How Zion Williamson made the 2-pointer a big deal again

Zion throws down electric two-handed slam (0:21)

Zion Williamson steals a pass and jams a wide-open dunk, making Cameron Indoor Stadium erupt. (0:21)

You might have heard that more 3s are being shot than ever before in college basketball. You might even have seen an uncommonly well-written piece testifying to that fact in March.

Strictly speaking, it's true. The college game is more perimeter-oriented than it has ever been.

Per KenPom.com, 38.5 percent of all shot attempts in Division I so far this season have been launched from beyond the arc. That beats the record of 37.5 percent set just last season.

This upsurge in 3-point attempts, however, has had at least one side effect that, so far, has been largely overlooked. With offensive schemes putting four and, at times, five players outside the arc, there is more empty space than ever in the lane and at the rim.

Which brings us to Zion Williamson. Duke associate head coach Nate James told me the freshman is "the most unique impact player we've ever had here at Duke." That might sound like hype, but in at least one respect, the numbers bear out what James is saying.