Olympic-Size Rebuttals

February 22, 2010, 5:09 PM

By: Brando

Last week I gave you all an opportunity to hit me up regarding the Olympics commentary. And you did. A lot.

A few gems:

  • "These Olympics are about supporting your COUNTRY. What are you, a communist?"

    The patriotism argument is valid as I certainly love this great nation, but I don't get the sense the United States nightlife was celebrating in the streets this past weekend because of Apolo Anton Ohno's bronze medal. And of course I'm not communist. I hate sharing too much.

  • "Even more dumber is your insinuation that Mr. White was "selling" books or some product, in which case he was not... Perhaps the ultimate in dumbness would be that ESPN actually allowed you to post a blog on their site, given your 3rd-grade level writing skills."

    First of all, ESPN has no idea that I actually work here (I think they assume I'm just some guy who wears t-shirts all the time and meets up with the sales staff for lunch). While I can't defend my unorthadox writing style and penchant for not using spell check, I will apologize in advance for the blogs that are posted with gramatical errors, which I'll ballpark at around 57 a year. Your fury must have blinded you from the point I was making about Mr. White. I never suggested he was selling a product. The point I made was that his Olympics success allowed him to access a forum that the X Games frankly could never give him. He deserved to be showcased to an audience of the masses long before Vancouver.

  • "While all of this is true, you are forgetting the biggest part of the Winter Olympics for the U.S., Olympic hockey, and while it's true we might get slaughtered, there is a chance for another miracle on ice type of performance."

    I think you're referring to a movie starring Kurt Russell. What's next in your crazy logic? The Anaheim Ducks are going to have three Disney films produced about them featuring Charlie Sheen's brother as a down-and-out attorney with a drinking problem, but an uncanny ability to tap into the minds of some underprivileged kids on a recreational hockey team? Where do you come up with this stuff?

    That moment stands alone as the greatest sports feat in this country's history, no doubt about it. However, the David vs. Goliath illustration doesn't quite hold as much water. For starters, the Herb Brooks team of 1980 was made up entirely of colligate and amateur players. The Soviet Union was unquestionably the greatest in the world, winning the gold in the last four Olympics. And to top it off, the Cold War was a dynamic and compelling backdrop to the rivalry. As Team USA proved in their victory over Canada this past weekend, they have the potential to make some serious noise in Vancouver.


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