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July 26, 2002
ESPN 100: You Rank 'Em
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    What mattered most in sports over the past year? We gave you our "expert" opinion, but opinions are like, um, noses -- everybody has one. Here's how you ranked 'em -- the results of our three-day ranker poll:

    1 Sept. 11th:  How the attacks affected sports and us 1
    2 Patriot Games:  One of the biggest upsets in SB history 2
    3 World-class Series:  D-Backs unseat the Yankees 4
    4 Barry Bonds 3
    5 Tiger Terrific: The surest thing in sports 5
    6 USA! USA!:  U.S. Soccer takes it to a new level 10
    7 Two-a-days:  Practice deaths 7
    8 Lance Armstrong: The Yellow Top fits, again 13
    9 Threepeat: The Lakers prove unstoppable 8
    10 Venus & Serena: Nos.1 & 2 in the world 9
    11 Roid rage: Canseco and Caminiti and performance enhancers 6
    12 Ichiro!: Japanese import & M's tie an old victory standard 12
    13 Contraction: Baseball turns on itself 11
    14 Super Shaq: Lakers center dominates like no other 14
    15 Red Wings rule: An All-Star team from Detroit wins it all 17
    16 Figure skaters: Sarah Hughes heads never-a-dull-moment group 16
    17 Brittanie Cecil: A tragic death in the stands 15
    18 The Big Two-nit:  Randy and Curt give Arizona a pair of unrivaled aces 18
    19 UConn's women: Undefeated Huskies produce a season for the ages 19
    20 USA! USA!: American athletes shine 34 medals at Salt Lake 22
    21 Sour skating judges: Ice officials become big story at the Games 20
    22 The Trade: Kidd for Marbury 21
    23 So long, Scotty: Legendary coach Bowman hangs 'em up 23
    24 Darryl Kile dies 31
    25 The Hurricanes: Miami wins the national championship 25

    The ESPN 100 appears in the August 5 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

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