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The sound of silence (01/20/03)

Rare Air (01/17/03)

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They need a miracle (09/24/02)

Constant replay (09/17/02)

The wideout's revenge (09/10/02)

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Battle of the Cheerleaders (08/27/02)

The ladies love Lou (08/19/02)

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The 'Boys are back (07/18/02)

Stranger at the track (07/03/02)

The missing Linc (06/20/02)

Ten days of awe (05/31/02)

On the rebound (05/13/02)

Breaking up is hard to do (05/10/02)

The Bad Boys are back (05/01/02)

The Bucks stop here (04/18/02)

Draft deception (04/08/02)

Bee-headed (03/21/02)

The chimp and I (01/31/02)

Nightmare on Bourbon Street (01/30/02)

Safe at the Superdome (01/29/02)

Steel drapes (01/22/02)

Buzz off (01/17/02)

The Tampa Bay mutiny (01/15/02)

Ram relaxation (01/08/02)

Goin' to Carolina? (01/04/02)

The gift of Hope (12/25/01)

Beware of the Blackbirds (12/18/01)

The Toilet Bowl (12/11/01)

Saints before sunrise (11/27/01)

NFL Turkeys of the Year (11/20/01)

Midterms (11/14/01)

No quotes, no glory (11/06/01)

Heartbreak Hotel (10/30/01)

A Dawg's life (10/23/01)

Saint Michael (10/16/01)

The man without an ACL (10/09/01)

Where's the beef? (10/02/01)

Chandler holds the key to Vick's success (09/25/01)

Toe-tally recovered (09/20/01)

The athletes step up (09/19/01)

1963 revisited (09/14/01)

Waiting for Lady Marmalade (08/30/01)

Dale's team (08/14/01)

Give them a break (08/01/01)

Boycott Beijing (07/16/01)

You the monsta! (07/16/01)

Dream of fields (07/03/01)

The All-Pro (Bono) Team (06/26/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (06/25/01)

When Eagles dare ... (06/19/01)

Fear and self-loathing in Charlotte (06/06/01)

Pointing to heaven (05/31/01)

Crab Lewis (05/23/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (05/23/01)

Stung (05/10/01)

(Larry) King me! (05/03/01)

Meet Mr. Irrelevant (04/23/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (04/18/01)

Who'll be Mr. Irrelevant? (04/17/01)

Bobbleheads! (04/10/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (04/04/01)

The Anti-Leaf (04/03/01)

Love & basketball (03/20/01)

Bracketball (03/13/01)

Backtalk (03/06/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (03/06/01)

Speed or safety? (02/19/01)

Smart move, Robert (02/13/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (02/13/01)

For $ale (02/07/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (02/07/01)

Come sail away (01/29/01)

Gluttons for punishment (01/23/01)

For heaven's snakes (01/16/01)

Inside the Ravens' nest (01/09/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (01/09/01)

Don't read this! (01/02/01)

The WHYLOs of the Week (01/02/01)

Air Horn (12/27/00)

Buffaloed (12/20/00)

Jock strapped (12/14/00)

The WHYLOs of the Week (12/14/00)

Confluence of history (12/05/00)

The Turkeys Strike Back (11/29/00)

The Sports Turkeys of the Year (11/21/00)

David Fleming is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine. E-mail him at

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