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Is it a lock that Michael Vick will return to Virginia Tech? Mel Kiper Jr. answers.
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Wednesday, December 27

Top junior prospects by position

Here is a rundown of my top junior prospects -- the top five juniors at each position. I have also included a few third-year sophomores who are denoted by an asterisk.

1. *Michael Vick, Virginia Tech
2. Drew Henson, Michigan
3. Joey Harrington, Oregon
4. Josh Booty, LSU
5. *Carson Palmer, USC
5A. Kurt Kittner, Illinois
5B. Quincy Carter, Georgia

Running Backs
1. Michael Bennett, Wisconsin
2. Ja'Mar Toombs, Texas A&M
3. *Lee Suggs, Virginia Tech
4. Damien Anderson, Northwestern
5. DeShaun Foster, UCLA
5A. Adrian Peterson, Georgia Southern

Wide Receivers
1. David Terrell, Michigan
2. *Koren Robinson, N.C. St.
3. Freddie Mitchell, UCLA
4. Ron Johnson, Minnesota
5. Robert Ferguson, Texas A&M
5A. Kelly Campbell, Georgia Tech

Tight Ends
1. Todd Heap, Arizona St.
2. Robert Royal, LSU
3. Tracey Wistrom, Nebraska
4. Mike Hart, Duke
5. Tim Stratton, Purdue

Offensive Linemen
1. Kenyatta Walker, Florida
2. *Mike Pearson, Florida
3. *Brett Williams, Florida St.
4. Bryant McKinnie, Miami (Fla.)
5. Levi Jones, Arizona St.

Defensive Linemen
1. John Henderson, Tennessee
2. Gerard Warren, Florida
3. Justin Smith, Missouri
4. *Julius Peppers, North Carolina
5. Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin

1. Jamie Winborn, Vanderbilt
2. Keith Adams, Clemson
3. Bradley Jennings, Florida St.
4. Rocky Calmus, Oklahoma
5. Robert Thomas, UCLA

Defensive Backs
1. Quentin Jammer, Texas
2. Jamar Fletcher, Wisconsin
3. Edward Reed, Miami (Fla.)
4. Nate Clements, Ohio St.
5. *Roy Williams, Oklahoma

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