Giant Killers: Introducing this year's batch of teams that could cause trouble

Tacko Fall is an established presence on defense who is becoming more active on offense. Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first installment of Giant Killers for 2017-18. This hardy ESPN perennial alerts you to teams that, come March, are purpose-built to upset a "Giant" that is seeded at least five lines higher than the "Killer."

Bear in mind that some of the greatest Giant Killers of recent years have in fact been major-conference teams. (No. 10 seed Syracuse in the 2016 tournament certainly comes to mind.) However, I want to take a first cut at spotlighting the serious GK potential that, as always, lurks just outside the six major conferences.

Let me state at the top that if Wichita State is again seeded low enough to qualify as a Giant Killer, the men's basketball committee will (again) have some serious and possibly even extinction-level-event explaining to do. That being said, these are your preseason non-major Giant Killers for 2017-18.