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October 14, 2002

Enhanced Editorial, Television Commercials To Appear Online Via New Technology

ESPN.com, the leading sports site, has launched ESPNMotion – an innovativetool allowing broadband users to view high-quality video, including analysis and interviews, on the site's home page automatically each day – at no cost to users. The application also enables advertisers to run television commercials online, with the same quality appearance and sound, seamlessly at the conclusion of the news-driven video. Fifteen-second ads for SEGA Sports™ NFL 2K3, the popular football video game, are currently running. ESPNMotion is currently being previewed by ESPN Insider subscribers and will be rolled out to ESPN.com's entire user base in the coming weeks.

"We have launched several new sites and sections throughout ESPN.com over the last two years, but this is truly one of the most exciting and innovating applications we've brought to life," said John Skipper, executive vice president, ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. "In addition to the editorial advancement that fans will enjoy, it's also a great opportunity for our advertisers to 'air' television commercials online, something no one else can offer at this point."

Added Tom Nichols, vice president of sports marketing, SEGA of America, Inc., "We are happy to be a part of this project, showcasing our acclaimed NFL 2K3 TV spots to a wider and more diverse audience. This is another good example of how SEGA and ESPN are working together to leverage our close alliance and provide more compelling content to the end user."

Created through proprietary, patent-pending technology and offered only to PC users through a broadband connection, ESPNMotion will showcase analysis from ESPN reporters, interviews, game highlights, press conferences, and when appropriate, breaking news. After a free, one-time download of the application, video clips will be pushed daily directly to the user's computer and will play automatically when logging on to ESPN.com. The video will be updated at least once daily and will appear over the top story box on the home page. Once the clip is complete, the top story will re-appear. Users have the ability to replay or stop each clip on-demand.

ESPN.com will continue its current offerings of video and audio highlights at various connection speeds.