Brown says injury won't slow him

MIAMI -- Kobe Bryant's fractured right index finger isn't the only digit the Lakers are concerned with these days.

Reserve guard Shannon Brown sprained his right thumb in the second half of Tuesday's win against the Pacers when he blocked a shot by Indiana's Dahntay Jones out of bounds.

"I didn't know how it bent or how it turned out of place or whatever, I just know I blocked the shot and my thumb just started throbbing," Brown said before the Lakers played the Heat on Thursday.

Brown said he expected the thumb, which was heavily wrapped before the game, to take "a couple of weeks" to fully heal and added the injury to his shooting hand affects him off the court as much as it does on it.

"It's my dominant hand so I've had to start using my left hand for things so I can rest [the thumb]," Brown said.

Brown says he has a new-found respect for how Bryant has handled his finger injury because his thumb challenges everything he does on the court from catching the ball, dribbling, passing and especially shooting.

Still, he isn't letting the thumb become an Achilles' heel.

"It's not going to change [my] activity out there," Brown said.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson similarly shrugged off any impact the injury could have on Brown.

"It should be all right," Jackson said. "He's going to have [to play with] a sprain. But it will be OK."

Dave McMenamin covers the Lakers for ESPNLosAngeles.com.