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Friday, April 6

Koren Robinson is new wild card at WR

Koren Robinson completed his first workout Thursday for NFL scouts, although it was the second one the N.C. State receiver had scheduled. He tried to work out March 23 but hurt his hamstring running his first 40-yard dash.

Robinson felt he still needed to work out and post some numbers before the draft. But during his broad jump Thursday, he tweaked his hamstring again. Although he said he was only at 85 percent, he tried to complete the workout by running the 40 and doing the vertical jump. Because the hamstring pull began to tighten, Robinson said he was only at 60 percent by the end of the workout.

Koren Robinson
N.C. State's Koren Robinson ran the 40 in the 4.6 range with a hamstring injury.
Running on a rubber indoor track, his 40 times were reportedly between 4.59 and 4.63, times that would equate to about a 4.7 on grass. His vertical jump was said to be 34 inches. Robinson told me he ran a 4.6 with a vertical of about 34½. There were reportedly 17 teams in attendance, and my information came from enough teams to substantiate the workout numbers. The only two teams in the top 10 that didn't attend the workout were San Diego and Arizona, who hold the top two picks.

When healthy, Robinson said his normal vertical is about 40 inches and his 40 is between 4.32 and 4.38. He will be in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday. There has been talk of Robinson having another workout, but he said most teams have advised him not to worry about a workout. They said he should instead get healthy and ready for mini-camp.

Now teams have to look at what Robinson did on the field at N.C. State. And watching film of Robinson, his performance supports his claims. NFL personnel people have told me they still have a very high grade on Robinson because what they saw on film was outstanding.

The consensus is that the team drafting Robinson must have a strong coach and GM who are secure in their positions and don't have to worry about being criticized for drafting him. Then if he drops to where they are picking, he could be a steal, reflective of the concern that he wasn't able to run for anybody. Nobody has a true 40 time on him. Robinson may say he can run 4.32 to 4.38 in the 40, but we don't know that. There is no concrete evidence, just conjecture.

If Robinson has either a suspect rookie or second year, people could say, "You shouldn't have drafted this guy. You didn't even have a 40 time on him." If he's a great player, no one will care.

When Jerry Rice came out of Mississippi Valley State, there were questions about his speed as well. Now he's only the greatest receiver of all time.

Originally, it looked like David Terrell, with the hairline fracture in his foot, was going to be the wild card of the first round. Now Robinson is the wild card. He has made it difficult to determine where he might go in the top 10.

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