It's a Business

June 3, 2010, 4:08 PM

By: Brando

Kudos to Alyssa Roenigk's investigative journalism efforts in breaking the news that Shaun White is leaving his long time agent Mark Ervin at IMG for greener pastures at CAA. This is pretty fantastic considering we're talking about a snowboarder leaving the second biggest firm in the biz for the world's very best in CAA. NFL Quarterbacks and A-list actors foam at the mouth for a chance to take a meeting with CAA, so White obviously has a sense of what the firm is capable of doing for him.

This is peculiar for the very simple reason of... why? He is the cover boy of an entire industry, multiple Olympic gold medalist, and has a clothing line at Target. What is it that he isn't doing? My hunch, as is Roenigk's, is that the ability to cross over into the mainstream media is incredibly appealing to Shaun. Sure he can cameo as a skater on a TV show, but that's easy. What about a feature film where he plays the leading man? CAA can do that. What makes this move even more intriguing is how entrenched in the action sports world IMG is. It's as if White is saying, "I've outgrown you."

I realize hardcore fans view this, much like Sheck's show on MTV, as a classic case of a Hollywood sell-out. But let's be real, Shaun has been on a different level since he burst on the scene. Shaun White has been a pitchman for everything under the sun, and yet he has still backed up his star power by continuing to be the very best at what he does. He really doesn't have anything else to prove on the snow, and depending on his vert interest, he may just want other avenues to fill his time.

I like the move. The idea of any of these athletes having agents in the first place is pretty amazing, and the fact that he's heading to the premier firm in the entertainment industry will only help put all these guys and girls on the map.



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