Kansas C Giles dismissed for 'irresponsible behavior'

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Kansas Jayhawks forward C.J. Giles was dismissed
from the team Tuesday after a student reported Giles had dragged
her from his apartment by her feet and hit her.

University police ticketed Giles for misdemeanor battery, and he
was given a notice to appear in municipal court on the battery
charge. Giles was not taken into custody.

In dismissing Giles from the team, coach Bill Self noted Giles'
"pattern of irresponsible behavior and disrespect for team

Giles had been reinstated to the team last week but was told he
would not be allowed to play in any games this semester. Self
announced Oct. 17 that the 6-foot-11 junior would be barred from
practice until he resolved "personal issues," which included but
were not limited to poor academic performance.

At the time, Giles had an appearance pending in Douglas County
District Court on allegations of owing $4,097 in child support to
the mother of his 1-year-old son. A judge later postponed the
hearing to Jan. 8, 2007.

The latest incident occurred Monday at Giles' apartment.
According to the police report, the student told police Giles
instructed her to leave after he got a phone call from his
girlfriend, who was headed to his apartment.

The report said when the woman questioned Giles about having a
girlfriend, Giles became angry and dragged her into the hallway
where he then "struck her in the left side of her head by her
ear" with his closed fist.

Giles admitted to police that he dragged the woman across the
floor, the report says, but denied hitting her in the head. The
report listed the woman's injuries as minor.

In a prepared statement, the university described the woman as a
former girlfriend who refused to leave Giles' apartment.

"We are not now making a judgment about guilt or innocence
regarding this incident," Self said in the statement. "But this
is yet another example of C.J. putting himself in a situation in
which negative things can happen.

"C.J. was well aware of the consequences of another lapse in
judgment," Self said. "We normally would let the judicial process
play its course before dismissing someone, but C.J. has exhibited a
pattern of irresponsible behavior and has left us no choice."

Giles started 13 of 33 games last year, averaging 6.2 points and
4.8 rebounds.