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August 16, 2002
The baseball calendar
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With Major League Baseball's strike deadline looming, we thought it might be a good time to remind you (and them) of a few other important dates on the horizon.

8/21 -- The last day to order Yankee tickets for 2003.

8/22 -- The last day to order Marlins tickets for the game that afternoon.

Danny Almonte
Danny also taught Billy Madison how to play dodge ball.

8/24 -- Danny Almonte turns 27.

8/25 -- ESPN celebrates the 25,000th episode of SportsCenter. Milwaukee owner Wendy Selig Prieb celebrates the 25,000th person to attend a Brewers game this year.

8/29 -- The last day to be a Montreal Expo.

8/30 -- Strike begins. After cashing their final paychecks, players make plans for Labor Day: 1) Steal candy from baby, 2) Punch out old lady, 3) Kick dog.

9/1 -- Rick Reed crosses the picket line.

9/8 -- America is momentarily distracted as Green Bay wide receiver Terry Glenn plays his first regular season game.

9/11 -- America embraces Slamball as national pastime.

9/16 -- Yom Kippur. MLB and MLBPA negotiators attempt to atone for their sins. All circuits busy.

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