Quick hitters: A post-Final Four edition

April, 4, 2012
Quick hitters post-Final Four:

• Pitt and Syracuse representatives won't be at the Big East meetings, but they will be at the ACC meetings in May. The respective coaches will be at the ACC meetings, too.

When will the two schools join the ACC? "Hopefully, we'll get everything worked out here soon,'' Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson said. "Their league is reconfigured and ready to move, and when you get to that point where everybody is on the next page, everybody should move on.''

Pederson wouldn't commit to the fall of 2013, but that seems to be the goal. The ACC is ready to receive Pitt and Syracuse, and the Big East is ready to move on with its new members.

• NBA commissioner David Stern isn't a fan of his league's draft rule. But the players association has to agree on it, and it hasn't been on board. The best-case scenario would be to go back to the original deal, which allows players to go to the NBA from high school or have a two-year minimum agreement of staying in college -- similar to baseball -- before being allowed to enter the draft.

That would skim off some -- but not all -- of the top players from attending college. Anthony Davis may have gone straight to the NBA, but Michael Kidd-Gilchrist may not have done the same.

John Wall may have left. But Eric Bledsoe most likely would not. The onus is on the NBAPA to make a concession and cut a deal with the league if this rule is going to change.

But once again, this isn't the NCAA's rule. The one-and-done rule is the NBA's rule. And coaches such as Kentucky's John Calipari and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski are simply taking advantage. Duke has had "one-and-done" point guards in consecutive seasons in Kyrie Irving and Austin Rivers.

And every coach in the country would have taken Davis for one season if they had the choice.

• When I caught up with Calipari Tuesday night, he was extremely tired. "Everyone said I looked sad,'' Calipari said. "I'm just exhausted.''

Calipari has been going at warp speed for months, and especially in the past three weeks.

• Calipari said he will meet with his five underclassmen this week and see what their intentions are for the NBA draft. The assumption is Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist will declare, but the decisions for Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague will be more intriguing since they aren't lottery locks.

"I'll meet with each of them, get information,'' Calipari said. "I want them to breathe, come back and then go home for a few days [over Easter weekend] and come back and finish their academics.''

Calipari is telling his players they don't have to decide by April 10, the unilateral NCAA deadline. And he's right. The players can wait until the NBA's April 29th deadline, the only date that really matters.

"They don't have to follow that April 10 date,'' Calipari said.

The NBA won't put out a draft list until after the April 29 early-entry date. The only binding agreement is a player cannot return to college if he declares for the draft on April 29, even if he doesn't sign with an agent.

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