College Basketball Bubble Watch

Updated: March 16, 2014, 1:25 AM ET
By Eamonn Brennan |

And on Selection Sunday, the bubble rests

Editor's note: This file will be updated regularly.

Fourteen tournament titles and the automatic bids that accompany them were decided Saturday. Five more leagues set up their Sunday finales with semifinals. There were 24 total games spanning 14 hours. By the time we caught our breath for the first time Saturday night, we realized it wasn't Saturday anymore.

It wasn't Saturday anymore. It was ... wait ... Sunday? Sunday! Selection Sunday!

Cue the tape of George Bailey running through the streets of Bedford Falls. Hello, you beautiful old pod system! Hello, needlessly large stack of paper brackets! Hello, awkward selection committee chair interview! It's the third best day of the year -- third only to the first two days of the NCAA tournament, obviously -- and we were so focused on predicting its particulars we almost overlooked its arrival.

Fortuntaely, the bubble drama is just about over. The last bubble team standing is St. Joe's -- and make no mistake, the Hawks are on the bubble -- but whatever the committee thinks of them won't be drastically affected by what they do against VCU in the A-10 final on Sunday. And if they do win, of course, they'll punch their proverbial ticket.

Maybe the Hawks' Sunday will reverberate outward, but more likely than not, the rest of the bubble is settled. Heck: By the time you read this, the committee may have already decided the bubble. It might spend most of its Sunday figuring out its four No. 1 seeds instead.

In any case, our work here is done. See you all next year. And remember: No man is a failure who has friends ... who sign up for his bracket pool.

Note: All RPI data via ESPN RPI is updated through March 15.