Call in Marquette-Nova still new

Villanova's would-be game-winning layup, which was waved off as an offensive foul in the final second of regulation against Marquette Golden Eagles, was a prime example of an adjustment that still has to be made by officials across the game, NCAA coordinator of officials John Adams said Sunday.

Tony Chennault appeared to connect on a layup with one second left in regulation, but the officials called Chennault for a charge. Instant replay showed Marquette's Steve Taylor, Jr., was inside the arc, which should have resulted in a block.

Ideally, the center official would be in position to help on that play by eyeing the defender's feet in the arc and then offering what Adams called "definitive information" to the assist the lead official making the call.

"We're just not there yet,'' Adams said. "It's not in the DNA because it's not what they're used to doing. The block-charge call is a hard call to make and then you add in the circle and it's as hard, if not the hardest. We've only had this for two years and we're still trying to get used to looking at feet first.''

The play, however, is not reviewable under the current rules, Adams said. Asked why bother drawing an arc on the court if the play isn't reviewable, Adams conceded the point.

"That's a good question,'' he said. "The problem becomes where to draw the line on what can and can't be reviewable.''

Adams said that the call would not affect the chances that the officials involved would work the NCAA tournament.