The next two weeks will be Bracketology daily

Two weeks from today, the haggling will be over and the NCAA Tournament field will be set. Until then, however, we'll be getting you ready for Selection Sunday as follows:

Daily Bracketology updates: The projected field will be updated each and every day through Selection Sunday (and sometimes more than once per day depending upon the results of Championship Week). Pay close attention not only to the No. 1 seeds and those right around the at-large cut line, but also to the red and blue arrows as teams experience late-season or conference tournament runs (and, in some cases, collapses).

Daily Rundown: See who's just "in" and just "out" of the projected NCAA field as well as other teams under consideration. We'll also indicate which regular-season champions clinch NIT bids should they fail to win their respective conference tournaments.

Nitty-Gritty Report: Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 27, the "on the bubble" section will be extended to the bottom of the projected NIT field. Today's Nitty-Gritty Report drops even deeper into the at-large pool to provide a list of all teams most likely to be considered for the NIT.

Bracket Blog: I'll chronicle my thoughts – at least once per day – on the most important bracket-related news of the moment. I've never done this before in a formal way, so it will be interesting after-the-fact to look back and see how the final bracket actually evolved.

Game of the Day: See a quick hit on that day's game (or games) with the greatest bracket impact. Today's "Game of the Day" is Syracuse at Georgetown. The Orange probably have played themselves just into the projected field with a 9-5 Big East record. But their closing schedule (Georgetown, @Villanova) means the Orange can't stay in this position for long. They are either going to move solidly into the at-large field or fall to the wrong side of the bubble with multiple losses. Barring another unlikely run to the Big East tournament title, this year's run to the dance – if it is meant to be for the Orange – will take place in this final week of the regular season.

Question of the Day: I'll pick one topic per day from the e-mail bag that hopefully represents a collective item of interest to all. And we'll start right now …

Mr. Lunardi:

Can the Drexel Dragons get some love for the NCAA Tournament? [The Dragons have] key wins out of the conference and on the road against Villanova, St. Joe's, Temple, Syracuse and Creighton. With a 22-7 overall record (13-5 record in CAA, which has gained a lot of respect over the last two years), do you think Bruiser Flint and the Dragons have any shot at an at-large bid?

The top four teams in the CAA (VCU, Hofstra, ODU and Drexel) are all very competitive teams with solid résumés. If the Dragons make it to the CAA championship game, which would involve a win over No. 1 seed VCU, do you think the Dragons could pull off the at-large bid? I know last year the committee favored the mid-majors by giving George Mason an at-large bid.

A truly devoted Dragon,
Steve Bukowczyk, Drexel University

I expect that few teams will be discussed quite as much as Drexel these next two weeks. My evaluation today places the Dragons as the very last team out of the projected NCAA field. And this is not a bad thing, as more teams typically tend to play their way "out" than "in" at this late stage of the season.

Drexel actually has the best at-large profile among the top four CAA teams. It can't be discounted, however, that the Dragons are 1-4 against VCU, Old Dominion and Hofstra. They did face VCU without star forward Frank Elegar, but it's the two fairly convincing losses to Old Dominion which hurt the most at this point.

I believe Drexel must reach the CAA final to successfully complete an at-large journey. The anticipated conference semifinal game -- against VCU in Richmond -- will be DU's final and most important test of a stellar season away from home. In the meantime, keep rooting for Villanova, Syracuse and Creighton.

Joe Lunardi is the resident bracketologist for ESPN, ESPN.com and ESPN Radio. Comments may be sent to bracketology@comcast.net.