Irwindale Speedway a place of chance

IRWINDALE -- Caleb Armstrong from New Castle, Ind., won the 98-lap USAC Midget race in the 71st Turkey Night Grand Prix at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on Thursday night.

Bryan Clauson, who won the previous two Turkey Night Grand Prix Midget races, was third.
Kody Swanson missed out on his bid to win his second Turkey Night Grand Prix USAC Sprint Car race in a row. But his brother Tanner kept the Turkey Night trophy in the family.

Tanner Swanson won the 40-lap Sprint Car race, the first Turkey Night Grand Prix win of his career. Kody Swanson was second.

Ross Rankine won the Ford Focus Midgets race, followed by Nick Drake in second and Garrett Peterson in third.

Jessica Clark, a senior at Westlake High School, finished 13th and won the USAC Western Ford Focus Pavement and Southern California championships.

Tim Haddock is the author of the Haddock in the Paddock auto racing blog and a regular contributor to ESPNLA.