Jones-Drew: 'Stop the madness'

Maurice Jones-Drew took to Twitter on Thursday to clarify that he was joking when he said one of his former Jacksonville Jaguars teammates almost didn't block for him on a play in a game because they were playing each other that week in fantasy football.

Jones-Drew, who participated Wednesday in a SiriusXM celebrity fantasy football draft, was asked by SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio to explain just how seriously he and his teammates take their fantasy football matchups against one another and relayed the following story, which was picked up by several media outlets:

"Greg Jones -- see he's not on the team anymore -- perfect example: I was playing against him. And we have our equipment guys keep us up on [the fantasy scores] during games. You know who you have and you see when you're not on the field obviously, but … I think if I scored, I was going to win.

"We got onto the 1-yard line, and they were like, 'We better call this run play.' I'm like, 'Greg, don't do it.' And he looked at me and he winked. And I was like 'Greg.' It's not time to play. This is bigger than that. Let's not do this."

Asked by the hosts what Jones' wink meant, Jones-Drew replied, "He wasn't going to block the guy!"

Jones-Drew, who is recovering from a Lisfranc injury that derailed his 2012 season, apparently is confident he'll be ready to go this season. The running back, who held the No. 1 overall pick in the celebrity draft, selected himself with his top pick.