With Kevin Ollie out, whom should the Huskies go after?

It looked so promising just five years ago. Kevin Ollie took over for Jim Calhoun at UConn and led the seventh-seeded Huskies to a national championship after just two seasons at the helm.

Ollie was one of the hottest names in basketball, with rumored links to the NBA following him every offseason. After one NCAA tournament appearance in the past four seasons, those rumors seem like a lifetime ago.

On Saturday morning, the Huskies parted ways with Ollie -- and the school has "initiated disciplinary procedures" to fire him for cause.

The situation in Storrs had become toxic, with constant roster turnover and a fanbase that had grown tired of the losing seasons. It was time for the school to make a move in an attempt to restore their prestige as one of the best programs in the country.