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There is no path or recipe or design to greatness. There is no Will Hunting-like formula (Gift plus Style minus Hype times Rings equals Impact) to explain Michael Jordan. c There is a feeling to greatness, though-a smile or tingle or even the tear we sometimes get when we witness it. We simply know it when we see it. And we've been seeing it a lot lately: LT, Montana, B. Sanders; Wayne, Mario, Messier; Bird, Magic, Michael; Gwynn, Griffey, Ripken. We shake our heads over the outrageous money they get and the ridiculous degree of celebrity they attain, yet the evidence is that they are actually thriving under the pressure and furthering the evolution of their sports. c This rush of brilliance should not only make us feel blessed, but should also teach us never to say, –There will never be another,” because there almost always is. (Michael may be the exception.) Who's next? Nothing in sports is guaranteed-for every Tiger Woods, there is a Todd Marinovich. Still, here are four damn good bets on wo will pull us out of our seats in the 21st century, four players to tell our grandchildren about, to lay down a challenge for the next generation, to give us that feeling.