Dwight's decision on social media

Dwight Howard's free-agency saga came to an end Friday. Reports from earlier this week suggested that Howard wanted to make a decision by Friday, and it appeared he had when Sam Amick of USA Today tweeted that Howard had decided on the Houston Rockets, after eliminating the Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers from contention.

Meanwhile, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey cautioned that nothing was final yet.

Despite their GM's warning, a pair of Howard's new Rockets teammates went ahead and expressed their happiness to have him on board, though Patrick Beverley -- the Rockets' current No. 12 -- later deleted his tweet.

Royce White was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers to clear extra cap room for Howard, but the forward -- who didn't play in the NBA at all in 2012-13 -- had positive words for Morey and the acquisition of the All-Star center.

Others from around the NBA also chimed in on the Rockets report, including some whom Howard had spurned.

Howard left Aspen, Colorado -- where he'd been staying since finishing his meetings with prospective teams -- but his destination wasn't Houston. Instead, he flew to Los Angeles, and suddenly the Lakers were back in the picture.

Then the Lakers chimed in with a statement, making it clear that Dwight Howard was not headed back to Los Angeles for 2013-14.

And Howard himself ended all the confusion a few minutes later.

Kobe Bryant didn't tweet any response to Howard leaving Los Angeles, but he did unfollow Howard on Twitter and posted this on his Instagram page.

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