Revised predictions every college basketball conference's standings

It doesn't work out mathematically, but the start of the conference play is considered the halfway point of the college basketball season. The first two months are just about in the books, and in about 10 weeks, we'll have the field of 68 completed. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. There's plenty of time for bubble teams in the next two months.

The ACC has had one conference game, the Big Ten has had about a dozen -- but the rest of the power conferences have yet to get underway. How teams do in league play will essentially determine their NCAA tournament fate, and the mid-major champions are guaranteed a postseason bid.

We did this back in the preseason, going league-by-league and predicting the order of finish for each one. Now that we have nearly every nonconference game behind us, we're theoretically much more informed on every team. So far, the preseason predictions weren't too far off, with a few not living up to expectations (what's up Northwestern?) and some looking better than anticipated (here's to you, Purdue). Can we do better with two months of evidence to take into consideration?