College Basketball Bubble Watch

Updated: February 11, 2007, 11:05 AM ET
By Andy Glockner |

So much is changing, we had to double up

As you may have noticed, today marks one month before Selection Sunday, college basketball's biggest official holiday.

As you also may have noticed, since you're reading this and it's not Wednesday, we have moved to a twice-weekly schedule here at the Drive to 65. That's not a coincidence.

What's more, when biweekly becomes plainly insufficient later this month as we close in on Championship Week, we'll be coming at you daily until Selection Sunday.

Anything for you guys.

Twice the bubble buzz doesn't mean there's half as much going on, though. It's much the opposite, really, as the big picture gets clearer and we start to be able to better parse individual teams against one another. Each game played from this point forward could be the difference between "in" and "on thin ice."

Getting to our regularly scheduled reader request, this edition also marks the return of "the box" -- the nifty little table below that shows exactly how many at-large spots still look to be up for grabs. Again, anything for you guys.

The Bubble Breakdown
(assuming no auto bid outlier)
ACC 1 5 5
Big East 2 3 4
Big Ten 2 1 2
Big 12 3 2 4
Pac-10 4 2 5
SEC 2 1 2
MVC 1 2 2
MWC 2 1 2
TOTAL 17 17 26

As you can tell, a lot of the spots already look spoken for -- 26 of the 34 available at-larges, to be exact. The good news for you high-major fans out there? The crop of viable mid-majors looks particularly weak this season. It's actually possible that all of the WCC, C-USA, CAA, MAC and A-10 will only get one bid each (as in a total of zero at-larges). Stranger things have happened, so get ready to shine up those .500 league finishes and win that first-round conference tourney game, baby! You never know what a couple of late wins can do ...

As always, I've tried to be as inclusive as possible while only including teams that would have a reasonable chance of at least being discussed if this were Selection Sunday. If your team's not on here, there's probably a good reason (or three) -- start with the RPI and SOS numbers and work your way down.

If you have a legitimate grievance, or just like talking bubble, send an e-mail. Polite ones with fact-based arguments have a much better chance of receiving a response. I apologize in advance if I can't get back to all of you.

(Please remember, per selection committee criteria, that records displayed are Division I only. Next update: Feb. 14)