Mike Brown talks Kobe Bryant treatment

LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown is aware how alarming it seems that Kobe Bryant is receiving an injection in his injured right wrist prior to every game, but he is trusting the treatment method.

"I look at it this way," Brown said before the Lakers hosted the Golden State Warriors on Friday, "I believe in our training staff. I believe in our doctors and so they're telling me that everything is all right with it. There's not anything to worry about. There's no minute limitations or anything like that, so as long as those guys tell me that and Kobe feels ready to go then I'm ready for him to go."

Bryant suffered the right wrist injury, his shooting hand, during a Lakers preseason loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, when he fell to the floor and braced his body weight on his right hand after having his shot attempt blocked by DeAndre Jordan.

The 16-year veteran had a tough back-to-back stretch last weekend, shooting just 12-for-46 (26.1 percent) in two games against Denver, but he's bounced back in his last two games, shooting a combined 27-for-53 (50.9 percent) and averaging 33.5 points.

"He's shooting the ball better," Brown said.

Bryant is averaging 26.4 points, 6.5 rebounds and 5.6 assists on 43.3 percent shooting in eight games this season.

While Bryant continues to wince at times because of pain in the wrist -- like he did after falling to the floor after a collision with Portland's Gerald Wallace in the third quarter of the Trail Blazers' 107-96 win over the Lakers on Thursday -- Brown does not plan to step in and control what medical attention Bryant receives.

"For me to try to throw my two cents in an area where I don't know anything ... wouldn't make any sense, because these guys, this is their profession," Brown said. "I got to trust that they're doing their job the right way and they're trusting Kobe is telling us the truth. If that's the case, it is what it is and we'll keep moving forward until I get told differently."

Dave McMenamin covers the Lakers for ESPNLosAngeles.com.