Bilas Index: It's time for some teams to do work

Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports

We have had a fabulous start to the season. For those who were skeptical of the "freedom of movement" initiative (which is fair, skepticism is good), the on-floor product is really good. Can it be better as the officials get better? Absolutely. The players are adjusting, but so are the officials. The overwhelming majority of our officials are doing a great job with the initiative, but some are not. Those that are not, and there are just a few, need to improve or get weeded out. Already, the game has become a much better game with better flow.

Usually, the holidays are a relatively slow time for the college basketball landscape. Yet, this holiday season, we saw an all-time thriller in Las Vegas between North Carolina and Kentucky (anyone lamenting a return to 51-50 games? No?); a fabulous battle in Louisville between Louisville and Kentucky; and a third incident from Duke's Grayson Allen, which inexplicably dominated the media cycle and seemed to overshadow everything else, including the NFL and Donald Trump's tweets. What a roller coaster ride. Yet, despite the uncertainty, The Bilas Index brings unquestioned order among the chaos. Here, The Bilastrator brings you the most trusted data and information the game has ever seen, powered by the super-cranial abilities of The Bilastrator. His fabulous gray matter consistently provides you this rock-solid measure of basketball proficiency each fortnight in an easily digestible form.

Let us not mince words or trifle with humility, The Bilas Index is the most reliable assessment of ability, proficiency, capability and potential for development of the best teams in the land. The Bilastrator stops at 68 teams because of the bloated number of teams allowed into the NCAA tournament. These basketball verdicts are impeccable, flawless and faultless. The Bilastrator considers the Charles Barkley Kryptonite (analytics) and game film, then filters all relevant information into his beautiful brain and comes out with the definitive statement of basketball genius known to the free world. You're welcome.