Stanley Cup-clinching puck lost

LOS ANGELES -- It took the Los Angeles Kings 45 years to win their first Stanley Cup. How long it takes them to find the whereabouts of the puck that was on the ice when they clinched the title remains a mystery.

As of Wednesday, team officials still were uncertain what happened to the puck after the Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils in Game 6 on June 11 to clinch the Stanley Cup.

Replays of the final seconds of that game show that New Jersey left winger Patrik Elias flipped the puck into his glove while the Kings celebrated, but what he did after that is still unknown. After the handshake line he appeared to hand his stick to someone in the crowd, but it isn't clear whether the puck went there, as well.

So as of now, it looks like the puck could be anywhere from Newport to Newark.

When contacted Wednesday, Devils officials said they would look into the matter but were unaware of the whereabouts of the puck.