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Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Simply put: The Rams can't offer Ndamukong Suh the best fit, and they probably can't offer the most money. But they can provide the opportunity to be part of something special in 2018, then potentially cash in on the free-agent market in 2019.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

The Rams might need to tread lightly with their pursuit of Ndamukong Suh, conscious of not further alienating Aaron Donald, who won't be happy until he is given a far more lucrative contract. The Rams are probably somewhere between $20 and $25M in cap space if you account for their draft pool, but they need to save some space for a potential Donald extension — and they still have several holes to fill at linebacker.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

The Rams might have some flexibility with Aaron Donald if they are able to sign Ndamukong Suh. Donald has basically split his time lining up as a defensive tackle on the right side (36.5%) and the left side (36.2%), according to ESPN Stats & Info. Suh, however, has spent 80% of his career snaps as the left defensive tackle. Best fit might be Suh, Michael Brockers and Donald from left to right when the Rams are in their 3-4 base set.

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Tristan H. Cockcroft ESPN Senior Writer 

I'm going with the guesstimate of Justin Turner being sidelined until mid-May, so he drops from 3B7 to 3B15 in my rankings. Despite the position's depth, it's a huge hit, considering Turner, pre-injury, was much more an early- than mid-round third baseman.

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Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Asked Nickell Robey-Coleman last week why corners love playing for Wade Phillips so much. Here's what he said ...

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