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8/28/12 - As Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning begins his much-anticipated comeback from multiple neck surgeries, Dr. Robert Klapper dissects Peyton's disc injury and explains the surgical treatment on his neck.

8/7/12 - New York Giants and former USC Trojans CB Terrell Thomas has reinjured his knee, which could result in his third ACL surgery. Dr. Klapper explains why Thomas has had a tough time recovering from his injury history.

7/28/12 - NY Yankees Alex Rodriguez fractures his left hand after getting hit by a pitch. Dr. Klapper explains the proper treatment for A-Rod in order to prevent future ligament issues.

7/14/12 - LA Clippers star Blake Griffin tears his meniscus and is forced to sit out the 2012 Summer Olympics with Team USA. Dr. Klapper compares the variation in a location of a torn meniscus and how it'll affect Griffin's recovery.

7/07/12 - NY Yankees veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte takes a line drive directly to his leg resulting in a fractured ankle. Dr. Klapper takes a deeper look to his talus bone, which limits his ankle movement.

6/30/12 - Dwyane Wade helped lead the Miami Heat to their second NBA Championship in franchise history on a bum left knee, but how bad is his injury? Dr. Klapper explains what is wrong with Wade's knee and why he'll miss the Olympics with necessary offseason surgery.

6/23/12 - The ESPNLA Injury of the Week features newly-named NBA champ LeBron James and his muscle cramps. The Doc explains how the Miami Heat training staff treated LeBron and how we can avoid muscle cramps through our daily activities.

6/09/12 - Dr. Klapper enters the horse racing world and explains I'll Have Another's tendinitis injury and why his owners made the right decision to scratch him out of the Belmont Stakes and retire him.

6/09/12 - Dr. Klapper breaks down Clayton Kershaw's Plantar Fasciitis and describes the way to avoid this problem in the future.

6/02/12 - Klapper's Korner takes an in-depth look at how Dodgers star Matt Kemp's re-aggravated left hamstring tear affects his running and the rotation of his powerful swing, keeping him out of action 4-6 weeks.

5/30/12 - Dr. Robert Klapper uses a water balloon to explain the compartment syndrome that has affected Mark Ellis and nearly took his leg.

5/24/12 - Dr. Klapper breaks down why Chris Bosh will miss the playoffs due to a torn abdominal muscle.

5/15/12 - Dr. Klapper breaks down Baron Davis' dislocated knee and explains the original misdiagnosis of a dislocated kneecap.

5/08/12 - Dr. Klapper explains the torn anterior cruciate ligaments of both Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose and New York Yankees Mariano Rivera. Klapper explains what the ACL is and what caused the injuries to both stars.

4/28/12 - Dr . Klapper breaks down Dwyane Wade's dislocated index finger on his non shooting hand.

4/21/12 - Dr. Klapper discusses Dwight Howard's need for spine surgery on his herniated disc, and why it is a season ending back injury.

4/14/12 - Dr. Klapper explains what exactly in Kobe Bryant's shin is causing him to miss games and compares his injury, known as tenosynovitis, to shin splints.

4/07/12 - Dr. Robert Klapper discusses New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin's season-ending meniscus tear.

3/31/12 - Dr. Robert Klapper discusses New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain's gruesome ankle dislocation.

3/24/12 - Doctor Robert Klapper breaks down North Carolina Point Guard Kendall Marshall's fractured wrist.

03/22/12 - Dr. Robert Klapper analyzes Minnesota Timberwolves' Ricky Rubio's torn ACL and compares the different knee ligaments.

03/10/12 - Its been more than 20 years since one of the darkest days in LA sports history - Earvin "Magic" Johnson announced he tested HIV positive, forcing him to retire from basketball. Dr. Klapper reflects on Magic's inspirational battle in honor of ESPN Films' "The Announcement".

03/10/12 - Dr. Klapper discusses Peyton Manning's neck health and what Denver, Miami, Tennessee, Arizona, and other teams should consider in signing one of the biggest free agents of all-time.

03/03/12 - Dr. Klapper breaks down Kobe Bryant's fractured nose, injured by Dwyane Wade's hard foul during the All-Star Game, and the importance of wearing the mask.

03/03/12 - Dr. Klapper reacts to the relevation of the New Orleans Saints' "bounty program" that rewarded players for inflicting injuries on opposing players.

01/13/12 - Dr. Klapper gets to the core of Steve Blake's rib injury and explains how the detachment between the bone and the cartilage affects him.

Dr. Robert Klapper is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates. He also is Co-Director of the Joint Replacement Program at the Cedars-Sinai Orthopaedic Center. Dr. Klapper is a leader in hip arthroscopy, a "keyhole" minimally invasive surgical technique. Currently, Dr. Klapper holds nine patents on the angled telescope and specially designed instruments used in the procedure. Dr. Klapper also designed a tool that is used when a hip implant has worn out over time and needs to be replaced with a new prosthesis. Dr. Klapper's invention produces an ultrasound frequency that reduces the cement to a chewing gum consistency facilitating the cement removal. Click here for more info on Dr. Klapper. Follow him on Twitter too.