This and That

November 15, 2010, 5:26 PM

By: Brando

Despite my reservations on last week's show, I really do like Pastrana's jump to the Nationwide Series. NASCAR is absolutely a different animal than what he's done, but he's accomplished all that he's set out to do. I'm not saying he did this out of boredom, but honestly, how many times can the guy stare death in the face? My prediction? He'll win a race his first year, and crash at least three times. And I'll watch it. That's probably the biggest shocker of them all.

Kelly Slater is the greatest athlete this industry has ever seen. We'll never see another person win like this in surfing. Ever.

I don't like Chad Reed's decision to go rogue and create his own team. He's made it quite clear that no one was willing to pay him the dollar amount he was looking for. This January kicks off a monumental supercross season and Reed is going to have to put every ounce of focus he has into racing. The headaches of team ownership may be overlooked on his part.

Interesting move by P-Rod and the gang at Plan B to drop solo footage the skater on itunes today. I'm stoked to see footage of Paul, but I'd much rather be getting a full video's worth for my money than just five minutes of tricks that's taken three years to produce.


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