retire the following year only to change his mind and return. During the regular season, Scully does not travel to games east of Arizona.

Los Angeles' new mayor, Eric Garcetti, floated the idea of naming a street after Scully, but the broadcaster said he didn't feel worthy of such an honor.