Lakers-Clippers: Your vote counts!

Tired of political polls and pundit-speak? Us, too. With the nation about to head to the voting booth, we ask you to weigh in what matters most in Los Angeles: hoops, of course. We're just days away now from the start of the NBA season, so you tell us: How do you see things playing out for the Lakers and Clippers in the months to come?

Issue No. 1

Slow start

The Lakers went winless in the preseason, but how much does that really matter? We'll soon find out. ...

Issue No. 2

The Kobe effect

What exactly does No. 24 have to do to get the Lakers to No. 1?

Issue No. 3

Clippers' chances

The Clippers will look to establish themselves as a postseason team to be reckoned with.

Issue No. 4

Championship traits

In a title push, you need skill and luck. Just how much of each the Clippers will need remains to be seen.

Issue No. 5

Bigger concern?

No team is perfect, but which team's imperfections are a bigger concern?

Issue No. 6

Mr. Clutch?

Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant have had great late-game success in their careers, but right now, who would you give the ball to in the final seconds?

Issue No. 7

Brown's job so far

After a lockout-shortened first season, Mike Brown is back with a fully stocked Lakers team.

Issue No. 8

Del Negro's job so far

Vinny Del Negro has had the challenge of creating chemistry amid big-time arrivals and injury.

Issue No. 9

Under pressure

After the wear and tear of a long season, who is best prepared for the glare of a big game?

Issue No. 10

Great expectations

Big things are projected for both L.A. teams. Is the weight too much to bear?

Issue No. 11

What's next: Lakers

Kobe Bryant is nearing the end of his career. What will that mean for the Lakers' future?

Issue No. 12

What's next: Clippers

Chris Paul signing on long-term could be a game-changer in L.A.