Not everyone can win the tournament, but here's who can

All season long, The Bilastrator has been educating the unwashed masses on the best and most accomplished teams and players in the college game.

Yet when postseason play begins, the annual blather commences. "It's crazy," they say. "Anybody can win," they say. "It's all about matchups," they say. Well, if it is truly crazy, why do the same teams win every single year? If anybody can win, why don't teams other than the usual suspects win -- and win more? And if it is truly all about matchups, then tell us which matchups are problematic and make a difference for the best teams. Of course, they don't tell you that.

In 2015, Kentucky was nearly unbeatable. Yet The Bilastrator told you that the one team that matched up well with Kentucky and could beat the Wildcats was Wisconsin. Why? The Badgers did not allow transition, did not turn the ball over, and were difficult to speed up. The Bilastrator didn't just default to "it's all about matchups." He told you the matchup that would carry the day, and why.

The next thing you will hear is that 25 teams or more can make the Final Four. That is downright silly. That means that six or more teams can make the Final Four out of each region. No way. Think about it.