Sergio Mora penalized for weight

LOS ANGELES -- Former junior middleweight titlist Sergio Mora was three pounds overweight for his Saturday night fight against former champ Shane Mosley at Staples Center and was penalized 20 percent of his purse by the California State Athletic Commission at Friday's weigh-in.

Mora, who was 157 pounds, will forfeit $57,000 of his official $285,000 purse, and the fight will go on as scheduled. The money will be added to Mosley's $1 million guarantee, according to George Dodd, the executive officer of the commission.

Mosley was right on the junior middleweight limit of 154 pounds for the 12-round bout, which headlines Golden Boy Promotions' Mexican bicentennial card (HBO PPV, 9 p.m. ET, $44.95).

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer said Mora told him he was surprised to be overweight because he had weighed himself earlier on another scale at his hotel and was on weight. Schaefer said Mora believed the official scale was off. Mora might be right because Carlos Baldomir and Vivian Harris, both of whom are on the televised undercard, also were overweight.

In most states, fighters are given two hours to lose the excess weight before being penalized. In California, however, if a fighter is more than two pounds overweight he is automatically fined and the weigh-in is over, Dodd said.

Although the fine will stand, the Mosley camp asked Mora to try to lose the weight, which he agreed to do after a spirited discussion. When he came back to the scale about an hour later, he was unofficially 153.6, satisfying the Mosley camp.

"The fight is on, everything is fine now," said Judd Burstein, Mosley's attorney, who spent several minutes in deep discussion with Schaefer and Cameron Dunkin, Mora's manager, following the weigh-in as they talked about what to do.

Oscar De La Hoya, the president of Golden Boy, was furious that Mora was overweight.

"It pisses me off as a promoter and as a fighter," De La Hoya said. "It makes things more complicated. As an ex-fighter, you don't respect that when you have a fighter here who has the fight of his life coming up. Three pounds over is uncalled for."

Baldomir, the former undisputed welterweight champ, was 153.4 pounds for a fight with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez that was contracted for 151 pounds. Alvarez was 150.5. Because Baldomir was more than two pounds over, he was also penalized 20 percent of his $60,000 purse by the commission.

However, Alvarez, who is making $200,000, plus money from Mexican television rights, declined to take the extra $12,000 from Baldomir, according to Golden Boy.

However, their camps agreed to a Saturday morning weight check, in which neither man can weigh more than 161.

Harris was slightly over the 142-pound contract weight for his fight with Victor Ortiz. However, when Harris returned to the scale a few minutes later, he was 142 pounds.

Dan Rafael is the boxing writer for ESPN.com. Follow him on Twitter @danrafaelespn.